Tuesday, March 30, 2010

House Invasion part 2, the night prowler

We have two cats, Seamus the King of Everything and the BEST mouser I have ever seen.

Then we have Tristan, the best ................. uh....................
Mediocre Mouser and most excellent cuddler whether you like it or not.

last night about midnight I woke up to one on MY BED purring like a Volkswagen.
I had to leave the patio door open a tad so the other two could come and go, since they are no longer allowed in the garage.
So, after I kicked it off my bed HARD AND SWIFT LIKE, I went into the kitchen and realized it was a kitten, not a full grown cat. Still purring and looking oh so cute I said,
LISTEN BUDDY HERE'S THE DEAL.... I don't need or want another cat, but I'm tired and am going back to bed, there's the door ....


Monday, March 29, 2010

we've been invaded...

It seems as if Jerry and his disease ridden buddies have invaded my house.
They are coming out during the day which is not normal, they normally only scurry at night. Then about 1 am Seamus the Grey Hunter snags one, screams bloody hell until someone wakes up and says good job and tosses him and his snack outside. If you don't acknowledge him he will leave it headless on the kitchen floor right in front of the coffee maker.

This morning, one came and sat on the modem while I was on the computer. Brazen little S.O.B.
Tristan prefers to play with his for hours and then eat it on my Turkish Rug. Also, not cool.
Blech... As I type Seamus is right next to me with a bead on Jerry the Computer Mouse.
I just want to hurl. I can't do traps, it literally makes me vomit, the sticky traps are a no go as Seamus had a super funny incident with one, mouse in mouth, paws and face on sticky trap, wont let go of mouse, Shawn trying to convince him that he can have mouse back after he peels off the sticky trap, Shawn having to hand sticky mouse back to cat as promised.....
I almost wet myself it was that funny.
So far the Tally is

Seamus 6 Tristan 2 MAMMA 0

Where's the Schwan man when I need him?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hellooooooooooo Lover

Shawn who? Afghanistan Where?
This my Mare Frens is better than a man.... BUT NOT better than Schwans Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt during a PMS frenzy. Jus' sayin.Um Kay?
It has New trailer smell! Can you stand it? Quite the aphrodisiac if you ask me.

Of course the transaction didn't go off with out a hitch.. LITERALLY, my Plug for the lights has a bad wire and I had to drive 95 miles with no right brake or signal lights.
Lucky for me this will all be resolved Monday.
Until then Hugh Jackman can stay in my bed for a few more days, then he has to learn to hook up the trailer.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I dont get much sleep at night

Mamma? Mamma? I sleeps right here cuz you looks lonely.
Why do you have such dark circles? I think you needs to cuddle, make it all better.
Can I have Daddy's pillow? He no here anyway.

ahhhhhhhhh Daddy's pillow is the best pillow.

This is our nightly routine. He is still in bed just like this when I leave to go to work in the morning.
It's tough being Tristan.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I cowgirl'd up and bit the bullet


This will be my new pony limo!

If all falls into place and the planets align and by the Grace of Jesus...

Saturday I will be new proud owner.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the wind of change is a comin

I got the call on Saturday that my ride to my first Endurance race had to cancel. this was already after a significant amount of money I have already spent getting prepared.

I had already offered to pay for the gas, but she said there just wasn't any budge in her budget.

DEVASTATED is an understatement. The ride is in three weeks mind you and I JUST found out I am not going.

So what does a cowgirl do? they cowboy up and figure out plan b.

I was just going to rent a trailer but the rental place guy was a first class ***hole. I would have had to have the trailer for three nights because since they are closed on Sundays I'd have to keep it until Monday and couldn't pick it up until Friday Night and Not Friday Morning.Well since I have to check in Friday Afternoon three hours away that's a impossible feat.


So I applied for a loan to buy a new one. 2010. they called me this morning to answer a few questions and I am crossing my fingers.

If it doesn't work out , it doesn't work out. But at least I am trying ....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

nothing exciting to report except...........

that my sweetie sent me flowers via Afghanistan Internet because I was/is/are/having a hard time lately.

So Friday night went to dinner with a friend. I had to go all the way to " the couv" aka Vancouver. We were going to catch a movie but got too busy yapping at dinner and missed it.
See that sunshine ? This was 6:30 pm and still lovely outside.
Plan B.. Drinks and Karaoke !We were at a place called the Cathedral.I was going to sing, but since I don't drink and drive and don't SING without drinking. This was a no go.

We couldn't decide what flavor of drinkies to have. I was supposed to get a Hawaiian Margie, but got Melon instead. YUCK, I drank it but YUCK.

