Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Train Event

Today is my Stepson Catlins 16th Birthday. So we took him just for fun to the Once a Year open house at the Model Train Depot in Portland, They only open it up to the public for one month a year, it is a fundraiser to pay the taxes, insurance and other activities for the Model Train clubs in the area.
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This is what you see when you walk in, the Conductor and what would have been his work station. I wonder how much they got paid? Was it boring? Was it fun? Too bad the guy is a mannequin. I iwsh they had more informational stuff on the displays. I tend to read all those things down to the detail. I just wanted to learn more about it all I guess.

Here is one of the many trains we saw. So cool, headlight and whistle !

The dioramas are actually on top of a tunnel system for the different line conductors to get between sets. This hole is one of the stations. I usually ask tons of questions, but they all looked really busy and kinda well curmudgeon like.

That electrical board actually shows where the trains are and on what lines. Each conductor has a set schedule they must run each train on. Line 2 @ 11:09, to track 3 at 1:37, etc. Keeps them busy and from trains derailing other trains. It's all part of the " hobby" running them on real time schedules. This I learned from a show on PBS.

More trains. :)But this is the diorama of a stockyard. Can you imagine the smell? Blech..

This was a logging operation. See the Forest Fire in the background? How cool is that? I just love stuff like this. I was one of maybe 3 women in the whole place.

This is the " BEND, OREGON" area of the event. I cracked up at this little camper with Granny and her gun, while Grandpa was out drinking on the side. She obviously was a good shot, check out her bear skin on her camper!

Here was a set up of an actual drive in, there was an actual movie playing on the screen. Most of the little kids were in front of this one.

Here is the carnival. Everything was operational and very detailed. Check out the cute little lampposts that are lit up!

Here is a closer look at the carnival. Can you smell the Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs?
Makes me want to go to the State Fair all over again!

Here is another view of the trains, but this was a Circus Tent. with all the animals. Very cool.

I thought this was funny, Firemen putting out a house fire in what we would know as
" Hood River, Oregon"

At the end of the tour is a complete Train set up made up entirely of Lego's. The detail was crazy and the scale was spot on.

Then we went to Korean Food since Catlin is 1/2 Korean we go on special occasions. His Mom takes him more often then we do. We also got to meet his very cute girlfriend Alli. She is just so cute and very quiet! She'll have to get over that around here ! I made Catlins Favorite cake and let him drive MY CAR. He only drives his Dad's truck, I never let him drive my car, but today he got to chauffeur me around. :) They grow up so fast ! He wanted a "funfetti" cake. I made him one complete with Funfetti Candles to match.

It's hard to believe he is 16 and driving ! I hope he wished for something good !

Well time to sign off ! More laundry to finish before tomorrow morning still !


Flying Lily said...

Wow my husband would faint over those train exhibits! Your son is so handsome - doesn't the time just fly? And they are grown men.

Jocelyn said...

We are just starting the empty nest thing early.
Yesterday, we were just saying only two more years and we'll be done, as both boys at home are going into the military right out of high school.
You should have seen all the grown men acting like kids at the Train Depot.Priceless.

jennifer said...

WOW! This was an all around awesome post. Good looking young man... Happy Birthday!