Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Mamma Jamma and an EPIC CTJ Meeting

Blu was my horse from March of 2006 to November of 2008. We had some crazy times, some great times, some frustrating times and some simply marvelous and bonding times.
When I made the decision to sell her it was heartbreaking not only for me but for Mr. P as well.
She found a spectacular place to live with a great owner and rules the roost.
But..... Blu has turned into a very very very bad pony. So I went to go help Ann and see what the issue is. Ann has her for sale because of the bad behavior and she asked me to come over.
It was crystal clear, Blu has reached her Supreme Alpha Status and being an ARAB Mare this was an easy task to Master. She has turned into a spoiled rotten mare-motional PITA.

So in between picture taking we I mean ME worked on refreshing Blu of some of her skills. A CTJ meeting was in short order and HOLY HOOVES OF MOTHER MARY, it was a DOOZY! She reared, bucked, bolted, " in airs" Lipizzaner style over and over again.
Well, the " mean mamma jamma mojo" came out and I schooled her in proper manners. Poor Ann.. She has a brat on her hands!! She kept saying " doesnt that scare you?" I said No.. and if it did I would never let her know it did. She was a tornado on a rope for almost 30 minutes.
But when it was all said and done and her EPIC tantrum was over, this is how it ended.
Lovely and quiet and calm.

I got on bareback, did some bending, wither scratches and hugs and called it a day.

I gave Ann some homework and some pointers and will check in periodically to see if she has grown some " man parts" she needs to get a grip on Blu's tantrums and Self-appointed and newly acquired "Alpha Mare Status"
Is she not the most gorgeous horse ever????? Shawn and her were in love , so he skipped going out today it is still too hard... He did however text me and ask how she was while I was there. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My name is JP and I am an addict

This is my addiction. Nicotine... I smoke Trucker Smokes to boot!
Not namby pamby Ultra Lite 100's sissy bar smokes. The real deal the REDS.
I have had session one on Tuesday of three hypnosis sessions and smoked my last smoke ( crossing fingers) today. I ran out, not cuz I had some overwhelming desire to quit. No no no...
I am not that easily swayed.
Any prayers and embroidery supplies would be most welcome.

JP!'s PSA:
Any snarky, mean and otherwise snarly posts or comments are not to be taken personally by my Blogger Peeps until at least the end of March, maybe longer..

I am going to go and restart all my embroidery projects ASAP.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

is it just me?

Or is Blogger being a PITA lately?

I can't comment on all my SISTAH's Blogs!

So don't think I dont luvs you guys, but Blogger is killing me since last night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Princess and the Pea

Well, I was at Drill practice last night and we had a record number of attendees! 14 showed up! WOW! That meant that Sis who is very cold backed did not get her usual 15 minute warm up.
I thought her new shoes from a new farrier might be the culprit and she was sore that was why she was being so foul. um no..... She was balking, humping her back, crow hopping, general nastiness because she did not get her 15 minutes of lunging, showmanship practice and stretches.
Poor Baby.
But I do have to say it was very cold last night we were all miserable 2 legged and 4 legged.

SHE ALMOST HAD ME! I almost called it quits before practice started because I thought her feet were sore... Then when I realized she was being a Bee-Otch, I was furious with her.
How rude of her! So Miss Thang you don't get things your way and you throw a monumental tantrum, you spoiled rotten @$%&*! Oh crap.. she is more like me everyday...

Cold backed was just the beginning, she was ear pinning and foul to all the other horses until at least 40 minutes into practice until she finally chilled. I think she likes drill a lot, when we are actually doing the maneuvers she gets her groove on, but her personal space bubble is going to be a challenge. I think I'm going to have to DOUBLE the Mare Magic ! ha ha ha.

Next I think will definitely be a joint supplement. Too see if that could be her cold backed/my joints ache issue. The Chiro says she is all good spinal, hip and Atlas wise...
Anyone used a Joint Supplement with success?
Shots vs. Powder etc...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from my break

I needed a break, to clear my head.. Kind if like the Labrador is full time. Her head is constantly clear..
So we went to our condo at the beach to be with my Mom for the weekend. There were alot of Sailboats and fishing boats in the bay to gaze at longingly...

