Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still here in Okra-Homa

The weather has held at a steady 80 to 90 degrees with little humidity. IT has truly been a blessing , as anyone who knows anything about Oklahoma, I should be sweating at 108 degrees by 10 am.

There is much to share and post, but we are on dial up and its just impossible to load pictures.

Even just getting to blogger is a PITA.

I miss my pony and my friends. I would really like to go home....

IT is truly amazing, you definitely find out who your friends are when a crisis hits. They are the first ones to call or email you and check up on us as the days have progressed.

Some who I thought were mine and Shawn's friends haven't even sent me or him an email. Sad really.

I'll have lots of beautiful pictures when we get home.

Jocelyn and Whinnie the Wonder Weenie Dog. She was Joans dog who has attached herself to my lap.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

We are headed to catch the red eye to Oklahoma City, from there it's another 2.5 to 3 hours to Antlers, OK. Actually Moyers, which is another 20 minutes past that!

I will try and update as it goes, it is a beautiful place at sunset.

Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary, he is taking me to the big city of Antlers to SONIC.
How romantic is that? Gotta love a man that lets you get the bigg'n Cherry Lime Aide:)

Thanks for all the love and prayers,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sad news to report

My Mother in Law Joan, passed away unexpectedly this morning around 3 am.

They suspect and aneurysm, the same thing that killed her Dad 12-31-1999.

We will be in Oklahoma for the next two weeks.

Please keep Shawn and his family in your prayers.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a treat !

Last night my friend T came out and rode with me. What a nice surprise.
We plodded in the indoor and before she left I convinced her to ride with me in the front pasture.
What a great shot of a girl and her pony.
FYI this is the " other woman" Paisley. Shawn is in love with this horse. He would choose her over me any day of the week.

typical saddle shot of Sis ears. She always has her ears forward and perky when we are outside.
She just seems to love our outings, except the Goats with Bell collars who can ruin a perfectly good trail ride.
Terra and Paisley over by the Moo Cows. The heifers will be shipped back to their owners now that the clinic is over.
I was so glad she came out to ride with me, I enjoy the company.
Only two more days until my girls weekend.! yee haw!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleep Anyone?

Shawn's surgery went well on Friday, They had to keep him over night due to some unforeseen breathing difficulties.

So I stayed with him until almost 8 pm Friday night. Got three calls from Sweetie about 11 am, to the tune of " I'm being discharged, come get me" . I know for a fact that from the words you can be discharged, to them actually wheeling you to the curb is anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Approx 1: 30 pm, we were wheeling him out. Two different pharmacies later we got home about 3:30.

HE is eating and drinking alright, his voice is whacked, but he seems to be keeping comfortable on the pain meds and lots of cold milkshakes.

Went to Devonwood that night to watch a couple of friends ride in the Arabian Sport Horse classic.
So fun and such a beautiful facility.

Rode on Sunday evening, and have been non stop, laundry, milkshakes, dishes, cat chasing, etc..

I think I may slow down come Christmas ! Prolly not then either!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

relaxing evening alone... sort of

I was going to go ride tonight,but a frantic call from Shawn that his Mom collapsed and an invite to go watch them do maneuvers , I chose to stay home.
Hot Bubble bath: Check
Fluffy White Robe: Check
Quick Burrito Dinner and cold beer: Check
Kitty Stalker aka Fur Collar: Check

My Name is Tristan, I am 10 years old, Part Maine Coon, Part Bengal, and thank you for visiting Kitty Stalking 101.

If I stick my paws real close to the plate I might get me some.
If the Mamma throws you down and says go away. That means keep coming back time and time again, Mammas love this , in fact ... they live for it.

If Mamma doesn't have her glasses , I can has her Furrito.. er Burrito that I have already stuck my tail on.
She has her beer, she'll be fine with that. the Furrito is mine.

Are you seeing me here? Can you see me now? Can you can you???

