Friday, July 31, 2009

What NOT to do while playing softball

Do NOT and I repeat Do NOT look over the top of your sunglasses and lose track of the ball for a split second. Especially if that ball is coming from an outfielder with a wicked arm.

I drove myself to the ER, they rushed me to a Cat Scan, the ER doc was positive something was broken. Nothing broken but wow my black eyes are going to be EPIC!
I will take pics over the next week :)
I was going to post I got in a bar fight and WON. But, non of my friends or teammates would be able to collaborate that story!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty..

Shawn and I were watching a movie last night on PPV. It was 106 in Oregon today! We were going to go TO the movies, but elected to gorge on ice cream and do PPV instead.

So about an hour into the movie, we notice something.. uhhh Honey have you seen Tristan(new kitty)? No have you? No, I thought he was under the bed.. Did you let the dogs out? Yes.. OMG ! HE is in the back yard with the dogs!! Thank goodness Tristan was on the OTHER side of the electric dog fence.

So we stop the movie.. in 106 degree heat, to go rescue Tristan from his immediate peril.

HE managed to get under the garden shed.
So here we are 2 adults in stifling heat on our hands and knees , calling for Tristan to come out from under the shed. You can see him but not quite reach him.
"Kitty Kitty, Tristan, come on out, its OK, bad dogs are all gone" in our sweet pet owner voices.

Seamus was down helping and supervising as well and saying: " Leave him under there" " that'll learn him for good this time"

Shawn says: Honey get down on your knees so he can see you. Dear God what have we become?

So imagine if you will, both of us on our knees in nothing more than t shirts and underwear calling for the kitty in the back yard. He finally came out and proceeded to MReow MReow for about an HOUR. So new safety precautions are now in place.

I hope no one got that on YouTube.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mamma don't need no Ay-Rhab....

When she has me Star the Endurance Paint..... Ay- Rhabs are fo sucka's....

This is my endurance saddle, not the regular pad I will be using, I am going to buy a pad that is made for endurance and fits around this saddle.

Sporting my Hought Bridle/Halter/Breast collar combo in bright blue. Isn't she pretty?

The set came with the saddle when I bought it. I would have picked this color myself.

My new saddle pad will be the same color.

These trails are right behind the Ranch. It's like Milo McGiyver Park, but better.
It's free, I dont have to haul in and it's NOT crowded.
Star was fine bringing up the rear, which is a VERY good thing. Can't stand a horse that is constantly fighting for the lead.

Ahhh the relaxed and listening ears. We are both in our happy place today...
Then we did the unexpected. Rebakah asked if I minded doing an ext. trot down this one path.
No, I say... Well that turned into a full gallop, Star and I have never gone that fast.
It was the most awesome exhilaration ever!
Who needs a husband?? Shawn who??
uhhhh Holy Hooves of Mother Mary ! What are those? Those are Llamas sis, they are harmless.
Like hell they are harmless ! We've got to go and go NOW.
Poor Sis, on the way up to the trails we passed a herd, she was fine until the Mini Horse and Mini Donkey came to the fence. Lordy Lordy, she was SURE they were mare-eaters. She was good about it, but I just laugh... I don't take her weird fears seriously. We usually work through them or I ignore them and carry on like nothing happened.

Speaking of fears !!! What's this??? Are we in the same proximity of the Moo Cows?
Yes we are, and Sis was a rock star.. NO drama. She went a little sideways when one came a running at us. Other than that, she was very good.
Nothing like she was two weeks ago, when she almost killed the both of us.

Ok here is the best part............ Wait for it.................. wait.................
The mud puddle DRAMA QUEEN, went into the POND!!
Yeah thats right I said it, she went into the pond ! Not on the first try, but she followed another horse in.
You ca't see it very well, but I have muddy green leg proof!!!

This is a horse that thinks mud puddles are the straight expressway to a plate in France.
It was crazy awesome. I didn't want to get out my camera because if I dropped it in that water, I'd never see it again.
What a big day for the big girl ! it was exciting, and now I have the know how to get off the ranch property and go riding alone on the trails.

Then I had to go home, take a nap and play 3 hours of softball. I am whooooped !!!
Star was definitely rode hard, and put away cold shower wet today!