This is a close as I will ever come to owning one... sigh... Horse are expensive but not as expensive as boats!

The birds are comical they just sit in one spot for five minutes then move on and then the next one comes and takes their spot. If you weren't watching you would think it was the same bird. It's like a Seagull revolving door.

These little finches are on the bush outside out patio. They are not afraid of people and will come right up to the railing when you are outside sitting in a chair.

Not too many pics , I was busy shopping, sleeping, eating and boat watching!
IT was fabulous. Anytime anyone wants to come along with me for a girls weekend raise your hand!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's get real here shall we? Pardon my Rage

This is vent session. If you want Cotton Candy and Unicorns.. Today is not my day for that check back tomorrow. :)

I realize that there is this strange phenomenon out there called
otherwise known as
IN MY OPINION SYNDROME. Whether asked for or not mostly NOT, I seem to be a magnet for IMO. This is especially true in the horse world.

This is the face of frustration.... Not pretty.. I am seething.
In the last couple of days I have gotten way more than my fair share of IMO deluge. My boss being the worst offender.
Do I look inept? Do I wear a " don't know jack" sign? Do my words not matter?I am 40 years old FFS! I do know a thing or three.

I can't be the only one out there who feels this way. I think I need to become a Buddhist and find my inner peace happy place.
Thanks for reading my rant. If I didn't put it here, you would have seen me on the news.
Woman in Suburban chases PETA rally participants off bridge. or something like that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What makes our hearts go pitter patter

My husband and I have VERY different taste in ponies. This is what he prefers, Appaloosas. Below you see Zips Dark Chocolate. Yummy pour me some! If they have " jugheads" he likes them even more.
We are very Green Acres around here. He has put in an order of dark bay/black with snow blanket ,jug head and a tail. tall order I know but someday .....
Can you say fake tail?? But still even with a broom tail he would be gorgeous! Also if the pony only gait is at a snails pace at the walk even better.

This guy I got off of the ApHC site. He looks like he is made to order for Shawn ! Look at that fantastic tail!
Now this is what makes my BP go up. Black Arabians. Tall , black , snorty and necks to Jesus get my blood pumping. Elegant and refined like Mrs. Green Acres.

I mean seriously.. How could you not go glassy eyed and gooey for that face? Those ears! Just what Mamma ordered. That horse would fulfill a very old dream of a little girl and the Black Stallion books I read and reread. Dreaming of a beach ride in the surf bareback and flying in the wind.
So what is your fantasy horse? Don't get me wrong I love Star and she is fabulous. But someday I will have a " The Black" horse in my front yard eating my grass while I sit on the porch, drink my coffee and gaze at one of God's most wondrous and beautiful creatures.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please tell your child you love them everyday

I was going to do a funny new post tonight, but somehow I have lost my desire to do anything but pray for this Mom.

Her heart is suffering the worst kind of suffering any Mother can bear.

I took my kids to go buy books tonight, and I was complaining about the cost of books. I doubt I will do that again.


Mom and her ride...not

She decided to delay her ride until AFTER her vacation was over. Her fear of being so sore and unable to enjoy her two week beach vacation go the best of her.

So in two weeks.... When she comes back to PDX , she is getting on a horse.

BUMMER! I even offered for her just to get on and walk around a bit on Star.
NO GO....

But I do have to say we had Drill Practice last night and Sis was a Rockstar.
It was dark, muddy, a million yapping JRT dogs, and she acted like she had been there a dozen times.
No trailer drama, No whinnying " omg where are my mare frens" drama, just a total chillin laid back girl.

Thank Goodness for that ,because I get very nervous when I take her to new places. She has never given me a reason to be, but It's just who I am.
Also, I remembered the First Aid bag AKA Lucky Charm.

The two times I have forgotten it turned into disasters.

whew.... Now I just need a better saddle because today I can hardly walk my back is killing me!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where did JPgo?

Good Morning Blogger Peeps,
My Mom came for the weekend and I have been busy shopping and working on a friends web site.

I will be back tomorrow for sure, I just needed a computer screen intervention.!

So to give you a little tid bit....

Think "before and after".... :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Check this craziness out!

go to JP2's blog.

