Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moving Day

Well Friday was moving day for Star and I. Shawn and I cleared out everything Thanksgiving morning. It was weird, it felt like I was leaving a marriage. My stuff had been in the same spot for almost 5 years, I knew the horses, the faces of their owners, I could count on everything being the same everyday and I thrived on the familiarity of it all. I struggle with adult ADD, so having a specific routine and specific place for my stuff was part of who I am . I had become complacent and was unable to cope when it crumbled. So here we are leaving, my friend Toni was so kind to let me hire her to trailer Star. It was a flotilla , me in pace car, Toni and trailer with Shawn pacing the pack in last place.

We've arrived ! This is my very good friend and former board-mate at said stable. She left a couple years back and she is the greatest. She is going to be my new coach/trainer when she has time. We were so happy that Miss Star hopped right in the trailer, no drama, no Kiss My ***, just one little sniff and hopped in ! What a rock star. She just gets better all the time.
This would be impatient Star. Trailer has stopped, I want out and PUT THAT CAMERA AWAY!
I'm gonna hoof that camera back to blog land if you don't get me out.

Taking a little look see in the arena. Why are those Boy Horses talking to me? Mamma sez boys are stoopid. They sure talk funny and prance around all stoooopid like.

Oh My green grass? Yummy scrumptious..
I had to DRAG her back to her stall. The turnouts have actual GRASS.. Go figure. This is the area where the owners are going to make a NH Playground. I am so excited to see it when it's finished.

She has never had a stall door with a drive up window.She also has a run with no mud, it's all compacted sand. ! It is very exciting for her. The bay mare is BBFF's mare Gracie. They were stall mare frens , now they are super mare frens. Gracie even had a touch of a tantrum when I took Star away to go work. sweeeet. :) Star has a BBFF too!

Well, time to eat some cake, and take a shower as I really smell like horses today. WHEW!

I don't mind but it's not very romantic... I don't want Shawn to start nickering and prancing :)


jennifer said...

Boys are stooooopid - Ha! This was cute! She looks right at home.

Meg said...

Hello my gorgeous friend with the beautiful horse I covet so...

I am totally loving the new digs! How awesome for the both of you!!

Thank you for your friendship and allowing me into YOUR circle!

Hugs to the BOTH of you!

Sharon said...

I am so happy for Star! What a fabo home for her. This is just great Jocelyn! I'm glad the move went safely too!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.