Friday, April 30, 2010

How do I love thee? Let me kissy face your nose.

This was after a great ride of Star being out in front and such a good girl for 8 miles.
Bitless to boot! Yeah, you heard right bitless from Start to Finish.

Man , I sure love my pony.
She is more than I could have asked for.

Where I'm going

See that ridge. We are going up there. :)
Star and I are going to go on a couple of long rides this weekend.
Then if all goes well Shawn will be home bright and Early Monday morning.
This weekend is also Logen's Senior prom and BBQ at my house.
I never slow down even for a minute!

I am hitting the dusty trail! If I am not back by sundown, don't come looking for me I have taken my pony and run away.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Kitties are killing me

7 am : Wake up
7:01 Check for stray cats in my living room
7:02 Make Coffee
7:04 Make toast
7:05 Check facebook, check emails in case Shawn wrote me something, check WORK email.
7:11 Get coffee and turn on news.
7:40 rattle child out of bed.
8:00 get into shower and ready for work
8:25 ready to leave and time for KITTIES to go outside for the day.

Seamus, in Shawn's chair or already wanting outside. If he wont budge I yell OUT SEAMUS, and he runs out the patio door.
Tristan, still in the bed on Shawn's pillow snoozing away. Every morning he acts as if this whole go outside deal is something new. I toss him out he yawns , stretches and then meows at the back door , like Ok I'm good , can I come back in now?

Hello?? Hello??

HELL EFFING O!!! Can you not lip read my mee-ows???
He has even gone all Evil Knievel and tried to scurry in between my feet. A couple door thuds to the noggin and meetings with my foot and he has all about stopped that.

This goes on and on and on.

We have to keep the patio door open at night because too many strays were getting into the garage and spraying everything. You know where they are chilling out now?

In my living room on my white sofas.
I have caught no less than 4 strays in my house over the last few months.

Operation Feline Relocation is about to commence.
This is absolutely ridiculous that there are so many strays in my cul de sac.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes you are the windshield , sometimes you are the bug.

Like my Grandpa used to say when a bug hit the windshield.
I bet he doesn't have the guts to do that again!!!!

Shawn has decided to try and extend his stay in Afghanistan. We need the money to fix our truck , Suburban and for him to go to Oklahoma for his family reunion. Only 30 more days? then home for a week and then gone again in Oklahoma. Not sure I'm OK with that, but extra money is always welcome.

Stebrat has outdone hisself once again. His driving privileges have come to a stop until he can buy his own car, buy his own gas and insurance.

My child is becoming a PITA , he doesn't have his head screwed into the fact he needs to buckle down and get himself graduated from High School. I am worn out from trying to keep him in between the ditches.

My horse tried to kill me in the trailer yesterday and today I am so sore I can hardly walk. I am too OLD for this crap! So we will have an intense training session with my friend. She was always such a good loader and NOW in my trailer she has decided that it's a NO GO.

Here's to hoping things will be better about JULY!

Friday, April 23, 2010

How not to tie your horse 101

So on Saturday after the race, I was fiddling around getting my stuff re organized. Star was on opposite side of the trailer tied because she had managed to dump about 10 buckets of water before I figured out that they needed to be tied up ! DOH!

So, I had tied her up gave her her yummies and about 5 minutes later a gal comes over and says your horse is caught in the rope. OH CRAP!

She was standing patiently and quietly waiting for me to come and free her. No freak outs, not drama just standing there ...........waiting..........
This was a relief because we have practiced this rope tangled/stand quiet technique for a very long time. It actually worked !
It's never too late to learn two things:
1. Don't give your horse enough rope so this happens. Espcially with a horse like Star who stands like a pelican to eat her yummies. The pelican foot was the caught foot.
2. Teach your horse to stand tied, hobbled and or with the rope around it's legs. This was invaluable as it could have been a disaster!
Blocker Tie is being ordered ASAP !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

answers to your questions and Grandpa went all ASPCA on me

I have been asked the same questions on the blog and facebook about Miss Star.
So here are the answers!

