Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mamma got a new toy

I could not go one more summer without a new BBQ. Ours needed to go to grill heaven.
After looking for a year and trying to decide what I really wanted, I chose this hot little number.
Since I am the grill master, I got to pick !
It is Gas on one side and charcoal/smoker on the other. Yeah baby...

I love the Old Style Texas BBQ style. I could have bought a Stainless Steel one all schmancy, but for some reason I liked this one. It was also half the price and does everything I wanted.
Got to love that!
Come on over the rack of ribs will be in the smoker, Beer in the Beer Fridge and Cupcakes in the oven!!

Beef.... It's whats for scaring ponies.

We decide to go out for a leisurely stroll last night down the driveway. On the other side of the fence was a whole herd of these. Now does this face look like something sinister and evil?
Well to Star it does. It was her first Moo encounter. It went something like this.
HELL NO AND SPIN. Yep, just like that.
To her they looked like this.... Cows of Death. Beef of Satan. Creatures of Doom.
This resulted into about 10 minutes of complete drama. I figured she'd give them a nice long look go back to grazing. I was very wrong. I also learned that doing the one rein stop with a frightened horse who is already spinning, is the WORST thing you can do. She wins that way, she gets to spin AWAY This is a very close example of her antics.. This is why I can't feel my legs today.
Try doing that for 10 minutes on 16 hands of shaking , spinning, scaredy mare.
She managed to not completely calm down, but I had to finish what I started.
She did stand still long enough for me to calm down too....
I truly underestimated her reaction to the moo cows.
and YES DAD, I was wearing my helmet. !

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some quality time with MR Patience Wall

I went out to be the pit crew for BBFF tonight. So when I saddled up Star and brought her in the arena to lunge she was well............... A BI***. Bucking, running, bolting. We call it Freshy Fresh.
She doesn't get turned out on weekends unless I do it.
So that got her in big trouble. First it was the Round Pen of running, turning, backing until you are puffing like a smoker.
THEN.. hello MR Wall.

Star look at Mamma so I can take your picture. I think she was saying something naughty under her breath here.
Star.. if you can't be nice you get to stand there a little while longer on your time out.

Well she stood while I helped BBFF get on her horse. BBFF actually realized that this is the first time we got to ride our ponies at the same time EVER. We've waited a year to be BBFF's that RIDE.. yipeee. !

This is what the girls thought of our excitement.
Grace: uhhhh you fake lame, they'll totally believe you and I'll pretend to be skeeered of those dumb smelly buffalo. We can call it Operation Pasture Pet.
Star: Oh no, we try that and my Mamma will call it Operation Alpo.

As you can see I'm riding in a rope halter. This is because I'm waiting to get an appointment with the Vet. Star has some sharp points and needs her teefies floated. So We'll just ride in a rope halter until the on site Vet can fix her up.
I think she liked it, no head shaking, no clamping down and barging through. Just a nice quiet ride around providing moral support for BBFF and Grace. We are new at the rope halter deal, but she has great brakes, so it should be fine.
Oh plus it's purple with rhinestones, very fitting ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best day EVER

Logen got accepted into the Oregon Youth Cahllenge program in Bend. He will be gone for 5 months and will get his life back on track.

I couldnt be more proud and excited for him. As Mom's we want the best for our kids and will do anything to help them succeed.


This is an answer to many many prayers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holy Hooves of Mother Mary.... Whats this?

OK horseie hoof experts.. WTH happened here?
It wasnt like this a week ago when she gor her bath, Didnt notice it on Sunday when we moved.
There it was on MOnday. She's not lame.. but IM OCD if there is anything slight wrong with this horse.... Farrier can't come until the 7th.

its the weirdest crack with scrape marks????
This is so strange....

I hate her hooves, they cause me so many sleepless nights I can't stand it.

We will be barefoot soon.... I pray that the transition will be swift and painless..
JP2 did it for Abu and Im doing it for Star.
So peeps what did my girl do??

I spread myself too thin..

I feel like I sometimes/often/always spread myself too thin.

I have a horse, softball team, family, job, friends and book club.

I am doing something pretty much every night of the week.

I haven't made it to book club because of softball, but I will pick it back up in the Fall. When I have the time to actually read the book.

I wanted this to be a fun summer for me, softball may not have been the best idea, but the girls on my team " The Crew" are so fun and I'm having a great time reliving my childhood.

SP and I have plans to go to the Cowboy Dinner Tree, an outdoor concert or two and a weekend at the beach in there somewhere. Again this is all around softball at the moment, we play every Sunday this Sunday is a TRIPLE header. Oy....

I swear it will be Christmas before I know it.

I think I'll need a vacation from my SUMMER !

Oh then there are cupcakes that I need to make for a birthday, a trip to SC for my sons Army Boot Camp graduation, my first endurance ride last weekend of September and my parents are coming FRIDAY!

