Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Digs for Princess

Since my Boarding Barn is closing and I am forced to move, I have been on the search for a new address for Princess. Ironically, Shawn's co workers built a brand new facility last year, but due to some unruly neighbors and County Red Tape, they are finally open. Whew! Just in time!

I will be the first boarder along with my bbff and her mare. This is the view when you pull in.
This place is so nice it looks like something out of a magazine. Clean, airy, light and cozy.

This is the indoor arena, HUGE by arena standards, regular is 60 x 120 this one is 84 x 132
The footing is fabulous for those unforeseen rider removal episodes.

So this is what you see on the right when you walk in. These stall have runs, the others do not.

There is two tack up areas and skylights over EVERY STALL. They took great care in creating their dream barn and I am just grateful I get to be a boarder there. Only bummer is no bathroom, just a porta john. The Mrs. Owner refuses to clean a bathroom and I don't blame her. So I have to make sure I don't drink too much before I go!

This is the coolest thing. The walkway from the barn to the arena is COVERED! Yes it is! Also, it is the handicapped parking spot. So when my Dad comes he can roll up, get out his scooter/walker and never leave the cement. Wicked awesome. That's me on the left and Mrs. Owner on the right.

Ok, this is the wash rack. Hot and cold running water, AND huge overhead heaters. Shut it Donkey if I doesn't have heat ! SCHA-weeeeeet! My other horse friends can really appreciate this. So The Princess doesn't get chilly when I wash her legs and tail all winter. I am so going to love it here. We move next Sunday and I just can't wait.

There has been so much drama at my old barn, which was just too sad and emotional for me, I will be glad to be starting over fresh somewhere new. I am so happy that my bbff is coming with me. It will be way more fun with her there.

This is the view to the upper pastures and turn outs. There will also be a Natural Horsemanship playground for those who wish to do that. All sorts of objects to climb and walk over, step on, step through for the NH enthusiast. There is a road that leads to the turn outs, so you don't have to tromp through mud to get your horse there. Once again.. awesome.

Also, Blu sold. A very nice lady bought her and she leaves next Saturday. sad....
But we are going to start a new chapter..........
the next Arabian will be a gelding, proven endurance mount and hopefuly as beautiful as Blu.


Sharon said...

Wow! That place is gorgeous! I am so happy for you Jocelyn! You are going to love it there. I like it that it has all the comforts you need!

:0) Sharon

Flying Lily said...

That is a lovely new place and you are a lucky duck. Enjoy!

Jocelyn said...

I think it is going to be so awesome ! I can't wait !