1. Star is not gaited, she is a Paint/TB , with seriously crappy feet, which we are hoping to get fixed in short order.

2. Star is most likely homozygous for the Black and White , I have no plans EVER to breed her EVER.She is a conformational train wreck, that DNA will not see the light of day.

3. She was 95% trained by yours truly. I bought her as an unbroken three year old Mothers Day 2004.

4. Her being an endurance horse is sort of serendipity, and I am grateful she will do anything crazy I ask her to do. Whether it be showing, cows, trails, endurance or Dressage, she always gives me 110%.
She is very used to my shenanigans:)

She is my heart horse.

I love that horse more than my husband and kids !
Even my Dad loves her as much as I do. She is the grandhorse :)

Grandpa called everyday while we were in Madras this weekend at the ride. To check on Star, not me, but to make sure she was doing allright.
Dad has always been very supportive of our showing, but this endurance stuff had him worried that I was going to go all Hildalgo and race her across the Sahara.

Dad: Joc, if Star gets tired , you need to stop and call it quits.
Me: Dad, I am not going to push her and make her do more than she can.
Dad: She isn't trained to go that far, you shouldn't even do the 10, its too far for her, she could get hurt.
Me: thanks for your concern, but I promise I will take good care of her.
Dad: Don't push my girl if she is getting sweaty and tired. Do you have First Aid for her?
Me: WTF Dad are you her Agent?
Dad: oh and have a good time : translation Guilt is a powerful means of communication in this family.

Are you getting the theme of this convo?

So imagine how the conversation went when he called and I told him we had completed the 30 miler.

Oh No U di' int !

So today I am the grocery store buying my self some lunch, minding my own business.
As I am filling my soup cup, someone yelled in my ear

Like loud " IN YOUR FACE" kind of way.

It was then I remembered that I was wearing my U of O sweatshirt today.

Well as my entire circle of friends and family knows, JP DON'T PLAY THAT. Someone was about to get an earful.

I whipped around almost spilling my soup and was expecting to have a throw down right in the middle of the deli section.

Lucky for me I took a nano second to look over the perp and see what I was up against.

It was an older man with Down's syndrome. Clearly he liked the Huskies as well, he was purple, gold and black from head to toe.

Well now I just cant beat the crap out of...... errrr....... give a good tongue lashing to a disabled guy now can I?

really what would that say about me? That I kick kittens? Oh wait I do that too.

So, a situation that have clearly gone very very bad, was avoided by my highly tuned Spidey Senses.

No soup or sammich was harmed today.... Carry on nothing to see here.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We did it ! and got the t shirt

32 miles in 6 hours 10 minutes!
This is cresting the first 5 mile hill. She was just amazing and gave me the ride of a lifetime.
However we came in LAST, but the endurance rider motto is
To Finish is to Win. :)

a very very tired pony, but was a total Rockstar. She couldn't have been better.
She is quite the poser when the camera comes out.
I sat with her alot just hanging out together. I rarely get this kind of alone time with her.

Ride camp at sunset. Just beautiful. I am not going again until i Have more comforts of home.
Sleeping in the truck and no shower, no hot coffee, SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED.

The finish line! I have never been so tired and so proud of myself at the same time.
This was the most grueling thing I have ever done. I am so lucky I had horse to take me to the finish! She got all A's on her vet checks and trotted out sound. wooo hoooo

Here is the video of us coming into the finish!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

cuz that's how I roll.

Most excellent ! I'm gushing !
Thank you # 50 !

Check this out! First time attempt last night and this is how close I got to the hitch.
Sha-Zam. I totally rule. This may never happen again, so I had to get it for proof that I did it once. You know like those folks that take pictures of themselves at the Grand Canyon on the edge?
You have to prove you actually did it once in your life or no one will believe you.

Lisa, wanted a view of the tack room. So here it is. The bins have labels, everything I could need or want is in here. Minus the Mike's Hard Lemonade and food.See that handle poking out on the right? That's my fanchy schmancy fold up wheel barrow. I don't want to get poop in it then my tack room will stink! So not sure what I am going to use it for really.
I have 49 followers ! Thank you so much everyone..
However I would just DIE to have 50!
do I hear 50?
going once......
Hugs and Love to all my Blooger Peeps. Big news coming down the pike this weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Queen speaks her mind day one:

So there I was in my stall eating my 2nd breakfast, minding my own...
When the barn goes all abuzz with gossip and crazy talk. Thai, my neighhhh bur says to me:

Thai: Star I hear you are going on a long trailer ride and an even longer trail ride with your Momma.