So who's house can I come to when summer is over so I can rest????

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The new ranch

Last night was our first night at the new ranch. No time like the present to saddle up and go for a ride. This is Sis and her stork pose. She does it all the time. If she gets really excited she'll shake it back and forth. It looks like she is trying to start a lawnmower when she does it...

After we rode it was dinner, she is getting my grain with the U Guard in it for 30 days, she has a very sensitive belly. If I am not on top of it she will have the runs and drop weight and look like a neglected rescue in a matter of weeks. DIVA....

This is the sitting area outside where you can have lunch and visit with friends after a ride. The view of the mountains and Mt Hood are Top notch. The landscaping here is gorgeous. They have done 99% of the construction and grounds themselves.
This is the pasture where Sis will be spending a majority of her time. Tough life for her I know. Not sure how she is going to handle all that yummy grass and room to frolic. Like I said DIVA.
Shawn and I are big on horses being horses as much as possible and that to me means turn out as much as possible. ALL DAY every day.
Here is the road leading out to the trail heads, See Mt Hood peeking over the ridge? You can literally go for a long long time out here. I am so excited about it I just can't wait.
We are so happy about our new home. Star has settled right in, no drama, we rode last night!
She was fine until the buffaloes, then it was the HELL NO AND SPIN. But she was very good and stood her ground but didn't bolt , snort and freak. She stood quietly like I asked and when I could tell she had stopped shaking and calmed down, I let her move away.
She wanted to though!
Here's to a wicked cool summer!

Come out and ride with us anytime!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a weekend.... Rescue, Tears and Trailers

Friday at work I got a call from my Aunt and Cousin that my cousin that lives three hours north in Washington, wanted to leave her husband and her car was packed but he refused to give her any money. The town is very small and she has no family close by except me.
So Friday night Shawn and I left at 7 pm and got there picked her up and I drove her car back. We got home and 2:30 am. Lucky for us the husband wasn't home right then, so it was drama free.

Saturday the barn where Star lives, the owners finally got married after being together for 14 years. This is ROSE, she brought Della down from the house to the barn where the ceremony was.

They got married in the arena. They had taken out all the old footing and put in new so it was fresh and no poo :) Della was so beautiful , I usually see her in jeans and muck boots ! Jon was the first to start crying so of course me being me... the water works started and it was hopeless to make it stop.

Aren't they stunning?

Sunday was moving day. Star and I moved barns to http://www.ernstranch.com
What another lonnnnnnnng day! We had to make three trips, horse, tack, grain..
How nice of Shawn to do this for me on Fathers Day. These are the buffalo that they use to train new horses to cut cattle.
I guess they have become hip to the game and aggressive, and will be now put in the freezer.
I'm going to start telling the cat that. He might shape up.

This is the view from between the barn and arena.
I am looking forward to many miles in the saddle out on the trails.
There is also a creek and pond to get over those things that might eat a horse that live in puddles and creeks. Puddles are Stars nemesis, she thinks trolls live in them.

Well, its been non stop for the Payne's. I'm hoping that tomorrow night will be a nicer evening that I can take better pictures of our new digs!
Now it's time for movie and popcorn ! TWILIGHT ! YEAH !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

She cleans up well..

Lucky for me I have a friend who owns a blanket cleaning business, so when I need to borrow a show sheet for 48 hours I know who to call!
She left it out for me and when I went back to the barn to get it, Paisley nickered and walked over to say howdy.
She actually left her yummies to say hello.
Paisley is beyond spoiled, she has 5 star amenities and a Mamma that tends to her every daily need. Box Fan included. Tough life I tell ya.

When I went to give her a kiss I went..... Uh GA-ROSS... Maybe next time Pais.....

So off to see Star I went after that. The barn owners are getting married at the barn tomorrow and Star HAD to be show clean before hand. It would normally not be a big deal but the wedding guests are all Shawn's friends and co workers. Need I say more?
First out are the clippers. No Grandma hairs allowed, mohawk ar fuzzy ears here...

I brought Shawn rubber boots, I finally learned after getting soaking pants and feet a hundred times.
Sexy huh??? Oh yeah they are...

This is just a small glimpse of the nastiness. Imagine this covering 100% of her white and on top of her butt was the caked on worst of it. Let's not talk about her tail.

POOF 2 hours later and look all shiny!!! Thank god for Blue shampoo. Barn owner had this magic hose thingy that you attached and it was like a power washer scrubber. It was like 4 bucks and the best thing ever for a white horse. I'm so getting one.
She also gets to wear a fancy show sheet for two days and locked in her stall. I'm going to take her out first thing Saturday to graze but that sheet isn't coming off until wedding time. period.

