Thursday, April 30, 2009

Like a gerbil on a wheel!

My friend Sharon has been blogging about her busy life, and it seems to be a reoccuring theme in blogland. This was my week.

Monday am: Go to Doc, told no more funny business and wear a brace for three weeks.
Tuesday pm: Go to barn and tack up Star so my friend can ride her for me. Home by9
Wednesday pm: Bead Class three hours and oh so fun! Home by 9:30
Thursday pm: Softball Practice.Home by 8
Friday pm: Run out to the barn so my friend can ride Sis again. Home by 9
Saturday am: Go to horseshow to go visit and hang with my friend while she rides her GINORMOUS Oldenburg.
Sunday pm: Softball Double Header.

I literally will have had 7 days of NON-Stop activities.
Iam so tired and it's not over yet!
I need a maid STAT!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been vindicated

Bossman offered me my own private office to stay at my job. The kicker is that the person occupying said office is a mean spirited evil obnoxious little man.
I got to give him the BOOT. He will now occupy MY space out in the reception area.

That will learn him to throw me under the bus day after day, take ZERO responsibility for his screw ups and lack of knowledge in this business.




Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and giving me a new direction.

Well, isnt that a bummer

I sprained my ankle in softball a week ago Sunday, then I missed the last step on a staircase, and NOW I have a Level 2 sprain and am in a gel brace for three weeks. Doc tells me it could be two to three months before I'm all good as new. I have zero depth perception so this is par for the course in my life.

So what does a girl do?

Call her friend and beg her to ride your horse for the next three weeks. I watch the kiddo, she rides Sis. She happily agreed.

I sure do love my friends.

If it is not one thing ............

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vegas, what a trip!

I went to Vegas over the weekend to visit my friend Carol and to celebrate a friends 50th birthday. This is Carol, we have been friends for years. It started in So.Cal when we were both single. We have had some very good times ! This was us at the Mint Cafe at the Mirage waiting to get into a club called JET. We were VIP, so no waiting, walk past the lines of people , get right in and start dancing. LOVE the VIP!

This is me at the top of the PALMS, where the Playboy club is. We went to Rain, but not Playboy. Maybe next time. Once again VIP, walked right in and took the elevator to the top of the club to the VIP area and got home around 3 am! Not bad for a couple of 40 year olds!
We were at a bar/club called Kahunaville in the Treasure Island casino. Fun place and the food was amazing! These drinks were called the Big Kahuna. they are sneaker drinks, very fruity and sweet but about an hour later you are feeling it!
Aren't they huge? and so so so tasty. We had three of these! That's alot of booze.. Yikes.
This is Cheryl the birthday girl. I am so happy she is gettin on with gettin on, she finally dumped her POS husband and is celebrating life at it's fullest.
Carol and I again. I will have before and afters tomorrow. The beauty transformation took HOURS. :) You will be shocked !
all in all it was a very god time, but I'm exhausted and ready to go to bed early tonight!
Being 40 and partying can be so exhausting!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

12 hours to V-time

in 12 hours or less I will be in Las Vegas.
Not to Gamble, Not to get stupid drunk, but to hang with my friend.

Plans are poolside with cold beer, some dancing, high brow window shopping and some yummy food. She is a killer cook.

See everyone on Monday!


You know there will be pictures! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Announcement

We have a guest commentator today.

Star: All I wanted to do was run through those fields, with the wind whipping my mane and breathe in the fresh outdoorsy air. There was so much to see, hear and smell. Hold onto your hiney Momma I'm ready to fly, this is going to be the best EVER!

But my dream was not meant to be. Momma kept saying Whoa Star, not today Star, maybe someday Star. She sure knows how to harsh a Mare's mellow. So my view was these two big brown butts. She sez it's cuz she needs to trust that I won't go all bat**** bucking bronc. I say it's cuz her lack of man parts. Aren't human mares supposed to be tougher than geldings?
Yeah, thats what I thought too. I think Momma needs a CTJ meeting.

On the way back we got to canter on the trail and it was glorious, but only for about 1/4 mile.
But only after we had to stop and wait for the other two big brown butts to catch up. Sage turned her head around to whisper, PSSSST! around this next corner start cantering, pass it on.

