Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to dream like a 4 year old

Last week, my gal pals and I went to watch the practice of the Rodeo Bandits. They do the grand entry for the Molalla Buckaroo.

The rodeo folks had not tilled the arena yet so the team couldn't really go too fast and have a full dress rehearsal. They are also way behind in practicing due to so much rain we have had this Spring.
There is Jen and Slurpee! She has such a great horse and Slurpee seems to enjoy it.
Star liked drill however I didn't. I realized that at 41 I don't need to go that fast! I would get a panic attack thinking about going full blast and then forgetting the pattern.

But what girl doesn't dream of riding her horse in a rodeo in a cute outfit, carrying the American Flag , in front of a roaring crowd? I did, and did it often. I would sit and watch these Rodeo Queens and just want to be one so bad. I always knew I would be someday!

and so does the BG, she has big dreams too I am sure. Remember what it was like to pretend to be a cowgirl? Grand Prix Jumper? or whatever your passion was?
I still dream like a 4 year old, but it is now mixed with reality! Too bad right? It can be a dream killer sometimes.

Keep dreaming like a 4 year old ! Those are what keep us young and inspired to follow our passions.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sorry for being a slacker

Sorry for being so remiss in posting this week. Mostly to Dad as he reads this blog too.
There has been so much to do and figure out since we got the news we are moving to Alaska.
I am beyond excited to go. It is a new grand adventure for Shawn and I. Empty Nesters and moving 2500 miles from anyone we know.

I am so looking forward to exploring the historic towns and early settlements. Watching wildlife like my own personal Zoo and discovering a life without kids in it. It's going to be a whirlwind of emotions that I am clearly not prepared for. Hopefully I'll make new friends with a cute baby or toddler I can babysit every once in awhile.
This is how we will be traveling from Bellingham, WA to Juneau, then from there to near Anchorage.
The Alaska Marine Highway System. It's actually pretty cool and I plan on taking many trips on the ferry. It's like Tri-Met for the Ocean. They even have Stay Cabins for those who don't like to rough it. That would be me. I can use a public shower, but I need a place to lie down. We will be on the ferry for almost 4 whole days.

So not only do I have to pack up my house, sell it, deal with my pets, and Star. I have to make travel plans for our 4 day Ferry trip.
We have to bring our own food, bedding and the animals have to stay in carriers in the cargo bay while we are underway.
It's going to be a grand adventure that I absolutely can't wait for!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We didn't get the t-shirt, we got sweatpants!

This weekend was the Sunriver Ride at Wanoga Sno Park.
We did the 50 miler and got a completion!
I once again had tremendous help and crew, there was no way I could have gotten through without all their help. Darlene my Mentor was the best crew EVER! She has show me more support than I could ever imagine. She is a one of a kind amazing lady.

On Friday it was a onslaught deluge of rain and hail. My poor poor show Diva , was out in the weather all night!

I love Val, she let me stay in her camper, take a hot shower and have hot coffee and oatmeal!
I can't thank her enough for her hospitality.

Came across this sign in out travels. It was either go left back to camp or right to the Highway!
hmmm I wonder which way we should go?

There was some gorgeous scenery out there!
You always hear that the 50 and higher mile riders get the better views! They were so right! These views were awesome.

Star saw something out in the distance and she froze. I was thinking it was the million dollar home in the distance and she was saying, Mamma if we lived there we would be home right now.
This was right before Vet check 2 where one of the three of us riding together got pulled.

Mona in the red has over 10k in endurance miles. Poor gal got pulled at Vet Check 2 for lameness. Val my hostess with the mostess got pulled at Vet Check 3! I took the bit out of her mouth at VC1 ( stop and go) she had bitten her tounge again.
We changed into the bitless at Vet Check 2, because she was behaving and acting nice, and it gives me more control than just a halter and reins.

Vet Check 3, Star wouldn't pulse down and then Val got pulled! I had to finish the last 9 miles alone! It wouldn't be an endurance ride with JP if something didn't go awry. I was told no one was going to ride with me anymore I am now known as the black widow of the sponsor community. sheesh ! Here is something you don't see everyday. Star ground tied and has FOUR tubs of yummies to choose from. Darlene is the best crew ever, she left these for us at VC3.
She was there at every vet check helping the three of us get through.

So, sis and I headed out the last 9 miles solo. Once again, we got to the finish line alone!
About 5 miles from camp we got pelted with hail. Sis was a rock star, she did her western jog trot for almost 9 miles home. We got passed by about 8 people, who were busting butt to get back? I knew I was hours ahead of schedule so we mosey'd on back. We came in 27th out of 45!

It was a fun time, great new friends, a huge bon fire to sit by and listen to stories. However I was a beat dog, so I wasn't the life of the party at all. What was really cool was that alot of folks asked about Stars side pull. It seems that her side pull bridle was quite the topic of conversation!
So that will be the last 50 I do for along time, Star was fine but I wasn't mentally ready for that.
I wanted to do at least one before we move to Alaska where there are not any endurance rides. Now I can say been there got the sweatpants!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He finally did it !

