Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten Dollar Extravaganza

Ok Blogger peeps !
Here is my bounty from my Ten Dollar quest to find some treasures at Goodwill.
I decided to drive the 9 blocks because it was very cold and I forgot my jacket. Parking was a total drag as it is only street parking. Note to self: Leave Parka in car.
So, I go to the Jackets first for some cute casual with jeans items.
Nothing, a cute turquoise one from Sachs 5th but to boxy made me look like a Tiffany's Ring Box. No wonder it's there :)
So I wander to the Housewares.

See exhibit A.
A gorgeous picture frame that screams Wedding Photo. Yipee!! it evens has Rhinestone sparklies.
$2.99 -SOLD

Up close of the frame and sparklies. This is going well so far. My hopes are high, even though the place is crowded and a few forgot to shower. Well, maybe not "forgot" more like lifestyle choice?
This is not the Shi Shi Goodwill I remind myself. I press on.

Exhibit B:
Oh It's another frame, but it's green and has dragonflies, which is the theme and color of my bathroom! SHUT IT DONKEY, if we haven't found treasure number 2. This will have another cute Shawn and Jocelyn photo in it for me to look at while I dry my hair and pluck my eyebrows.
Do I want to look at myself in a frame while I'm nekkid with my hairdryer? I'll just turn it over if I feel weird.
Damage:$1.99 schweeet! Sold as well.

And for my final SHA-ZAM, the Coupe de grace, the Good in my Will, the deal of the day is this.
Two bottles of Mane and Tail HORSE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. Full, never opened and You can NEVER , and I mean NEVER have enough horsie products.
Who would have thought in a million years I would find THESE at the Goodwill!
Stuff for Star ? Pony Products? Who knew! Wicked Cool that I had to about run over an old lady to grab them before she could snatch them for herself, or her little yapper dog I know she has.
$1.99? Whoa, stop the horses, back up the wagon! This is by far the best deal. When your husband says, WOW, Mane and Tail for a buck ninety nine? Good Job hun.
You know it's a great deal.

Final Damage is ....... hold on.....
Because I bought a candy bar. :) I was feeling faint from my high, needed some sugar to get me to the car.
So, I think I will make this my weekly deal. I will keep everyone apprised of my findings and weekly treasures.
How fun is this????
Thanks Sharon for getting me started.


Sharon said...

How exciting! I love your two frames, they are both so pretty and it is amazing that you found the horse shampoo. How much is it regular price? I told you it's fun! I should warn you though, next time you might not find a thing, but hopefully you will. It is very up and down. Sometimes I really score and other times I just get weird household stuff that I needed and saved a few bucks, but nothing to write home about.

I'm glad you liked it and are going back!

:0) Shar

Jocelyn said...

The Mane and Tail Shampoo is about 7 to 9 bucks each. So I saved like 75%. Yee haw!
I am sure it wont be fabulous every week.
I have certain things I am looking for.
Foremost I want an Egg Plate, and I want it to be an older funky one ! Search is on.

Kathi said...

Way to go Jocelyn!! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to go back to GW myself. Happy Wednesday to you. Hugs, Kathi

jennifer said...

Woo Hoo! You did GOOD! And who would have thought you would find something for the horse too! Awesome!