Momma kept saying that I needed to be extra good cuz she forgot her helmet. ppppppfttt whatever! I only did one HELL NO AND SPIN. Its was because she wanted me to go down a steep horse swallowing mudhole. I think it went to France and you know what they do to mares in FRANCE! So momma got off and had to go first, I made sure I was right behind her step for step. She said something like " stop breathing down the back of my pants Star ya big sissy" so rude...... I showed her, on the way back up the French Mud Hole I leaped and ran through it like a big girl. Those French wont get me! I had better go and eat my lunch, Momma has some big news. Happy Trails Mare Frens!

And for the big announcement?

I quit my job, my last day is May 30. I prayed and asked for guidance, got the support of my husband and took the leap. I will be doing my same job , but from home. I am going to be self employed. I already have some clients lined up and am excited at the prospect of being my own boss. This has been a long time coming, while I apply for a federal jobs as well!
I have never felt so free of burden and stress. I'm ready to run through that field!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Softball Sunday

We had a double hitter today,and we won BOTH ! SHA-ZAM!
This is me hoping they don't catch that pop fly so I can go.

I played right field. I am not the greatest outfielder, I have only ever played infield. But I can throw! Sort of, I need to work on that too............

Check that form ! Nothing but steel arms and killer contact! well sort of, but at least I didn't strike out and made it base every time I was up!

Watching it fly to left outfield !

Getting schooled by 1st base coach. Jocelyn No leading, foot on bag ! this isn't Fastball!

Ready to go to third. I am third batter in the line up, so at least they think I have skillz!

At least my white legs got some sun, I hate shorts always have, if they had softball Capri's I would be wearing them ! I have hated shorts since I was a little kid. I prefer pants or skirts.
Shorts esp. Sports shorts are insanely unflattering!
I got outed today, they all figured out I was straight when I brought Shawn with me !
The looks on their faces was pretty funny.
Oh well, they like me anyway! This is the most fun I have had in years.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

40 is the new 50 or 60

I had free lunch today! RED ROBIN!

Who doesn't love free lunch? JP2 hooked us up today ! YUM YUM, I knew I loved her for a reason.

So last night ( Wednesday) I pulled the muscle in my butt. You know the one that runs up your butt cheek, yeah that one. I go to get off Star who by the way was an angel for having three weeks off, and POP I can't move.
Lucky for me BBFF was there to untack and put Star away and all my crap. But the funniest part was she stepped onto the tip of my dressage whip and literally whipped her own A$$ !
I think it left a mark right up her butt. HAHAHAHA!!!

I would have been screwed if she hadn't been there to help I could barely walk. Getting older just plain blows. I'm feeling it today for sure. I'm not a fan of the butt pain., espeically since it's not even a cool story!

So tonight I'm warming up for practice a little sore but then I went for a grounder and POP again. I was done, I couldn't move, run or anything. Once again feeling the pains of an aging body!
We scrimmaged against the male version of my team. They call them selves the Martini's, they have a banner and a fight song, even the gals on MY team were like " omg we aren't THAT gay"!

So when the game was over we team yelled " shaken not stirred" It was a riot!
But one of the men called my pink bag a DIAPER BAG! Now I'm definitely getting a black one, the big pink bag has got to go.

Some of the gals offered to massage me, I think at last count it was 15 bucks, it started at 40!
I think I am growing on them :)

My sweetie gets home tomorrow!!!!! YEAH!!!!!
I have someone to massage my backside! YEAH!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Before they are gone

Blog will be closed for a few days.
I am struggling with a tremendous loss today.
What is strange is that this morning before I left , I made myself late because I wanted to take these pics of the orchids Shawn bought me before they were done blooming. I wanted to capture them at their most spectacular.
The morning light was amazing this morning as I took these. I didn't want to miss this opportunity to enjoy the beauty of them ! I walk by them everyday and never stopped to take their pictures, almost taking those blooms for granted.

When I got it there were only a few blooms. Now it's amazing! How one bloom can turn into several blooms!

