Monday, November 3, 2008

Poor Kitty and Government Red Tape Morning

This morning Sweeite and I had to run our furry child Seamus pronounced ( Shamus), to the Vet. Logen was holding him yesterday when he about hurled at the site of poor kitty. Underneath his forearm down to his armpit area was filleted back and a huge gaping hole was exposed. The theory is he was jumping down from somewhere and got it caught on something sharp and just laid him open. So son and I panic, get out the carry bag and clean it, run to the barn for the animal first aid kit and the clippers, I was going to clip it, and fly stitch it myself. But it was inflamed and Shawn thought that going to the vet was a better idea. This coming from the guy who 10 years ago would have left it alone and let it heal itself and if kitty got too bad , well then too bad. Now it's, "He's going to need stiches and anti bitotics I will take the morning off work to bring him to the vet" Whoa........
Step One is to get Kitty into travel Bag. Cat Wrangling is not unlike cow wrangling but with claws, fur, and 9 pounds of twisty squirmy FURociousness and a cute zip up carry on bag with one of my fluffy bath mats in the bottom.

So today we both took the morning off and took Seamus to the " bad place". He literally howled for the first 10 minutes, then it was more like pathetic moaning and sobbing, then he would be quiet, then back to pathetic sobbing. We tried to console him, but it just made him meow more. So we turned up the music and tried to drown him out, You know what? He cried louder.
We were overwhelmed with guilt. So we get to the clinic which is cheap and crowded,imagine "County Hospital for Cats" if you will.
Seamus doesn't like exam tables and he insists on sitting on Shawns lap.. period.... end of discussion. 30 minutes and $120 bucks later we get Seamus back from surgery and sedated.

The meows on the way home were like drunken tom cat-esque and highly entertaining.

So after that " Fun time with Kitty" we now head to Ft. Vancouver Barracks to get my Government ID card renewed. Holy Smokes, its crowded and no place to sit, we wait for over an hour and Viola, I am back in the good graces of Military Installation Entrance Police, and I can shop at the BX/Commissary etc. We stopped at the " shopette" a smaller mini version of the BX.

aka Base Exchange. But what do my wondering eyes see? Booze and Smokes as far as the eyes can see.Stacks upon stacks of liquor. I needed wine for Book Club on Thursday, cool, we bought a European Spice Wine you heat up and drink, should be interesting. Will make a special Beef Dinner for that one.
I took my friend Denise to the BX at McHord AFB last year, she was impressed that it was clean and modern like a mall. I was ticked that they had taken CINNABON out and replaced it with some lame Healthy Drink Stand.... whatever....

I love the BX, you cant get great deals there if you shop right and smart. I am addicted to this idea of Thrift Shopping/Garage Sale-ing and turning your find into something cool with paint, or finding a cool treasure for next to nothing. So cool ! I've been pretty grocery thrifty for a long time, but now all avenues of thrifting are my new obsession. Who knew!
I found all these very large wood candle holders of various sizes. So I thinking of buying them and painting them all a color and then doing the shabby country look to them for fun, for under 20 bucks! SCHweeeeeeeeet! I even saw a very expensive piece of art deco pottery at Goodwill for a very cheap price, it would have gone on EBAY for 5 times as much. Not my style but I know pottery and glass. ! The next 12 months are destined to bring great changes, and I am starting with finally getting my house perfect and decorated. I made lists and prioritized it all, I am so excited to get started! After I pay off my Visa Vet Bill... ugh....


jennifer said...

I am SO sorry for Seamus and for your wallet. Ugh, I just hate 'wounds' and find it interesting that you were going to stitch it yourself. You are tough!

Thrifting is FUN! Repurposing something and making it YOURS is highly addictive. I hope you enjoy your addiction :)

And my word verification is "sucker"... you pulling something over on me? Ha!

Sharon said...

Poor little kitty! I wonder what happened to her. Do you remember our kitty from my childhood? Her name was Sadie. She came home one night with a broken leg. I remember being really impressed with my Daddy because he took it serious and got her down to the vet and they put a really cute little cast on her! Our pets mean so much to us, they are worth it! I remember you guys had a weiner dog didn't you? What was his name?

Any way, I'm glad Seamus is on the mend!

:0) Sharon