Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kiss your Veteran Day

It is kiss your Veteran Day.
Who knew? I thought it was ALL Vets, but I was told I was only allowed to kiss THIS Vet.
Lucky me ! Hubba Hubba.
If you know a Veteran, tell them Thank You for their service to our country and Your Freedom. They deserve it.

Shawn on a Tour in Djibouti, Africa on Somalia border. Civil Unrest has been here for generations, it is a very dangerous and poverty stricken area of our world.

In Africa at a Cheetah Refuge. Kitty is saying " Come closer you smell like Chicken."

Me and my Veteran I get to kiss all day today and everyday. He has 20 years of service to protect our Freedom. God Bless America.


Heather said...

Jocelyn please tell Shawn Thank you from ALL of the Haney's and I think they should have a Spouse of Veteran's Day because they deal with more than I personally could ever handle. And yes I did Kiss my own VET today!

Flying Lily said...

That is one gorgeous picture of the two of you!