I found out today that a mentor, teacher, pastor of mine was killed in a horrific accident.
I had not talked to him in a year or more and found out through a former classmate of mine.
He was one of the victims of the LA Commuter train accident in September when the train hit a freight train because the conductor was texting while on duty.
I respected him and his faith was immeasurable, he was a pastor, teacher,coach and friend.

Don't wait for the perfect morning light, don't wait for more blossoms to bloom, if you wait too long to appreciate the blooms you have you will missed it.
I think it's ironic that I picked TODAY to take these pics and TODAY I found out about Mr. Long. Mr. Long is in heaven with Our Father Jesus Christ and his salvation is revealed.
After graduation we were not allowed to call him MR. Long anymore, but calling him Paul was weird. What this loss has done to my heart is going to take a long time to get back, I cherished him greatly, and I should have told him that often.
Go enjoy your blossoms, revel in their glory and beauty that God gave them, that blossom only comes once.
Psalms 103 14-16
14 For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust. 15 As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. 16 For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've been "outed"

Blogger Peeps get out your Depends because you are going to laugh so hard you will most definitely wet your pants.
This is me sitting on the bench for the first two innings. I have yet to prove myself, so I expected as much. This is proof to Shawn I was actually playing softball at a softball field. Not out drinking with JP2 and BBFF whilst he is in Oklahoma.

OK so onto my story: Ready? It's a doozy...
So I answer an ad in Clist for a women's softball team, I may or may not have read the entire AD, but that is besides the point now.
So I show up for practice on Thursday with make up on, my big pink bag, sparkly hat and glasses, ponytail the whole nine yards. I'm pumped and ready to play.
I'm rocking the ponytail by the way.
Anywho, I take a gander at my fellow players and realize something odd. I am the only one with a pink bag, make up and ponytail. Getting my drift so far?
These ladies are wicked cool and just great players. Yet still I'm singing the song in my head " which one of these just doesn't belong?"
So, I'm accepted into the realm... Then I get the schedule emailed to me. Then it hits me like a lightning bolt and I quote.
NO GAMES SCHEDULED FOR 6/14 for Gay Pride Weekend.
HOLY SH**, I have just joined a Gay and Lesbian Softball League !!!
Now for those who know me, this is really funny because I'm relatively clueless and have zero gaydar.Even my lesbian friend was cracking up at the thought of me out there saying to myself.
Why does everyone have short hair? What's up with the hairy legs?
So she promised me that she would take me to one of the games on her big , loud motorcycle and come watch me play a game or two so I can get some street cred with the other players. Cuz, that's how I roll......
IN fact, I like it as they are hard core players and thats what I love. No crying in baseball !
So I am the token lipstick lesbian as of today.
So what is even funnier is that we were given " cards" from the Rose City Softball League , kind of like a Membership ID. Free beer at gay bars( I wonder if shawn is with me I will still get the beer), discounts for gear. etc.
So go change your pants and have a great Easter!
Hugs and Love from the OUTED SIDE!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I brought it , then it left!

So , I tried out for an all women's softball team tonight.
I wanted to join an all women's team and at 40 most teams are either HARD CORE FAST BALL, or Co-ED. Neither of which I was interested in!

I brought my hustle! My Game! My Mojo! My cat like reflexes.

Then as the evening went on it was more like meander, then on to mosey, then onto look there goes the ball ......

I am clearly 40 and my inner athlete has moved on elsewhere.

But I am on the team and we have our first scrimmage on Saturday.

I made a joke about " after game ALEVE Cocktails" , most of us agreed it was a good idea !

Now, I'm off to bed to find my heating pad !!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drill Team Practice

Last night I went with my friend T to go watch HER drill teams practice. Our former BO and trainer is on the team. Besides Star I have never watched her ride a Stock horse. You would think after all these years she would get over the fact I have the camera out all the time!

Clearly Not....

The banging you hear is a child that was unattended and decided to bang his boots on the metal bleachers every time I got out the camera or was talking on my cell phone. Up and down bang bang bang. I wanted to lock him in the horse trailer so bad. Is that wrong?

Now I know why gerbils eat their young.

I would love to be on this team but practice is very far and I have a job that requires me to be there ALL DAY!

til next time COWGIRLS!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a busy weekend!