Star: Psssh, that's silly shut up Thai, I only go to shows and get done in time for 2nd lunchies.

Thai: Well according to Grace and her Mamma, it's totally true , you are now an "endurance horse".

Star: Do I looks like an Ay-rhab to you? Only those sillybrained, pointy faced Ay-rhabs do endurance. I am a Paint, Paints do shows n stuff. Besides My Momma would have told me.

Thai: Why do you fink she bought the new trailer?

It was then I knew, my Momma has been keeping a secret. The long trail rides, the new saddle, the whispers of special shoes and now the trailer. It was all making sense now.

I am totally calling Grandpa, he will put a stop to this crazy talk.
He says I am Stall Diva, Stall Divas don't walk for 30 miles and carry her FatA.. large boned Momma. OMG OMG OMG... I feel colicky, gassy, **urp*** yes, it's definitely colic, and maybe some lameness, yes my foot hurts now too.
I am going to go lie down.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tulip Festival

Karen and I went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival today and then onto antique stores in nearby Aurora, OR.
Here is some pretty for your day.

KFS holding a Cockatoo.

Just some pretty pics to hold us over until Summer

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our first Mommy and Me outing.

I decided last minute since the sun was out that I needed to get Star out on the trails.
So I know there is always bunches of folks at McGyver Park, so off we went.
This is what Pony Jail looks like :)

We waited until she finished lunch.FYI "goat collars" $4.99 at Coastal make excellent bucket and bag hangers.
We ran into a fellow blogger! Kasey from All Horse Stuff ! Here she is with her Wa-Mare!
She was riding with a couple of gals I got talking to, and one asked what Stars name was and then what my name was and the Kasey yells OMG JOCELYN! I AM KASEY!
I said SHUT UP NO WAY! It was so great to meet her!
How awesome is that, this is the 2nd blogger I have met just by pure chance.
This is Star after fighting with me for 5 miles. She was F.O.U.L foul. The wind was howling and she hadn't been ridden all week, so she was not a happy camper. Only 2 Hell NO and spins because I wanted to go back to the truck and she wanted to go with her friends. They were nice and rode back with me , and then they went back on the trail for another loop.
But I have to say she went OVER the Vewy skeery wooden bridge, through water, AND culverts with rushing waterfalls on each side. VICTORY DANCE!

So what does a Mamma do when her girl is being naughty?
Stand tied, Stand stand stand... La de Dah ...
I took a little ciggy break, talked to some other folks, took some pictures. We go when I say we go.
ohh MAD MARE alert. This is her I want to go home right now stance.
Temper Temper......
So all in all it was a success, I handled the trailer and her all by myself and only had a minor technical difficulty, which I will get fixed Monday.
I love Mommy and ME time! I can't believe I waited so long to get the trailer :)
I luuuuurve it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stress is my middle name.

Do you ever stop and think about all that one has to deal with in a given day?

I do. All the time.
I have a SUPER stressful job, not " busy" but stressful. I deal with peoples credit, finances, government rules, audits, red tape. Blah blah blah. Oh and let's throw in the whiny, needy, narcissistic bossman. Any who.

So here is a sample of what on my plate:

