Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh my aching back

I have been wanting one of these Gel Pads for about 2 years now, but they are VERY expensive. I also thought I would be doing more Dressage and Endurance and there are special pads for those saddles. But, I sold Blu and since I will be doing mainly Western with Star, I decided to blow my wad on this little gem. Last night was the first night. It was Amazing. She was less cinchy, less cold backed and not ONE cranky episode our whole ride. She trotted peacefully with ears forward and begging to canter. Our arena is a disaster on one end, so no canter for her. Her attitude was a total 180 from Friday.

I recommend them but so does GEORGE STRAIT. Well, if George tells me it's what he uses, then I must have one too. :0 He could tell me I need a hole in the head and I would be the first in line. Anywho. That's a whole other subject, and my husband reads this blog...
Today is Shawn's Birthday, so he already got his gifts and card this morning and tonight I am taking HIM on a date to the movies. We are going to go see the new James Bond Flick. Yipeee, I love James Bond and have been patiently waiting for this one to come out!

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Sharon said...

Happy birthday Shawn! I hope you guys have a wonderful evening! I love James Bond too, I really like this new one. That is so neat that the gel pad worked so well for Star, I would say it is well worth the price!

xox Sharon