Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a drag.... RACE !

Friday night Mr Shawn and I went to the Drag Races. His boss bought a Drag Car.
I had never been, boy was it fun!It sure was a Testosterone Event for sure!

An inside look at the cockpit. The steering wheel is cockeyed, but you get the idea.
It attracted a large crowd for sure. It is sure pretty :) and $$$$$$!
If you were a boy, you couldn't help yourself :)
The gate guy asked , Are you here to watch or race. We were in my 4 banger Honda....
Funny guy that one....

At the starting line.

and watch him go ! It was so fun !
Another cool part is that you can bring your own beer :) Lesson learned for next time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Buying Local

Mom and I went to this shop while we were out looking for Antique stores.

It also had an Amish Bakery.

So who would have thought in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma an Amish shop? It was packed, very busy and smelled so good.
Shawn and I are very diligent about buying local. We buy Stars feed at a local feed store, plants from local nursery, meat from meat shop, produce from Farmers Market in season etc..
Can you just imagine if I lived next to this place?

They even had dates which I love. So Mom and I got some baked good for the in laws, and the EX. My Mom and I are big on bringing gifts where ever we go. FIL likes Oatmeal Raisin cookies so we bought 2 dozen from the bakery.

I bought 2 dozen for the kids, homemade cookies for 3.75 a dozen. Not cheap but worth every penny !

I ask everyone to buy local when they can. Help the local economy and local organic farmers!

don't get me started on Wal-Mart !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The face only a mother could love

No not these two. Even though I do love their faces.

This is the face only a Mother could love. " Big Boy". Don't you uthink his Mamma would say he was handsome?

He was giving me the " one eye" :)

Day two in Oklahoma

My FIL gave me a suggestion for a place to eat on our last day. This restaurant has been in business since 1957. HE used to work there back in the day. It is definitely a local older crowd favorite. I think I was the youngest patron :)
The daily specials are handwritten. What does my empty stomach see? Chicken fried Steak.
My mouth was watering for some comfort food. I got salad, Steak, mashed potatoes, country grave and chocolate cake for $ 7.45! Bargain!

It has been rebuilt after a fire but the layout is the same, cafeteria style in the middle. I'm not sure why the big longhorn head on the wall, but it is Oklahoma after all.

Lucas got 2nd in the state with FFA for his raising and ranching of Bison.
They had some new babies born while I was there. Aren't they cute?

So so cute, I had no idea they were born a cinnamon color !

Funny thing about them is they are so cute and then grow up to look like something out of a Wild West movie.

This is the Bull " Big Boy" he is 6 foot tall at the back and close to 2500 pounds. Huge isn't an accurate description.
They free range basically in the front part of the property. When you drive in, they can be anywhere. Big Boy was hanging by the driveway, chillin'. Made me nervous, but it was so cool get up so close to such a magnificent animal.

So while were out with the Mammas and Calves, Big Boy decided to come our way. Instead of walking around, he decided to swim across the pond. Who knew Bison swam?

Well they do ! FIL said that in the summer they play in the pond like a kiddie pool.
FIL sells the meat to local restaurants and local folk. I didn't get to taste any, but I have heard it's really good but has to be cooked right.

Thanks for coming along to my Bison field trip. I think I may go get some buffalo burgers tonight!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lucas' Graduation

This is my eldest child Lucas. He graduated from High school Friday Night.
He went to Adair High School in Adair , OKlahoma. there was only 72 in his class !
Isn't he handsome? Girls are not an issue here. He was born 6-12-1990. He is the love and joy of my life. He has never given me one day of problem and has always been a happy and helpful child.

These pics are out of order a tad, but this is Blue Bonnet. She followed me so close I couldn't get a good picture, she was right on my tail all afternoon. If I took three steps back to take a pic, so did she! Love that blue eye.

This was my snazzy red rental car. Zoom Zoom...

Kate the Mule. Also very loving, she thought Mom was her personal masseuse.Mom isn't a big fan of the equine so upo close and personal. Kate didn't care, she stood within 6 inches of Mom until she got Mom to pet her. Mom said " is it becasue of my red shirt?" I said No, It's because you smell like S.uc.k.e.r."

Graduation night, this is Grandpa Ron and Grandma Sylvia. Sylvia has Alzheimer's. It breaks my heart and devastating. Grandpa takes care of her every need and is so kind and repaying all the care she has given him after 50 years.

Me and Mom, we were WAY over dressed. I should have worn jeans and a John Deere t shirt.
Maybe a trucker hat and hot pink lip gloss to make the ensemble complete.
I thought we looked fabulous.

Bubba almost ready to leave for the ceremony.Isn't he a looker? I know I know, but he does look like ME :)

I am such a proud Mom. Lucas was the recipient of over 100K in scholarships. HE worked hard for 4 years, maintained a GPA and joined the ARMY. HE is amazing. It's unreal I'm old enough to have a kiddo in the Army.

The ex... AKA Cranky McCrankerson from Crankerville, Carnkerfornia.
Yeah he looks happy doesn't he? not................
Wow, he is divorced and alone? weird............................

Lucas and his great granny. Her name is Gleam and she is such a cute 90 year old !