1. Husband in Afghanistan.
2. Child trying to graduate, but one false move and all he has worked for a year will be for nothing.Then he is off to Marine Boot Camp. I will have 2 kids in the military. If he doesn't graduate, the Marines will not take him. I really need them to TAKE HIM.
3. I have my first endurance ride coming up and feel so unprepared it's not funny. I have lists and lists and lists of my lists, and haven't started.THIS IS NOT LIKE ME, I HAVE PREP OCD.
Not sure what is going on with me about that.
4. I job that hate more and more everyday, but the hours allow me to take time off and we are slow enough that Bossman can survive while I am gone. The previous 10 years in the mortgage business this was NOT the case. So that is a blessing.
5. There are two surgeries I NEED to have, but I do not have the available time off from riding and working to get it done. Maybe November?
6.Pending military move, Shawn has put in for Alaska, Texas and Illinois. Paige would appreciate Illinois as then we could play together :) Texas however is FIRST on JP's list. I don't care where really, but ALASKA would NOT be my first choice, but SP promised Alaska would be a short stint ONLY , keep our house here and then move back in 4 years.
7. Still angry with the child that if he hadnt been such a screw up that I would have been able to do a massive career change, but that is now not an option and I have missed my window. I am still reeling from that disappointment, can't even talk about it.

a short list I know but man they are weighing in heavy these days.

I need to do these rides just to survive the next 8 months until Boot Camp.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sad news to report

BOB= Big Orange Box. BOB had to go live in the back of our pickup tonight. BOB was taking up too much room in the ranch's tack room and since I bought the trailer.. Poor BOB needed a new job.
I have had this box for years, it was a gift from Shawn and it is heavy and Shawn has lugged it from place to place for me and Star.

So instead of brushes, first aid, shampoo, treats, liniment,BOB will now have oil, tarps, straps and all things BOY in its compartments...
I hope BOB will be happy.....
Good Bye my friend Good Bye

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh the controversy of the bit.....

This is Star in her fancy schmancy side pull/bitless bridle that Shawn bought her last Fall.
Thank goodness he is a staunch supporter of bitless horses too.
He is going to make her some real sheepskin nose band and poll covers when he gets home.
Nothing too good right? right....
Anywho. I know there is a TON of discussion on both sides of the bit vs. no bit debate.
I want to be 100% bitless on endurance rides by season end.
I will be doing dressage and the rules are you have to have a bit..period. So she will NOT be 100% bitless horse. more like 60% endurance 40% Dressage.

What are your views? Experiences? Good or Bad.
Our bitless experiences have been nothing but positive ones. I have YET to have Star go sideways, freak out, go bats*** wild without a bit in her soft sensitive mouth. She is actually calmer and quieter. Her brakes are not as good as I would like but that will come with time.
See those happy ears, yeah she gots 'm.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Warning Man in Uniform ahead

Blogger Peeps I know how all of you love yourself a man in uniform. This one is mine :)
Yes, that is Ollie North, he is embedded over there and I have already seen a couple of the videos he has done on the rescue squadrons. Shawn said he had just done filming their squadron today.
Sooo handsome.... ******swoon*****

I sure do miss him.
See Dad? He is all in one piece and looks fine. You can stop worrying.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Universe called and the Queen isn't happy.

Clearly Star is none so pleased that blog has been chock full of Mamma's other " 4 leggers" and not her. Since this is HER BLOG and all.
I got a random text this morning.
Ponys rulz, dogs r dum, cats dummer ,need Doritos asap.
such a .......... mystery............... who could have sent that text?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Happy Dog is a Sleepy Dog

A fabulous gourmet meal served on a plate on the kitchen floor.

A even more fabulous nap with a full belly and dreaming of chasing Wascaly Wabbits.
Check Check.

It's tough being Shannie.

Officer Blonde calling Officer Blonde!

This is Officer Blonde 2nd rank of Head of Ranch Security.
Also known as Shannon, Shannie, Dumba$$ GET OUT OF MY FLOWERS, you get the idea.
Today April Fools is her 9th Woofday.
See those shiny circles in her eyes? Those are portals to a vast empty space.
She was the cutest puppy EVER, and was very very sick as a baby and I nursed her through it, once again while Shawn was overseas. She likes to sit in my lap in the front seat when we go places. If you say " Wanna go to Gramma's?" she will sit by the leash closet and just WAIT.. for ever... just waiting... waiting...........

She knows when we are close to Gramma's,she'll start whining, she runs down the steps, through the front door straight out to the cement patio and that's where she stays sunning herself in the warm sunshine.
I love my girl and here's to many more Woofdays together.
Tonight she gets Cheeseburger Macaroni. The one time a year she gets people food.