So we're not going to a show???? Then why did I have to have a bath???? I like smelling poo and horse sweat. She always wants to roll when she goes in her stall to dry, so I have to give her a tub of grain to keep her occupied while I put the blanket on. She was halfway down to roll and I smacked her butt and shook the grain. LOL mean ol Mamma.

To top it off she isn't SHOW ready, she is normal clean and that still took 2 hours with the barn owners help! I didn't get home until almost 10!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teenagers.. need I say more?

Having two teens at home can be a very stressful time during the summer months.

Grand Theft Auto is going to his Grandparents for the month of July and Logen just got back from being gone since Lucas graduation.

Neither of them have jobs, which makes them lazy hungry slackers all day which does nothing but irritate me and want to move to a friends houuse for the summer.

Grand Theft Auto has just got his drivers license, he is driving our suburban. It is for SCHOOL and an occasional friend's house visit. It doesn't BELONG to him, we are letting him use it when we say he can.

So last night he had a tantrum because he couldn't go somewhere for the 4th night in a row.
Oh he worked it , whined and eventually stomped off.

So what does Mr P do? Park the burb in the front of driveway with my car right up on it's bumper.

Today I am taking the bus. :)

I don't want to take the bus, I'd rather not. But someone needs to get the memo... :)

ahhh teens, and they think THEY know it all. !

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Mini Vacation for the day.

When Shawn and I need a mental break from the daily grind. We head south to our hometown Eugene. It's about 1 hour and 45 minutes due south from PDX.
We have the same friends, so it makes it more fun when we go visit.
We always go through the town of Junction City because we grew up in the area called Santa Clara/North Eugene. The old highway basically dumps you into SC.

SCREEEEECH go the brakes when we spot this line up of classic cars for sale.

1957 Chevy Bel Air and Pontiac Starchief, a Malibu, GTO and Camaro.
Someone likes RED!

1957 Pontiac Starchief. I love that bumper and grill!

The gas tank !

1957 Chevy Bel Air. Check out those wings!
I took these pics for my Dad, he reads this blog. He would have loved seeing these cars too.

The start of my 3 hour cut , color and highlights. My friend from High School Karen is a hiarstylist. I must say best color and highlights EVER, and giving the business to a friend just makes my day. Killing two birds with one stone, catching up on life, and getting highlights ! What could be better?

Then when done we went next door to a bar and met with Kreg and Connie. I stabbed Kreg in the leg with a pencil in middle school and still has the scar. Don't think I don't hear about it OFTEN. PLayed a game of pool, caught up on the fam and moved on to the next stop.

Then off to see Jack and Beth and bring more cupcakes!
Are they not getting so big?

Beth is so beautiful and she drew me a picture of my name and a horse.
Got to love that!

Last stop. Jim and his girl Karizma. They also have a brand new 18 day old baby named Zoey! He is a body and paint expert, who currently is out of work. So he is going to be the one who turns my rust bucket trailer in to super fabulous trailer. I might even get flames ;) yeah! I'd rather drive the two hours and give my friend the business who really needs it right now. That's how we roll...

This was a very long day, but I got fabulous hair, saw some old friends, played some pool, saw some old cool cars and got home before dark!
Next trip down will be bringing my trailer to get all purty!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The BG and her cupcakes

The BG decided she wanted her candles in her cupcake. duh.. who wouldn't right?

I think this dress and tiara were completely befitting a BG with Butterfly cupcakes don't you?
The black icing was maybe not such a good idea with the pretty dress.
Note to self for next time.
She blew out her candles and then ate the poor butterfly right off the top! She tried to take everyone else's butterflies too. Fondant is NOT tasty by any means.
How cute is this? This is why I do what I do for little kids. These times are priceless !
I sure do love the BG. She is a crack up and I sure hope I made some significant brownie points !
I'm taking cupcakes to Jack and Beth on Saturday.
Yes, you CAN buy love with cupcakes. I have proved it right here.
World domination via Cupcake.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Im stealing this idea...

OK, If I could remember where I saw this I would give her credit.
If I happen to remember I will certainly do so. IF someone else remembers please remind me.

She has a fun game on her blog that was simply. Go to www.Dreamhorse.com, plug in your Dreamhorse in the search down to the color, sex, breed, height, etc... and See what pops up.

THEN SEND IT TO ME.! I will then post them.

How super fun, and what a super fun idea !

I will go first.......

See Below ;)

WHAT??? There isn't a 15h+, Black Arabian Gelding that is over 5 under 10, and does endurance?


But there was this beauty....

Im a Gold Cat (Traveller)
Dream Horse ID: 1394559 ..
$5000 bucks and he could be all MINE!

Hubba Hubba I think I may actually be in love at first sight.
HEllllllo Loverrrrrrrrrrrr. Mamma likey.... Shawn who? Star who?