It's hilarious!
plus I'm lazy and nothing I could say could top this for today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Mom the Cowgirl

My Mom is coming on Saturday for a visit. She and Dad still live in So Cal. She is coming in this weekend and then she's off to the condo for two weeks then she'll be back.

In the meantime, I have to get the house clean, crap cleared away and Wash Star. I always try and clean them up when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. They paid to save her life so she could at least be presentable right?

I am getting my MOM ON A HORSE. CRAZY RIGHT? She has hinted over the past few years about riding. Until now I really didn't have a horse I could trust to put my Mom on. This is a huge deal. Mom doesn't ride, but has always supported my riding, and passion for Star. All the horse Decor in my house has been given to me by her.

So sometime during this weekend or when she comes back from the beach, I am putting her on Barn Owners Show Horse Teddy. He is broke broke broke. Such a good boy and walking is his favorite past time. I may even put her on Star for some photo ops.

She was very excited when I told her " Mom, bring yer boots I'm putting you on a horse.!"
She said back " You had better bring your camera!"and " I'm going to be so sore" HA!

So blogger peeps check back often as I will be posting my MOM on a horse post. Video too!
It's going to be a hoot and a half! IF any of you know MY Mom, you'll understand what a kick this is going to be..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We gots some mad skillz

We have some killer standing skills. When I am not frustrated and trying to figure out where I am supposed to be, or when Star isn't frustrated that weren't getting a move on while we are trying to listen to the Coach.
We stand, we stand a lot. We are very good at it.
Too bad they don't hand out Blue Ribbons for that.

If you can see her forelock, that is her Dad's doing. He always brushes her forelock back up and under her bridle. He is going to gel it back next time.. I think she looks like Alfalfa!

If the Michelin Man rode a horse....

He would look like me...

Good Day!
I am relatively sore, but in a good fun way. Here are some pictures from last night my photog was was Mr. P. I needed him to take some pics so I can pick myself apart and be depressed on how fat I look. So with that said.... Star and I are easy to " spot" in a sea of Chestnuts and Brown we actually stand out.The Hot Pink Super Sonic Wraps keep the eye down and not up towards my enormous thighs.
It was freezing temps last night. I was literally shaking I was so cold and I had three layers on ! Two under my pants!

This is the look Star gave Shawn every so often. "DAD! Can you believe this BS? and does Mom make me look fat?"I was grateful to the gal next to me who took the time to explain what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to be. I have to say I was getting frustrated as I am the newest and least experienced in drill patterns.

Can you "spot" us? I never thought that doing drill would be so much fun. It makes you think, your horse think and the social aspect is cool too. I like making new friends and new horsie friends is the cherry on top. Star was still being naughty about her personal space bubble, but not nearly as naughty as last week.

Walking abreast is hard as some horses are short legged and some are long legged. This little paint guy was a trooper. He was a brand new horse for the owner and he was ridden by someone he didn't know and was just a cute guy and so good! Geldings. got to love'm. Last night it was the mares acting silly. Star only acted silly when we went outside the arena to line up in the dark. By the third time she went right to her " spot in line". It's true the horse learns the pattern way before the rider does. She is a smart one that Star.

Here is a quick video of last nights practice. We actually had a nice jog for a second or two.
But she needs to move faster than a jog most of the time. I really think she is going to be great, she likes to go go go and having a job is what keeps her in her happy place.
I kept telling her that she needs to learn patience AND turn n burn. That's hard for a pony who thinks she is a glorified pasture princess.
Now we still need names! Any suggestions would be welcome!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I found my mojo.. Star was hiding it...

I was out at the barn today.. ALONE ! Yes alone. It was heavenly. Some boarders like the social aspect of it, I however enjoy the solitude and Zen peacefulness of the quiet times.
We had a fantastic ride, a lovely set of transitions and I concentrated more on my abdomen and bee-hind as a driving technique. Sha Zam it worked!

So what is interesting about this photo? Star is never really interested in what I am doing. When I turn her out she is in her own world she hardly notices I am even there unless I LEAVE her sight, she is too busy running, bucking, looking at other horses etc...
Today was different she was happy to see me and followed me everywhere and well was actually a pest ! I tell you this because it NEVER happens.