We had such a good time laughing and talking about life, the night went by so fast I got home WAY late.
This morning I had to be up by 5 am, to go to the Canby Tack Sale. The only thing I bought was a new bit. I wanted a bareback pad, but not wanted I wanted exactly...
I only spent 10 bucks ! Yee Haw! That's a record I think.
I cam home took a nap and fought with the GD Lawnmower for two hours and gave up.
If you are willing to bring your lawnmower over and mow my grass I PAY CASH MONEY AND ADULT TYPE BEVERAGES. CALL ME!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A big thanks to BBFF's hubby for taking these pics.

Entering the ring, ears forward, so far so good.

Game face on and Sis is worried about the squirrelly Arab we have to stand next to.She wasnt a fan of the Grey freak-a zoid.
Our first Showmanship class she was next to a pony Star Look alike that she thought was a demon

Star facing judge, all is good so far, ears forward ready to do this thing.

Haunch turn perfection. Ears still forward, such a good girl who is listening to her Mamma.

Back to the line up, I didn't realize I had blown it until AFTER the class. I thought she didn't place me because we are friends. OOPS! Boy did I ASSUME on that one.
She how far away we are from the Arab? Sis wouldnt get ANY closer. She has a very small personal space bubble.

This was our last attempt at showmanship for a long time, unless a 4H'r wants to borrow her for showmanship. That would be cool ! She rocks it.
Can you believe how actually clean she is? Trust me it only lasted a day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Proof that she cleans up well.

She fell asleep in the line up, foot cocked and eyes closed.
What a good girl.

Teacher Deb, thinking about how much she is going to yell at me for messing up.

But atleast she cleaned up well and was super pretty!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show day

I don't have any pics because I forgot my camera. My photographer is in Afghanistan anyway !

But here is how it rolled.

Please note: I don't have a trainer, I take a lesson every 6 months, I have done 99% of Stars training myself. I call her my homegrown mare, I bought her as an unbroke 3 year old and this is how we are ending our time doing shows for a long long time.

This was an Arabian Show , judged by a Top Arabian Trainer and Breeder.
The fact that he placed a stock horse in a sea of Ay-rhabs is nothing to sneeze at.Politics ya know can rum rampant at events like this.

5th place in Novice English. 5th out of over 15 riders and I have only ridden Star English MAYBE three times ever.
We were running late due to the tack room door lock not opening and had to wait for bolt cutters,
Behind approx: 45 minutes. So no warm up, just straight into the ring. This is a horse that is cold backed and pissy with no warm up, however she knew it was showtime and was ready to roll. This horse LOVES to show. She trotted right in and was such a good girl. I am so proud of her.

3rd Place out of WAY TOO MANY for one class in Novice open 19 and over. I was actually shocked that I placed because this was a huge class and Sis was acting naughty in the two classes previous.
Naughty you say? Only because we were in a sea of horses, no room, constantly being bumped, crowded and behind some dumb show bitch and her naughty training horse so we had to slow down, move and totally break our mojo.

Showmanship, I BLEW IT once again at the final step in the inspection. My Teacher Deb was the judge, and don't think she didn't give me the what for afterwards.
Pattern Perfect, Horse perfect, Owner DUMBA$$. I missed one final move out of the judges way and that was that. I Would have placed high in this class if I hadn't done that. Oh well.

BBFF and Grace did well, she had another rider ride her in English and came home with a 4th and 5th. Graces breeder was the judge... hmmm... :) Kidding, actually Gracie shines in English and Kim was an excellent rider.
As soon as I get pics I will post them !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lonely is setting in

Shawn has only been gone 11 days and normally I don't get lonely this soon.

For some reason this time, it's terrible.

Thank goodness I have lots of friends and a pretty mare to keep me occupied.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guess what I got to do today!

I took my delicious new merino wool sheepskin seat cover for it's first big test drive.
This will make your bee hind purr like a kitten.

But it wasn't on Star it was on a friends solid 100 miler Arabian named Nero.
I didn't get the Licorice memo and he was checking to make sure I wasn't hiding any.
We went to Beacon Rock state park on the Washington side.
That my friends is the mighty Columbia River. Way.. Way down there. Way down.....

This is the peak about 2400 foot level. Oxygen anyone? lol
This was a HUGE climb and my Nero pony was eating trail the whole time.
He has a pimp strut like my Blu had. Hang on and keep it in the middle.:)
That is Patti on the Appy and Max on Junior an endurance Mule. Max is a crack up and so nice.
Sorry for the sideways picture, I am too lazy tonight to fix it.
Yes, you see here JP was on an actual SUMMIT. That just doesn't happen everyday ya know!