Things are never dull at the Payne household. Saturday was shopping at Goodwill, Michael's and Safeway. Then Shawn and I went to Petsmart for a new poop scooper size XXL Very romantic Saturday evening !
Then that night was cupcake making for my contest winner. I like them to be fresh !
Logen was doing the frosting and decorating part. He wants to join the Army to go to culinary school.

We made a huge mess , but the end result was fantastic.
Do they not look fabulous? Well, since I wasn't able to hook up with my winner to give her these, these will have to be sacrificed. I will make her fresh ones when she has free time. Triple Dark Fudge with Cream Cheese Frosting. TO DIE FOR. Zero Calories. In between baking I was making jewelry/zipper pulls. I'm becoming so Martha these days. Now if I only had her money the things I could do and make!

So today was more laundry, go give Star her shots, clean the fish tank, go to spin class, pick up a million piles of poo in my yard and update the blog.. I'm exhausted !
I'm so grateful to GOD it's finally going to be Spring soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Warning PSA and GRAPHIC.

I was directed to this person via RedDunAppy
as a contact to help me with Sis and her hooves.

When I went to the site I saw this post. As most of my blogger peeps and family knows I and Shawn are completely OCD about trailer safety, that's why she has never ridden in my trailer as it needs work and isn't baby safe yet. I hope he doesn't mind me re-posting it because I think it's an important PSA. Do they make bubble wrap for horses?

THIS IS GRAPHIC, I kid you not. So I urge all of you to do a complete once over this weekend of anything that could possibly do damage to the pony. The poor owner and what she and her kiddos must be going through. I pray for them and Fancy. I would be in the loony bin if this ever happened to me. It could happen to any of us at anytime.

Do not look at this while eating.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

They should be insured by Lloyds of London

These legs are my constant concern, see how itty bitty those hooves are? They are attached to a huge almost 16 hand 1100 pound attitude. She has typical TB feet, thin hoof walls way too small for her size, you name it.

Here is the culprit hoof, see the silicone? Her toes were the most bruised and her heels were too short. The angles were way off from what the previous farrier had them for the last year. I know every farrier has an opinion and certain way of doing things, but with Stat we have to keep what works.

She holds her foot up all the time, it's a nervous vice of hers, makes it easy when you want to take pics!

Here is after, pad, pine tar, wider shoe and he left some of the silicone because it was necessary for her heel support.

The other hoof was also bruised and had a hot nail. It was just a cluster **** all the way around. She is not easy to keep sound and any slight changes in her routine this is what happens. It's so frustrating. So I called the farrier she's always had and pleaded my story and he came right out.
The first thing he said to me on the phone was " OMG did they cut off her heel?" Yep...

So he posed for this shot if I promised to put it on the blog... So here is the gratuitous bee hind shot. So he fixed her right up, I paid him cash, bought him a sammich and thanked him. She had a huge dose of bute and by the time he was finished she was walking normally, still sore but at least walking. Thank you Jesus I can sleep tonight.
Star says thank you to all of those thinking good thoughts and prayers her way.
This face is saying "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels better Mamma"

So I didnt have to go all Ninja and show off my mad kill BILL skills.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She's dead lame

I am completely freaking out.
Sis is lame. I mean painful tip toe lame.

The farrier who is on my sh** list at the moment, whom I felt did not take my concerns on Monday seriously. I felt like he was treating me like an over anxious Mamma.
DUH! That's exactly what I am !
I said I would call Wednesday if she was worse. Not only is Sis worse she is 10x worse.
Heat, pulse and cant pivot and stands on her tip toe kind of worse.

He cut back the bars and filled in the void with an acrylic, I was skeptical but felt assured it was going to do her good to get us over the contracted heel so we can eventually go barefoot. I am a believer in barefoot ponies, but Sis has always had troublesome feet and when we were on a good time frame to take the shoes off for good, we may have taken a few steps back. DAMMIT!

Well, he is coming back out tomorrow and he needs to pray I've calmed down.
There are few things that make me lose sleep and anything that has to do with her being in pain, stress or discomfort keeps me awake all night. I am her keeper and I take it seriously.
You hurt my girl , I kick your ass.

Well, time for bed so I can lay there and pray that I don't have to go all Ninja tomorrow.