I liked this shot of her she was looking at her mare frens, but still had an eye on me.
Star is attached to me like a newborn with the umbilical cord. She has to have me within her sight at all times. She will play in the arena and roll if I stand there, the second I step out this is what she does.
Uh.. Mom? Mom? I thought we were gonna play....
Today, I turned to leave her in there and grabbed the gate chain to " lock her in" and she took it out of my hand and held it.
She never does that either! She wanted to come with me to the bathroom?

I just find it all humorous because she rarely cares if I come see her or not, but today she was definitely saying " where the **** have you been Mamma?"
So, it was a fantastic day, sunny and warm to boot!
AHHHHH I feel the mojo in my blood again!

Book Club

My Aunt Judy( My Dads Sister) and I joined a Book Club almost three years ago.
This was her and I in August at one of our BC's birthday parties.
I am the youngest BC in the group. BY FAR...
We eat fabulous meals, drink wine ( not me) and enjoy each others company once a month.
I am hosting this month at my Aunt Judy's house I live about 40 minutes from the town where BC is based. So I cook but use her house.

We have read some fabulous book and then some not so fabulous books.One got great reviews and just was a bomb, one was by a local author who was at the local library for an event and it was one of our favorites ever! So you just never know.
I took about a year of not steadily going to BC, but I made a vow to myself that I would from now on attend every month and read the book. Sometimes we get so busy talking that we don't even get to the book ! That is how much fun these ladies are. They( I can't go much) have gone to Wine Tasting, Poetry Readings, Book Events and Art Tours. They have become friends outside of monthly BC.

We have members that come that have NEVER read any of the books, they just come to have a night out. I think that says alot about our group.

BC Book for MARCH is : The Last Chinese Chef.

She actually came to our BC our Very First Meeting, her Book Lost In Translation is still one of our favorites!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I haven't ridden this week at ALL and I am suffering from PLW.

Monday night was the Drill team Meeting.
Tonight is Book Club, last night my kiddo seemed lonely and hungry for a big meal, so I stayed home with him, fed him and did something like 5 loads of laundry. It felt awesome...
Night before that I went to the barn paid Stars Mortgage and left to visit a friend I had not seen in quite awhile.

I was going to go to our beach condo this weekend , but my Mom called and she'll be here on Valentines day.
OH Crap-Ola! I now have to paint the bathroom, clean the office/spare room and scrub my entire house stem to stern.
My dad reads this blog he understands ;) Shout out to DAD!

I am going through PLW aka Pony Love Withdrawals. It's a common symptom of not seeing your pony for more than a three day stretch. Thank goodness the BBFF will visit her tonight and let her run around the arena and stretch her legs.

Shawn thinks I sit around and pine for him when he is not home! HA

Lucky for me Star is not a horse that cares if she sees me or not. She will not punish me or give me the stink eye if Mummy doesn't come 4 days a week like normal. She will think she has finally been retired and ascended onto the throne of Pasture Diva once and for all.

So Blogger peeps, do your horses care if they see you? Do they turn their butts to you and give you the look back as if to say. OH DAM it's you again...
Are they cranky or glad to see you?
I want to read the comments so LEAVE THEM!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting my Mojo back

The Winter is a tough time for the Jp1 because I suffer from S.A.D. This year was one of the worst I've had. It started in 2003, I didn't do anything besides go to work and come home for about 6 months.
This year has been not so great, I wanted to cancel Christmas, stay in bed until St Patty's Day and generally shut out the world. Sounds fun.... Not so much...
My horsie world wasn't what I wanted, dreams dashed and I needed something to look forward too.
So, I practiced with a new drill team last Monday for giggles. It was so fun! Star seemed to enjoy it and she desperately needs a focus and a job in her mind right now. She is coming 8 and just a glorified arena pony. I need a new dream and focus. It seems that if my horsie life isn't going well, the rest of my life doesn't go well either.

I 've seen some drill teams perform and been impressed and seen some and been embarrassed for them, I never want to be the latter. Thankfully the gals on our team are all OCD perfection-istas like myself. WHEW! I was so glad to hear we were all on the same page.

Last night was the first team meeting.

And here is where my blogger peeps come in.
We need a name. The names suggested last night were funny but not something that stuck.

So, throw some our way.

I would love to see what others come up with.

Hugs and warm muzzles