Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This weeks Goodwill Extravaganza

Geesh ! Blogger has been a PITA all day!
Ok, so here is this weeks SCORES!
This is a brand name jacket , super cuddly and warm, It was a green tag so that meant 50% off!
Price: $7.50 ! Retail $ 40
wooo hooo! I didn't know it was half off until I went to pay! I thought it was a steal at 14.99! It matches my Ariat Fat baby boots and looks super cute with jeans. Very Western-Cowgirly. I love anything like that!

I 've been looking for Christmas/Holiday serving dishes. I don't like the cartoon-esque kind I like the classical kind that my Grandma would have had. I know picky picky.
This is a bowl I will use for dips, or cranberry sauce or the like.
Price $1.99

My Grandma collected Cardinals, I have a few things, but almost screamed when I found this mid priced brand of China with Cardinals on it! Another score @ $1.99. Still haven't found that egg plate but I am still searching. Someone out there needs to donate one!

The coolest find of the day was these MUGS( 2) from Starbucks. I already have 1 and I know it cost over 10 bucks at Starbucks, I found 2 for 1.99 each. Yipee skippee.

Shawn wasn't excited about my weekly finds until this trip. He was as excited as I was about how well I shopped. I know I won't be as lucky as my last two trips, but I have turned my husband and his friend around to this whole Goodwill Shopping idea. Shawn's sister used to shop at Goodwill and bought like new Pendleton Wool Shirts to wear when she had an outside job for less than 10 bucks each. Retail ? Over $50 each.

Always look on the bottom of cups and plates. I know pottery, glass and china. My Mom and Aunt are collectors :) You never know what you could find!

Happy Thanksgiving Blooger peeps!
May you be the first to the cranberry sauce and the last to the yams .. :(


Sharon said...

Wooo Hooo! I am so excited for you! You really did score. That jacket is sooo cute! And your dishes are very pretty. I am a mug freak and have way to many, but I seem to always buy a new Christmas one every year! So sue me...I'm not robbing banks or cheat'n on my husband, I just collect too much junk!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! If you talk with Michelle, please tell her I said hello!

Hugs, Sharon

Jocelyn said...

I am a junk junkie, all my closets are FULL!

jennifer said...

I LOVE that the clothes thing at Goodwill doesn't freak you out. Me either. As long as I can run it through the washer, I am COOL. And the jacket is very cowgirl chic.

Kathi said...

Oh you are such a smart shopper Jocelyn. I love that jacket and oh my goodness, that mug. Way to go. Happy Wednesday. Kathi