Friday, July 24, 2009

some shots of our Boot Camper

This was after we said our good bye's and they were ran off to start.
Not sure what the black books are, but I think it has some very useful info as in many of the pictures you see the cadets with them open and reading them.
Notice everyone shirts tucked in? I think that's too funny, but the regimented routine started from Hour 1 ! Awesome...
Not sure what they are doing here either, this is also the first day. You can see Logen in the striped shirt. Look under the lady's hair bun to spot him.
We got the first of the letters today. Logens letter to Shawn was basically, this is a living nightmare, not everyone is pulling their weight and You are the best step dad ever in the history of Step Dads,I'm sorry I was such a PITA.... etc... Very nice and heartfelt.
The letter to me was much more simple and short. Here is an excerpt.
It's tougher than I expected, I will succeed at something if it kills me, thank you for the letters, you are my inspiration, I LOVE YOU MOM.
awww now inst that nice?
Let's hope that this turn around of behavior is life changing and the time spent outside marching and running is somewhat cathartic and attitude altering. Mom can only hope.
Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm changing my name

Over the years with a name like Jocelyn, I have heard every pronunciation, nicknames and odd interpretations of my name.

Phonetically is goes like this

Jos - A- lynn or Jos Lynn , however you like to emphasize the syllables.

not JOZ a Lynn
or JAWS lin
or Josh a Lynn
or JoyceLin
or Jacklin
or Jozze lynn

The Joz A Lynn particularly irritates my friends Terra and BBFF :)

Today a vendor called my Office and asked for me
Josie Pine, while it's not even CLOSE to my name. I'm taking it.

Josie Pine can not really be interpreted in any other way. Like Kim Smith, Jane Clark i.e.
Simple to the point and easy to pronounce.

So I am now henceforth known as Josie Pine...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

No trail ride today, so we bonded with Mr Wall

Goofy horse threw a shoe again. So I had to run to the feed store and buy a rasp and shoe puller. I nipped the nails and rasped them down and then Dylan the BO hubby took it all the way off. She is now completely shoeless. Very very sore. The specialist will be out this week to evaluate her and what we can do to keep her barefoot and sound.
So instead of riding, she got a bath and some Mr Wall lovin.

While she was bonding with the wall, I watch the BO work her own horse. This is a PeptoBoonsmal grand baby. He is teeny tiny maybe 13.2 hands, but he is only 2. Did the red roan give it away???
HE is so cowy and athletic. I can't wait to see him get a cow next year.

Oh the relaxed face I was looking for, as soon as I saw her finally relax I let her go eat lunch.
If she was still doing the impatience stork leg deal, the screaming for her friends, she would STILL be standing there. ;)

Just a side shot to show she has gained topline, lost her MAJOR hay belly and her coat is as soft as cashmere. She has really blossomed at the ranch.

Maybe next week we'll trail ride! I swear it is NOT my destiny to ever ride endurance. I keep having one road block after another. Someday we'll be blazing trails !

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Got Cow?

Remember these pretty ladies? They are on loan for a cutting clinic next month.
As everyone knows, I'm TERRIFIED of moo cows. Thus I am sure Stars first moo meeting didn't go so well. Can we say negative energy projection anyone??

So after Stars teeth got floated I took her out while still mildly sedated and reintroduced her to the Monsters of Meat.
This time was much better, she gave them a long hard look and got close enough to see them looking right back ! Cows are so funny. You can just imagine what they are saying.
Hey Flossy, did you see that long legged Holstein? Is it bad when a herd of heifers is collectively cleaner than your ONE horse?

So no drama, just right into eating the weeds. Flossy and Bossy here kept a keen eye on us, and what was funny was when we moved while grazing the WHOLE HERD moved along the fence with us.

I was going to post dental pics, but I accidentally erased them all before they got downloaded !
What a doofus!
Star had a very big day, Mr Dentist and Moo Cows. She was such a good girl. She wasn't 100% juiced during the float and still let the VET do her teeth! Can you imagine? He gave her high praises for allowing him to work in her mouth like that.
Tomorrow???? LONG LONG trail ride with Rebekah and another friend!
I promise I wont delete the pics !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Logen ....My Boot Camper

Today was the day we had to have Logen in Bend to check in at the Oregon Youth challenge Program. we left last night and stayed in a motel. We took Logen to see Harry Potter as one last fun thing before his long 5 months.
This is a VOLUNTEER program, I did not force him to go, but I showed him that this was his one LAST CHANCE to get his life turned around and back on track with his peers.
So last night we had to shave his head. Guess who volunteered for that job?
You got that right. :)
Poor kid really does have beautiful hair for a boy. Chocolatey bronze natural highlights brown. Mamma pays the big bucks for this color.

We call this Bozo the Logen Clown.

See those eyebrows, that is what I would look like if I let them grow wild.
He could star in the show Prison Break now !

On our way to Bend. I'm hoping that he is contemplating the WHY"S and HOW'S of how he got himself into OYCP in the first place. i.e.. If I hadn't skipped school, if I had done my homework, if I hadn't been so mean to Mom and sent her over the edge, if I had.... yadda yadda.
But most likely it's . "This is going to suck................." Mom wasn't kidding she really is making me do this... "
This kid has never even been to CAMP!
Everything he needs for the next 5 months is in this garbage bag. No suitcases allowed , everything had to be in a disposable sack. We were one of the first people in line , 7 am comes early I tell ya. I don't think Logen slept a wink.. You know how I know?