It was a good time, too short and Lucas leaves Wednesday for the Army Boot Camp at Ft.Jackson South Carolina.

I swear it was just yesterday he was a baby!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stress eating

Now I know why I do what I do.
I am a stress eater.

I had a very very very stressful morning, so what do I choose to scarf down?

Diet DP, bag of Salt and Vinegar chips and a 3 Musketeers.

I know it's bad for me and I did it anyway.

But I do feel a tad bit better :)

What do you Blogger Peeps eat when the stress is ON like DONKEY KONG... ???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twitter _Pated

Like Thumper in Bambi I am Twitter_Pated.

The name is Pintomamma ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Drastic times call for......

Grace: Psst. Star... I heard through the barn aisle that you are going to be getting a new Momma.

Star: That's not true my Momma would never sells me, cuz I am her very best horse.

Grace: Well, that's not what my Momma sez. She sez you are good as S.O.L.D. What did you do?
You must have made your Momma really mad.

Star: Grace Shut IT before I hoof u. OMG, I think I may go off my feed and get a belly ache.

Grace: You might wanna call... You know who and get this straightened out ...

She called the only person she knew who could get her out of this.

Only Grandpa could get Momma straightened out. He would never allow this to happen.
I'm his favorite Grand-Horse after all.
Grandpa: Hello
Star: Whinny
Grandpa: Star is that you? What has your Momma done to you this time?
Grandpa: Don't you worry pumpkin... Grandpa's got your back.

Grace: Did you make the call.
Star: Yep, and he's on it. Boy, is SHE in T.r.o.u.b.l.e.
To be continued:

For your viewing pleasure , here is Miss thang showing off.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think I'm going to sell her

Nothing confirmed as of yet, I haven't put her on Dreamhorse, Craigslist or on the curb with a sign around her neck.

I am seriously considering taking a break from horses.

My horseie dreams are not working out like I had ultimately wanted them to, with goals and life changing events have prevented me from getting to that Brass Ring.

So, if anyone is interested in a real pretty Pinto Mare.. Let me know.

Perfect home only ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking it easy.

My Dad told me that I need to take it easy. What does that mean exactly?
Dad thinks I overbook myself and if I don't take care of myself my health will suffer. For those of you who know me, that could be a huge problem.

For me it means, more trail rides, less housework :) I love trail riding, that's why I wanted to do endurance riding so badly. My heart still yearns for the thrill of the fresh air and quiet calm of the outdoors with just me and my horse.


Taking it easy could also mean taking on less commitments. It seems I am off doing something every night of the week. I do get over tired and that's something I'm battling. This weekend is finishing the bathroom and more cupcakes! BBFF asked for Black Forest Cupcakes for her birthday. YUM YUM. My fam is stoked because I always make plenty of extra!

I am also thinking of moving barns to a barn that actually does have trails , HOURS of trails, and is owned by a gal who does cutting and team penning. It is more of a family atmosphere and that's what I like.The only downside is that it is much farther to drive. Tonight I am making a trial run, so I can make a decision, or keep looking.

I guess taking it easy will have to wait!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Today I have a double header softball game.......... Then I might go see my girl afterwards.

Shawn is making me the big breakfast and it smells so good!

It's not always easy being a Mom, it is often quite the challenge to find what inspires them.

The rewards are great and the Lord gave us these children to raise in His Honor and Glory.

It is our job to make sure that happens and to give them the same unconditional love HE gives us.
Happy Mother's Day Blogger Friends!

Friday, May 8, 2009

PSA Shingles..

IF you don't like gross, don't look down.
This is my nemesis. I am a high stress QUEEN. So I'm the Poster Child.
Nice Huh?

OK You can't get Shingles from someone who has Shingles. You can however get Chicken Pox from someone who has Shingles if you have never had the POX.
When you have Shingles it is your own personal POX rearing it's ugly little head.
Yes, Shingles is Herpes Zoster, NOT Herpes Simplex the No No bad STD kind.

I am praying the Valtrex will keep the little buggars from getting too crazy , keep them confined so to speak.....
What a total drag is that these will be fresh and ugly when I get to go on my SOLO vacation.

I've been banned from the barn until I am no longer contagious, so BBFF is taking care of Star for me.

I can't even go see my HORSE! !!!
Good Times.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ok Lord, what else?

This morning I woke up with a strange burning, numbness on the left side of my face.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Weird.

What is this strange bump ? It sure burns , itches and................................OMG.....................
I know exactly what this is!


It's my nightmare as I have my kiddo's graduation in two weeks, which at that time they wil be in full bloom and scabby.


OMG, I get to see the ex and all his family, and all my sons friends and his girlfriend with scabby pussy face.

Let's pray the Valtrex keeps it down to a minimum...................

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some midnight Wal Mart shopping

When I landed in Vegas it was after 11, so we headed straight to bar for quick bite and some or five beers. She needed to do some shopping and I needed some essentials ( sunless tanning spray, diet pepsi, highlighter kit etc.) We ended up at Wal-Mart, it was around 12:30 am. This should have been a sign of how late my evenings were going to be.
So we decided to model some amazing outfits.
First off was this little number in the " working girl" section. It is actually separates so you can wear it alone or with something else just as hideous.
The pattern alone made it a must have with a pair of spectators !

