Sunday, December 26, 2010

We took the Hum out of Bug

For Christmas this year for the first time in over 11 years it has just been Shawn and I . No kids, no family, nobody but the two of us. Trust me we aren't sad and suffering, we are enjoying every last minute of it. This means, no shopping, little cooking on my part, no traveling, no cleaning, no stress, no mess. Yeah sounds God awful doesn't it? HARDLY!
So I saw this Cafe on Another Bloggers Blog. I have been dying to try it since I go there in Wasilla.
It's called Metro Cafe, inside was empty but the LINE for the drive up was 8 cars back. We had the fireplace and leather couches all to our selves. What a treat that was.

Then as any white trash wanna be Paparazzi would do , we drove up to the Palins for a little Lookie -see. Shawn is a tad obsessed with the local celeb.
You see that fence? That is the one they had to build because of the freaky nosy neighbor. How rude to just pull up into someones...errrr uh huh.. Moving on

Ahhh the Christmas Prime Rib. My Mom and I see differently on how to cook the slab , but they both are delicious. I stab the holes and put in the garlic and sage into the holes. looks cute and oh so yummy.

So what does a girl do when she has pigged out enough for 10 pregnant women? Run and Run some more. This was the sunset over the lake I live on.
I ran a 5k early this month and will be doing one a month until August when I actually do a half marathon ! I am just that crazy ...

We went to a friends house, ate some more, sat in the hot tub and came home. Very exciting, but for us it was a much needed break of all of the stress of the move. I missed everyone, but not the drama of it all.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I love me a pony face

I was so grateful to Jen over at AKPONYGIRL blog for inviting me to go ride on Sunday, that I braved the most bitter cold I have ever been in just to kiss a pony face.
Yep that says -2 degrees. I have never been so cold in my life.
Not just any pony face but a super cute half draft pony face aptly named " mare" .
She is big boned as you would say, my girth that fits my 16 hand appendix mare was not even remotely going to fit her. I made do but it sure looked funny.
She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but she did test me for sure. I want to roll, NO we trot, I have an Itch, NO we go forward, I think this Shadow might eat me and I need to roll, NO WE TROT.
Isn't she just too cute?
Don't tell Star she might get all Mad Mare Face on me again.
I am so grateful to Jen, thank you so much! Coffee is on me next time!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I do know

What I have learned the last few months.

1. Never leave home without a hat, gloves, jacket and your cell phone. If you don't you will be sorry.

2. When someone says it's " not that far" it sure as hell is " that far" its that and then some.

3. There is Jocelyn time and Alaskan Time. These two are never to be in sync.

4. There is a difference in City Moose and Country Moose. City Moose can read traffic signals, Country Moose cross the roads in 5 O' clock traffic and kill people. So much so there are signs on the highways warning you " High Moose Crossing Area Next 5 miles" .

5. My home is now considered the " lower 48" and that is NOT a term of endearment.

6. In order to keep sane you must have sunlight, friends and the Internet. Of which I only have one of right now, so I am pretty darn cranky.

7. I learned a new term BEATER WITH A HEATER, every home must have at least one that runs and one that doesn't and is sitting in the driveway under a tarp.

8. If you live in Wasilla you are accepting the fact that you live on Mars and you like it. To all my Oregon Peeps, I would say I live in Molalla, but a Hybrid Molalla/Woodburn with better stores.

9. This is not the place for Sissies, not sure why I am here but if you are one go home , your Mommy is waiting for you.

10. Do not and I mean DO NOT freak out about the prices of things here, it only annoys the locals. See # 9.

So hurry on up everyone and come visit me!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A little peek into my life in Alaska

Hello Again from the Great White Tundra! We went on a day trip one Saturday and on the way home the night skiing was lit up at the local ski lodge. It was much prettier in person!
Shawn and I at his Christmas party. It was fun, but we knew NO ONE so we called it an early night.
Santa and his elves handing out the raffle gifts. I REALLY REALLY wanted the .22 , it wasn't meant to come home with me.. ( sad face)

This is the front of the house we moved into.

This is our main living area/great room.

This is the loft over the great room where I am sitting typing the blog. Right up against that blank wall.
If you are a card carrying member of the male species, you are not allowed up in here.
I can see the Palins from my back yard.
2nd house to the right.

This is the back of our house, it sits on almost 2 acres, gazebo, lake front, boat dock, fire pit, you name it I have it.

Shawn and the Labrador out on the lake, Momma is the smart one I only go out so far and call it good, the dogs and Shawn go out way to far for my nerves.

I adore art glass and pottery, these Moose Shakers are totally coming home with me soon.
I .... MUST...... HAVE.... THEM......

I got to pet some reindeer at the Colony Christmas in Palmer.
Besides the Art Galleries, The free Coffee and shopping, I went to pet the Reindeer.

So in Alaska they apparently EAT the Reindeer, you see it on all sorts of menus, but mostly in sausage form. I was aghast at the thought of the visions of my childhood Christmas Movies were atop some jerk offs pizza. Then it happened.. Shawn ordered it for breakfast. I about fell out of the booth. I told him the Caribou are for eating, Reindeer are for Santa, no exceptions.
I think he ordered it just to watch my reaction. Needless to say every time he took a bite I said
Was that Donner? Blitzen? Vixen? Comet? Does Santa know you just had Cupid with a side of eggs?
So thank you everyone for welcoming me back to blog land, I have missed it dearly and wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays.
Hugs and Love to all my Blogger Peeps

Friday, December 10, 2010

I can't see Russia but I can see the Palins

Seasons Greetings everyone!

The movers dropped off all of our CRAP errr. stuff on Tuesday.

We still have not been invited to the Palins for Tea and Scones, but we are hopeful still.

So the poor kitty Seamus decided that sneaking outside was a fantastic idea until he got locked outside and the temps dropped to below ZERO.

Let's just say that he was more than ready to come back in this morning. He didn't even put up a fuss when we checked him over for frost bite. It's a safe bet that he won't be doing that anytime again soon.

The girls are settling in fine and this weekend will be some of my best recipes , if I can find the rest of my pots and pans! The movers labeled our boxes as if we were mind readers and had X ray vision!

Hugs to all my Blogger Peeps!
I will be back up and running next week!

JP ~ out