My youngest son Logen finally graduated from High School! 18 years of struggle are finally over.
Logen has had a long long road to get here and I am so proud he stuck it out.
So in my living room I made him pose before we left :)

There were 579 graduates in his class. Not only the largest class the High School has ever had , but the largest to date in the State of Oregon.
It took 15 minutes for them all to file in and get seated. Here he comes!

Getting his diploma!

This is him and his friends Sean and Travis. We think Travis looks like Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter :)
I hear he gets that alot !

A proud Mom and Grandma. My Mom drove up from California 1000 miles to come see him graduate!

This is the end of one journey and the beginning of another.
He is off to the Marines in December! I did my job and now he gets to do his!

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Offical

The transfer is in and the next big chapter of the Payne's Story is about to start.
Can you guess where we are going?

The transfer came in Friday and it's been a whirlwind of decision making all weekend.
We have 80 days give or take to report.
We're going NORTH!
It's beautiful, cold and rustic.
Star has a very long journey ahead !
Guesses? I think I made it easy enough!

Friday, June 11, 2010

well not fixed but better!

I almost squealed when I saw this wallpaper.

Just screams!

now to get it all looking like a blog again.

Please pay no attention to the more than 100 changes this blog will have in the next however long until I get it like I want it :)

Hugs to my Squeezies :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Do you see the new blog layout?
Blogger geniuses decided to upgrade or whatever and my entire layout went all

I have worked on it for too long and am too angry. !

So, Black is what you are going to get for a tad whilst I figure out HTML code blah blah blah...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Klickitat Trek

This weekend was Klicktat Trek ! I headed out after work on Friday darn J.O.B!. Got in late and although I wanted to do the 10 mile fun ride I thought I was too late in arriving. The ride manager said HURRY UP and register! So I parked, got Star settled and ran off to pay and vet in! With minutes to spare!
Star got the big pen, thank you Darlene. I put her right at the intersection so she could keep an eye on things, this was a mistake. While the first day was fine by Saturday evening, she was on overload and really really crabby.She lunged at horses who walked by teeth and all! So if I caught her doing that I threw very large sticks at her. She finally stopped and pouted. If she saw I had a stick she went to the far side of the pen and didn't move a muscle. So Shawn and I discussed that she needs quiet time and was on sensory meltdown and we will be camping in a quieter place from now on. Even horses need peace and quiet.

ahhh, Hot water! You can never go wrong camping if you have access to hot water. Those Starbucks instant coffee's are strong. Be advised if you want the jitters ! I take hot sponge baths in my trailer, I have decided that I HAVE to have a hot bath whilst camping/riding, and the back of the trailer works like a champ! I had to tie a lunge line to the handle , bring it inside and wrap it around the gate nice and tight. Viola! Privacy !

At Mt.Adams sis was freaking out when all the riders left camp. This time, she was looking out as if to say. See Ya Sucka's. Not one whinny, call or pacing, just a causal gaze to all the other poor pony souls.

However, when Junior came back to our little camp, she was very excited about that.
Max was awesome, he parked my trailer, helped me figure out the lantern, bought me a huckleberry shake while I was following him home. I went over the Hood River bridge on the way in and had a complete meltdown, so on the way home I followed Max across the Bridge of the Gods, much better. I just focused on this taillights and license plate and POOF we were across with no JP freak out session!

I was thankful I got to hook up with Monica for the trail ride. I found her talking to this gal Carla. I asked her if she was riding and she said NO, I forgot the saddle pad ! Well, can't have that! So I lent her one of mine and told her we would wait for her.So she RAN and tacked up and then RAN and registered. Then we left about 10:10 on the 10 mile fun ride.

This is Monica, she has a blog too Horsebytes. She was one of the riders who was with us at Mt Adams who backtracked to go get help for the bucked off rider.
Her and I both have pictures of each other in this pose trying to take pictures of each other!

This is Star chillin in her pen watching the BC riders and horses being checked in. I wonder what she is thinking? Well I brought the trailer home, washed it, washed all the buckets and am taking it back to the ranch tonight to take a rest until Sunriver !

Here is some fun video. :)
JP~ Out!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Cowgirls Life is the life for me

Star and I are heading out again today.
You know this cowgirl can't sit still!
Have new trailer must travel!
Star and I did 21 miles on Memorial Day, so this weekend will be more camping and trail riding and not doing an actual endurance ride. Shawn and I decided that until she gets new shoes with more support she is on "comp time". So I am going to volunteer, watch experienced riders and chill around the campfire.

Hoof Out~JP and Star

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unicorn Cupcakes for the BG

The BG put in her order about 6 months ago for her birthday cupcakes. If you were around my blog last year , I made her THESE CUPCAKES. This year she wanted unicorns. She wanted"Princess" flavored, so her Mom and I made the executive decision of vanilla :)

So I made them all by hand with fondant, it was my son's idea to use the candles as the horn! So cute! Then I made these purple flowers for them to sit on. After they dried I covered them in edible pearl dust.

Here they are! Lucky I only had to make a dozen. This was harder than the butterflies!

I would love to do this for money, but since I have pets the Department of Agriculture will not certify my kitchen. Bummer. So for now I do it for special occasions and of course the BG.