You wanted a quiet evening alone? I didn't get that Memo. All Memos to the Kitty must be placed in envelope next to Kitty Bowl with moist dinner , all Memos will be taken into consideration and my compliance will be determined on the flavor of dinner.

Just cuz you changed into your jammie's Mamma doesn't mean we still can't cuddle.

OMG are you on Dreamhorse?
All browsing of other animal websites must be requested in writing. VIA Memo.

I love it when Mamma just gives in and scratches my ears.
Resistance is futile.

Thank you for stopping by. The next installment will include bathroom visits and drinking out of the sink.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Star and I attempted our first trail ride ALONE/ALA Carte/SOLO/Mono Y Mono.
Trail ride was more like trail WALK. Which means mare is acting a fool and I get off and walk.
The gravel road to the trail head goes through what I affectionately call White Trash Alley.
Tons of barking dogs, cars, critters, all sorts of unused cars, trailers, Go Carts, Quads,Recycle bins PEOPLE! you name it.
Tonight was special, going at a good click until..............................................
the goats. yes I said it, the goats.
We have already had no issue with the Mini's, the go Kart, the Psychotic German Shepard, Diesel pickup after Diesel pick up. No worries there.

It was the goats that sent her into a tailspin. The pick up driver laughed when after he apologized I had to humbly admit, it wasn't him it was the bleeting NUBIANS with the Bell Collars. Once again the HELL NO AND SPIN. sheesh !
I kid you not we walked for almost two miles and and down gravel roads, through two HUGE pastures and back to the ranch. We will continue our escapades through White Trash Alley everyday this week. Can't be having that behaviour in an endurance horse.

When I returned late much to Rebekahs worry.. This was the view. So beautiful. If anyone ever wants to go visit the ranch let me know, it is truly a spectacular place.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Found my Horseaii... It was glorious.

There is nothing better to ease the bruised soul than some quality time with your favorite equine.
My horseaii has been on hiatus through softball season. The season didn't end well and my ego had taken a beating.
So Sunday I spent the afternoon reconnecting with Sis and it was glorious.
Somehow I felt she knew I needed her smell, her whinnies and her soft coat to press my face against.

So, we took some video ! There was some ramblings about Sis being in a rope halter and not having enough "STOP" to be safe on the trail.

With the help of Deborah and endless lessons and hours of saddle time, I think Sis and I communicate very well. I am not a trainer, we haven't taken a lesson in over a year, I do everything with her myself. Below is the video PROOF that I can get my, as I was told " basically still green" pony to stop without a bit in her mouth.

Take 2

The final...

So there you have it ! Star and I coming to a stop with one hand on the reins, one hand with a camera and all I have is my seat and the word WHOA. My friend T aka The enforcer needs come out and help us, since Star has learned the canter, she has decided that her "show pony" gaits are stooooooopid. Why jog pretty when we can RUN! ugh.. At least she stops !!!

Got a call from a cute boy....

After I got home from Softball yesterday, I got the call.
Honey, do you want to come watch the PJ's jump out of the helicopters into the Columbia?
**** silence***
Yeah, I'm getting my shoes on right now, I'll be RIGHT there

The heli coming around to start the jumps.

It got down to the water and the guys jumped out.

Then the pick up boat came around to get them.

A view of the Mighty Columbia looking East.
Ahh, here come the wet, hunky, Para Rescuemen to shore.
Why did you kick me?
SP: You were staring and drooling, remember I'm still standing here!
Oh yeah .. sorry honey... Could you step to the left you are blocking the shot?
So to conclude my not so great last day of softball, I got an eyeful of man candy.
Not too shabby.
Then I got home and this was what was waiting for me.
A big dose of reality.
The only hairy, green eyed, begging for some loving,anything that will be on my lap anytime soon.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend !

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do I really look like this?

Day two less than 24 hours after impact.

Day three, now it's both eyes !

I am so glad the softball season is over. Not sure if I want to do it again.
It was fun and I liked my team mates, but it took up waaaay too much of my summer.
Now Miss Thang will get ALL Mammas attention. She's going to be stoked I jsut know it !