He fell asleep on my shoulder while waiting for the entire group to in process.
His big head put my arm to sleep. Poor kiddo was super stressed and just a big ol crab.

It was an emotional day for sure, but my big cry came last night when Logen was being crabby at me at the movies. It was too much for me to bear and I just had a meltdown. Oh HE KNEW he was the cause, because he shut up and looked down and felt really bad. Mamma crying doesn't happen that often ! I have to be pushed to my limit.

About 30 minutes after this picture they were rushed out by the platoon leaders and straight into Pre- Challenge. Its like two weeks of straight boot camp. You could hear them in the gym doing some sort of formation, marching, or push ups. Not sure.. But it was eerie that my kiddo was a part of it.
It's time for a beer and an early night to bed. Shawn and I have the house ALONE for the weekend :) Don't expect to hear from me !!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank you Lisa from Laughing Orca

This guy will from henceforth known as:


Thanks Lisa!
I was stumped to name him. I have had him for a year with no name!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our New Family Member

A friend asked me if I wanted to adopt her friends kitty. She is moving to a condo in the city..
is name is Tristan, he is 9 years old.

He is part Bengal and she thinks part Maine Coon. I have always wanted a Maine Coon. Tristan is about HALF the size of a full MC. But he sure looks like one. Tonight his owner brought him over for a meet and greet only.
H e isn't coming home until Friday, until after Logen is gone and we are going to be able to give him 100% time with us around for the weekend.
Like BBFF says. I'm a sucker for cute face... :) He is already litter box trained, no longer a crazy kitten and a total love bug. I am very excited. Seamus, not so much but he'll have to get over it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The new digs

This is Buzz. Hubbys BFF. He raises Koi and is to blame for me even having them in the first place. For my 39th birthday , he bought me fish, food, filter, pump etc....
He brought me the water lily and the cement bricks ( so the fish can hide) from his own pond.

He got them out of the tank and put them in this bucket, then he poured water from each tank back and forth for about an hour to get them acclimated.
See them at the bottom? They wouldn't swim out...

Yeah we're free! The Orange one is not named. Suggestions anyone? Spot is on the right. Spot is last remaining one of the original group we bought. HE used to have a huge spot on his head.

The three Amigos. Spot has the most gorgeous tail. long , flowy and colorful.
These fish are my babies. I feed them twice a day like clockwork. When I wake up in the morning they are lined up waiting for me. If I am too slow Spot will toss rocks at the glass.

Look at that fabulous tail !
We had to put bird netting over it because we live in a high raccoon traffic area.
See post here...

God forbid something happen to one of my fishies because of those pesky raccoons! Oh the horror! I hope they appreciate their new digs !!!

They are moving out

The Koi are movin on up like George and Weezy.
Spot and the Twins were evicted from the inside tank to the outdoor tank.
Buzz raises Koi, and thats how we got the buggers in the first place, is going to transition them tonight.
Buzz is bringing them a water lily as a housewarming gift. :)
I wanted pink and he got me pink :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1st Annual Crew on the Water

One of my " Crew" members of my softball team has a 36 foot sailboat. Today was the 1st Annual " Crew on the Water"
We had very little wind. :(

This is Sarah the team Manager. She is a Texan... She is a spitfire in a tiny little package.
This is Nikki, our Catcher. She is a hoot and has a killer throw to 2nd base. She has burnt my glove on occasion.

My feet want in the cool water....

I decided I needed better vantage point to take pics.

This is Captain Mary saying. JP GET YOUR A$$ DOWN YOU ARE GOING TO FALL.
I had only had one beer, but I am however vertically upright challenged at times.
The girls are preparing to watch me go overboard.

Cold beer, good friends, beautiful day. It doesn't get much better.
Oh too much sun for the JP.......... Getting cranky and tired.

I'm KING of the WORLD ROSE!!! ( Titanic folks..)
Who hasn't wanted to do this on a boat once in their lives at full sail??

It was so much fun, I hope Cap'n Mary invites us back for another try at full Sail Sailing...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a 100% girl DIY project

My Koi are getting too big to live inthe house anymore, so they have to move out.
So my project started with this 2x2x4 galvanized horse trough.

I dug out the spot myself, hauled away the dirt, leveled as best I could, stamped the dirt down with one of those HEAVY stamper things. I was pretty mad when I realized early on I had forgot to put down the weed fabric first....

and VIOLA! What just as cool as I bought all the plants in the pots on clearance for 99 cents each. I already had the pots, so cheap project...

This is a 100% all girl DIY project.! My fish are going to love their new home..