This is a beach cover up made out of towel/terry cloth. With Horizontal STRIPES ! It's what all the WTBFF's are wearing this year. I am getting JP2 one before our trip in July to that schamncy resort. She'll have the boys lining up.

Ok, so what the eff is this? There was an entire 4 way devoted to this bird t-shirt. Carol said that Vegas has a major pigeon problem. This is the t-shirt to prove it I guess. Nothing says look at my sexy chest than a scavenger disgusting pigeon on your boobage. It looks like it's flying right into a window !

Now here is a hot little number. This next trunk show item was in the Dressy Casual section. It's not either of those things, but it was either this or a Royal Blue empire waist bubble skirt number.
Now the colors could actually be confused with a tragic Smurf accident. I think our Model Carol could pull it off with some flip flops and a ciggy.

Now for the finale. This is actually a swimsuit !. It could pass as a BBQ tablecloth ! Nothing screams "baby got back" this this little sexy purple faux-batik spandex.
It also came in Lime Green, and Orange. Don't rush to get one, from what I saw there were plenty to choose from.
Thanks for coming along to our Wal Mart shopping trip !
You never knkow what the two of us are going to come up with next !!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Part 2 I smell.......... S.h.o.w.!

Star was right, she did smell S.H.O.W.!

Some of our former barn mates were going to the local 4-H County Fund raiser show and we didn't want to be left behind! So late on Friday we made a decision to go for it!
So this is at 7 am, getting the deep scrub. I was sweating from head to toe!
So only the night before I asked my friend if she wanted to take her and show her for me. Star needs the exposure and experience to get over her 10 foot personal space issues.
So at 5:30 am Saturday morning we were clipping, cleaning, polishing and scrubbing.
Here is the shot of the Hot Pink Camo Hay bag. When this comes out you know we are going somewhere!
This is T and Star waiting their turn to warm up. This show was 10 times bigger than what we expected. I felt bad, she was going to show casual, but when we got there we realized that this was a full dress show , so she ran home and got her sparkly duds! Aren't they a gorgeous pair?
Anyone who owns a 50/50 paint, getting them 100% clean is almost impossible. So I was glad she was this clean!

This is Abby and her leased horse Dizzy. They got a First place out of 17! Abby has some challenges and the fact she accomplishes as much as she does is amazing. Horses have an amazing ability to bring out the best in little girls.

This is Trainer Deb on one of her Clients Horses. I was motioning to her from the stands to smile. She also offered me candy to NOT post this picture. I never go the candy, so here it is!
She was one of the only FEW Arabs that even placed. The judge was a QH , 4 beat, peanut rolling judge and well that's another story.
This is my friend Denise and her brand new Grand Baby Rory.
We have spent alot of time at horse shows together over the years.

Coming down the rail, all smiles and looking purty! T and her horse do Drill so she doesn't get to show, and since most of our pals were showing we thought it would be fun. We didn't get into the ring until after 6 pm because every class had over 25 plus horses in it. IT was crazy. This was the biggest show Star has ever been entered in. NOTE: Star has only been to one other show under saddle and that was in 2005. Goes to show what a great mind and work ethic she has.

Star and T got 7th out of 25 in the Novice Horse class. The other two classes, every time they went by the judge was looking DOWN at her notes , then their window of opportunity was gone in a flash. The class she placed in the judge actually got a real long look at her. How could you miss this pair??? Can you say flashy and gorgeous???? Exactly.

IT was a fun day, seeing all my friends and having my pretty mare get out there for the world to see. She gets a ton of compliments where ever we go and it's nice to see your hard work in action. She is usually so well behaved at shows she is easy to take places and that makes it enjoyable.. So we will do a couple more open fun shows this year and see how it goes !

Where shall I start? Part 1 of 2 posts

So where do I begin? Friday , my friend T came over to ride Star as I'm still not able to.

So my payment was that I had to watch the B.G. AKA Cutest child on this Earth. The BO's have some Hula Hoops in the arena, so BG wanted to play with them. So for an hour we played Hula Hoop, took a walk with the hula hoops. It was fun. I love the excitement she has over just a simple plastic thing and looks to me for an applause after. Seems as we get older that excitement goes away rather quickly.

Tell me she is not the cutest EVER....

I mean really??? Shawn calls her The Baby Devil, cuz her cuteness will suck you in, and she was born on 6-6-06 and in room 13. Do you see any Evil here? Me either. Boy she runs me I tell ya.

This is her taking a picture of me

"wif your hoopla" I know..... I even showed her how to use the camera.

So yesterday I went back to T's house to drop off the car seat. I had promised her that she would be coming WITH me to go see her Mom. Things change and Daddy was coming home, so all I had to do was relieve the sitter and wait until he got home. So we compromised with "coloring". She's easy that one... I thought she was going to be PO'd. So we were coloring butterflies and I said something to the effect of " did the butterfly tell you he wants to be brown?"

and I quote in a matter of fact tone: "Jocelyn, butterflies don't talk they are just BUGS"

She is not even three !!!