OK, down below there is the Bonneville Dam.
Terry, Darlene's hubby says Hey Girlfriend get closer to the edge and get a picture of Bonneville. Nope, I'm good from here thanks. Can you see how close I already was?
You have to snap quick when astride Nero, he waits for no Kodak Moments, they are a complete waste of time to him. Nero is such a good boy, low drama and if you ride a horse like Star, low drama is fabulous.

Poor Junior, he was already looking pooped and this wasn't even the halfway point!
If you are going two miles straight up, guess how you get down?
Yep, you get off and walk ,your trusty grey steed drags your lazy ass down and turns his head often as if to say, B**** you are slow and if you don't move faster I'm going without you.
That is Darlene and her husband Terry.
I am eternally grateful for her letting me go with them today, Man it sure gave me a good taste of what I need to train for and what to expect.
I will never do 100 miles in this lifetime. I was exhausted today after 14!

Here is a quick video of Nero the trail eating machine.

Chit Chat and banter with the other riders is not on Nero's agenda so I spent alot of time talking to myself and to him. I am positive he called me bad names, when I put the KI BOSh on his trotty/canter-ish/jig/we must be in front/walking is for SUCKA'S transitions whilst going uphill.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have good Kharma part 2.

I have put on the afterburners for the next 7 weeks. Which means 4 rides a week and 5 gym sessions a week. Ive done three so far and 2 rides , since I decided to start on Tuesday.

WHY YOU ASK? Well, foremost I would like my bee-hind and thighs to be two separate entities and not bound together at the top as one giant A$$
and then... and then... .and then.....

Well.... I am going to do my first LD endurance ride April 17th.

It's long story about me and endurance riding, it's been a dream of mine forEVER.I almost gave up my dream , sold all my gear and settled into a mediocre life of arena circles.
I called my mentor and she hooked me up with another newbie and POOF, I have a ride, a bed and new friend. I was in tears when she said she wanted me to come with her and have a new partner in crime. GO Me!


Today was 1 hour Zumba and 1 hour Yoga then 2 hours riding with BBFF and some arena schooling.

What am I doing tomorrow?
OMG THAT is a HUGE surprise.
I can almost not hold it in, but you will have to wait for pictures!

Get out and ride !

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow , someone reads my blog !

Jenny over at The Joy of Horses, gave me an award. It's been a long time since I've had one!
So the deal is I have to confess..er.. share... divulge 7 things about myself.

Ok, here goes. Hang onto your hats it's going to be a mild ride.

1. I was born a cowgirl, got my first horse at 12 years old. I believe you are born with the pony gene, like it or not!

2. I love love love Park Horses. Saddlebred, NSH's , Morgans, Arabians etc.
I will swoon and come to tears when I see a high stepping horse enter the arena.

3. I am afraid of cows. I prefer them on my plate not alive and staring at me. Cows have this impeccable ability to stare into your soul and feed your irrational bovine fear.

Wow, I am really not cool. Anywho let's move on.

4. I am built FORD TOUGH. I have muscles and strength of a man. I am also not afraid to get in a fist fight or throw down. I know how to hit and I hit HARD. At our old barn , I was always the one called on to carry everything heavy.

5. I have a photographic memory, which although could serve a grander purpose if I used it for the betterment of mankind. However, it's main function in my life is to find my purse, keys,barn boots and to remember useless trivia. i.e Don't tell me a big OL LIE and expect me to forget. lol

6. My favorite food is ...drumroll........ Ham Gravy and Fried Potatoes, side of Corn on the Cob.
I could die and be happy as that as my last meal. 2nd choice would be Chips and Salsa of any sort.

7. My horse saved my marriage. She was the escape, sanity and self preservation I was desperately seeking. She saved me from bouts of deep depression and the desire to run away and join the Peace Corp. She is my rock and happy place. The JP1 of right now would not exist without having her in my life.

Boring right?

I know I know...

I am working on it however! JP is gettin her Groove Back!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

things are a-brewin....

Blogger Peeps,

Things are brewing at JP1 Central. BIG THINGS. HUGE THINGS. GREAT THINGS!

I am so blessed by God and feel so unworthy at times.

I finally had a heart to heart talk with myself and gave up a dream of mine and forced my self to move on from it. What comes with that is the ability to make other goals/dreams come true.

Who'd a thunk that perfection isn't a requirement to get into God's Grace.

I decided to take an emotional inventory of what is important to me and let the rest of it all go.
It was quite cathartic.

I will be here only sporadically from today until April 18th. :) I will be either in the gym or riding Star for the next 7 weeks.. tick tick tick....