OK now send me your Dreamhorse!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I did tonight.. It was amazing

BBFF rode her pony for the first time ever.

I was the one who told her about Grace, I was with her when she went to look at her as a gangly two year old and have been with her for the last year as they have working towards this day.

It was so cool. Click to see the pics.


Never again...

Never again will I eat at the Store Deli by my work.
I literally had to sit completely still last night, if I moved an inch I would almost lose my stomach contents. I had to sit in Shawn's recliner just to get comfy.

This morning I'm feeling better, but........ Today I start taking the bus to work.
I get a free pass, but only ride on nice weather days:) Tri-Met snob if you will.

A ride that is usually wrought with sudden stops, hard and fast take offs and little or no suspension, is not going to be my tummy's friend.

oh no...

I get on the bus, hadn't taken 2 steps and the bus driver PEELS OUT, I fall and fall hard face first into my seat. I rammed my forearm into the knob that hold the wheelchairs. OUCH!
I know being a bus driver sucks, but you don't have to pretend to be a race car driver either.

When I step OFF the bus at my destination, I barely get missed by an elderly gentleman on a bicycle going mach 3 down the sidewalk. That's what the bike lane is for old man!

HE had the NERVE to ring his bell AT ME!
I almost rolled him right then.. Next time Grandpa , next time!

So I walk the half block to my office and realize in my hard and fast fall I may have broken my iPod. I'm going to need a 6 pack tonight with the BBFF while we watch Grace being ridden.

It's only Tuesday!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We're moving !

I gave my notice at my current barn yesterday. To make a long story short, I like to ride outside and I want to learn how to work with cows.
BG's Mom T found me a place and I fell in love with it. There are miles of trails out behind their back pasture.
Cedar Creek is great and it is like a horse resort, but they only have an indoor arena. Going in constant circles makes both me and Star cranky.
This place is the mecca if you want to do work cows, reining, gaming or just trail riding. It literally has everything a western rider/ranch horse/ endurance rider would want.
Indoor is 80x144, outdoor 100 x 150 , round pen, swimming pond, calves to rope, clinics with big name trainers, the list just goes on and on !

Now I'm sure some of you are asking. " What about the BBFF?"
Not to worry she is coming too. We have trails to blaze !


I'm not sure of the date yet, but if I could move today I would, but I've already paid my pony mortgage for this month.

I couldn't spill the beans becasuue I hadn't offically given notice.

I want to move TODAY!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life is Butterfly cupcakes and a Hot pink Hula Hoop

Here in my neck of the woods on Thursday we had a fantastic storm. Rain, high winds, tornado warnings, and HUMIDITY.
I had a dozen Butterfly cupcakes to take to the BG by this morning. Humidity is a bakers worst enemy.This is my cute decorating box, I'm growing out of it so I am going to have to go back to goodwill and get something else!
This is my work station. I called Shawn and said , I need a plastic work surface can you bring me something from work? I was so excited when he brought me this ! Perfect-o!

Well Thursday night was a total bust from the dreaded humidity. So on Friday I tried again. I had to Jerry rig something to get the butterflies to dry with their wings UP.!
Corn starch, scotch tape and cardboard easy peasy...

So this morning at 6 am after Shawn left and I had breakfast and coffee. I got out Black Beauty.
My Mom bought me this for my birthday, she is a member of the family :) She is well used and loved. Mom also got me those cute cats in the background.
I love pottery and art glass, I have Lots :)

So here is my handwritten time line. This is how I manage projects , I have adult ADD so this is the only way I can manage the details. Lists, lists, lists. You can hear Shawn say to me at any given time. Did you make a list? Did you check your list? I did this last night before I went to bed so I could sleep knowing I had the morning ready.

So here they are frosted and sprinkled :)
Into the fridge they go to set.

I am painting the butterflies with gel color. You can't mix it with water, you have to mix it with alcohol. I used Vodka, the alcohol does evaporate!

So here they are , I also made individual flowers for each one. Thee are the purple ones.
I piped black icing for the body and put wire antenna's in them. This is always done last minute as the the black may bleed if sitting in warm humidity too long !
I also dusted them with edible luster dust to make them have a metallic luster shine.

Here is the Pink one's. I made 6 of each. They turned out cuter than I had imagined. This was my first time ever doing a modeling baking project like this.

So last week, we bought BG her birthday present. I bought her a pink hula hoop. I left it on her door step . From what her Mom tells me, this has been a big hit with the BG. The first morning she got up way too early and asked for her"hooper" .

Here she is this morning showing her new hooping skills off ! I did what I said and I got the cupcakes delivered before 11 am !

This is the Birthday BG! A big three years old today !
Time files while your hula hooping !

May all your mornings be cupcakes and Hula Hoops !