Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tagged !

Miss Jewel from 20m tagged me to find out what book I am reading.
I am reading a Christian Book my husband got for me from Billy Graham Ministries.

Believing God by Beth Moore.

Go to page 56, go to line 5 then type the next few lines.

I had to go to 58 because 56 and 57 were pictures and quotes.

He Delivers as Redeemer He redeems as Master, He assumes Authority as bread of life, He provides and as Almighty He exerts Divine strength. Before God insisted on calling me to fresh faith six years ago, I certainly believed He was who HE said he was, but I was less sure that he still works miracles in our day. I had been taught that God does not work many miracles today because we live in a different time period than the Kingdom Calendar. Not only did God prove me wrong, I think He had a fairly good time turning my neatly compartmentalized belief system upside down.

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