Tuesday, October 27, 2009

shhhh don't tell.......!

Today Shawn and I played hooky and spent the entire day together.
We haven't had 5 minutes with each other since we came home from his Mom's funeral. He had sleep apnea surgery 12 days before we left for his Mom's funeral and then a month after we got back he had neck surgery with 3 weeks of recovery.

So this morning at the last minute I called in sick ** cough***
In my defense I really was not feeling well, sore throat, cough, feverish etc...

So we went to the movies, ate candy, did some house chores, went to Michael's, Costco, came home spent some time ALONE, then went to the gym and sat in the hot tub, came home ate dinner had some ice cream...


Everyone should do it once in awhile.
I have to say I have never called in just to play hooky, but it sure was fun!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye Opening

Saturday Star and I had a lesson with Teacher Deb.
I am WELL AWARE of my riding posture faults. So I talked to Deb and said, my back hurts so bad every time I ride.
I feel like I am struggling to get through a ride sometimes.

So what have I have been doing is switching my balance and center of gravity to Stars body and not making her stay under ME and using the outside aids enough to keep her spine straight. The transformation of suspension and roundness was amazing.

Then it came to my attention that I cannot get Star to successfully get into the left lead for any more than a few strides. I have been enlightened to the leg/hip swing if your horse is on the correct lead. WHO KNEW!

So we are going to work on that left lead like maniacs for the next two weeks until the schooling show on the 7th.
Star and I are going to do our very first canter class EVER.. EVER... She has always been a W/T princess, this time she has to work it like a big girl. :)

It's going to either be awesome or a disaster.....

Friday, October 23, 2009

First try at a new job

So for my lesson on Saturday with trainer Deb, I borrowed JP2's spare dressage saddle.
The bridle is mine :) We love us some fancy browbands.
So I hopped on, but Star was unusually spooky last night. That is not like her at all.
We were riding alone so we didn't do much work, just getting used to the saddle etc..
Star prefers an English/dressage/endurance saddle to the typical western saddle. She will really move out like a fancy horse.

Here is something funny about Star. If I say,"Stand still and look pretty" She will!! She stood like a rock for a good 5 minutes while I was trying to take these pictures :) Ears forward and everything! She is such a crack up.

Bummer is that the saddle doesn't fit quite right and I feel my bee hind could lose a few inches as well., and so we will use it next time when I can get a wither pad. We are going to a show Nov 7th!! So that canter must look pretty...
It's always something!So for now Star is still out of a job.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No skillz to pay the billz....

I am firm believer that every horse should have a JOB. Pasture Princess, Barn Beauty, Hay Burner are not JOBS.Star seems to think that her job is to look pretty, eat, poop, etc..
So, I showed Star a slide show of other ponies that actually work for a living.
This was her response

Starting with this.
Mamma.. First off I can only really run in a 80x120 indoor lighted perfect footing arena.
That track is like waaaaaaaay long and it's dark, and wtf with the midgets on their backs? You know how I feel about mini's.
ME: Star we don't say things like that, it's impolite.

ugh.. moving on

STAR:OK, now this looks fun , but I must say the only time I am going to come to a sliding stop on my backside in my lifetime is to the gate for my dinner. I might pull out a tail hair.
ME: The only time you go anywhere fast it's for your dinner.
STAR: Jumping? Look at that pansy with his feet all tucked up under him like he's jumping over gators. You really want to put your butt in the air for the world to see? You complain about breeches all the time.
ME: This is not about me, it's about you getting a job.

STAR: ( eye roll ) whatever.... When's lunch?

STAR: JEEZUS is that HAIR on the breast collar and brow band?
ME: Focus Star we are running out of options.
STAR: Yeah.... no... that screams rodeo, and what do they have at rodeos? COWS....
ME: So I guess this is out of the question?

STAR: O.M.G.. You are hilarious. How about you pretend to be the cow?

ME: Well here is another option. Dressage. You have to perform a test of your skills .It's lots of cantering in circles and no jog trot. Very fancy and everyone's doing it.

STAR: Translation ... Mom wants to go to fancy places with her fancy friends with their fancy ponies and drink margaritas and I do all the work.

ME: No Star, you need to find something you are good at at let's do that.

STAR: I'm good at pretending to be a stork, I'm good at finishing my dinner, I'm good at being the boss mare in the pasture. What else do you need?

ME: We need to work towards a goal and show something for the board bill I pay every month, your shoes, your vitamins and your fancy digs you get to live at.

STAR: Ouch, I think my foot hurts, Ouch, oh no I'm lame, oh my belly hurts, I thinks it's colic. I better go lie down. Can we talk about this later? Like after lunch?

So we still have no goals for this year and Star is still a gorgeous pasture princess.
We'll have to wait and see what 2010 brings !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pony Shopping and a pretty drive

Shawn and I went to go look at a horse for him. It is a 9 year old Morgan named Alex. He does things that boys that hunt like their horses to do, hunt, pack, hi line tie, hobble, no drama etc.
So we had to go east out of Portland to The Dalles.

More bright eyed and bushy tailed than yesterday, but not much I tell ya.

Here is the boy, he hasn't had a rough life, but he sure hasn't had a privileged life either. He was cut later in life and has a THICK cresty neck. His teeth have most likely never been floated, and his mane and tail have seen their better days. He is in serious need of some TLC.

He does however have an easy kind eye, very willing and soft and his feet are rock hard.
I don't think he has ever even had a bath in his entire life. This poor boy screams for a good spa day and some aerobic exercise doesn't he? He is bred like an old school Morgan solidly built and made to last. His head is kinda jug headed but we like that here. His legs are sturdy , straight and clean. That is the most important thing !

So on the way out of the owners place we ran into a small herd of deer. They literally stood still so I could take this picture.

We saw this mamma and calf in the thicket on the way in and stopped and took a picture on the way out. So cute and tiny little calf. Mamma sure kept an eye on Shawn while he was taking this picture.

A cool picture of an old barn.
I love how the colors of fall are coming out everywhere.

This is an old church in the middle of nowhere and next to it is an old cemetery. If I was in the mood I would have stopped to see the pioneer plots, but I was beat from trying to work a horse on a lunge who can only go to the left. ugh...

Pony shopping is my favorite activity , but taking pictures on a beautiful day sometimes trumps that. We have made no decision on the gelding. I'm not sure I want to work that hard on a project horse again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My child, My car and shopping.

On Friday we had to be in Bend at 8 am( leave Portland 4:30 am) to go to Logens mandatory Parent /Teacher conferences.
This is a proud face of a kid who loves his school and is getting all A's and B's and has only got into trouble ONCE and is now the Squad Leader. This just fills me with so much joy and pride that he is doing so well. He loves his school and the new found sense of self worth and respect he has.
This program was Logens Life Saver.

A little bit of marching, since Logen is Squad Leader he is in charge of the marching and the tempo.
Such a handsome kid. :) If I do say so myself.

So on the way home we had a dead battery at Safeway and had to get a jump , then about 10 minutes after that we hit this and banged up the front of my car and something underneath as it doesn't drive right and is making funny noises. So , I'm back to public transportation come Monday. Which is fine, but I don't get that extra sleep in time !

Today I got up at O'Dark thirty and went and picked up the BBFF and head to the Canby Tack Sale. SO much fun and we got some good deals.
I am not a negotiator but BBFF is, had I known that I would have given her my money and let her do the talking. Note to self for next time.
I got a Circle Y breast collar that matches my saddle, two leather halters, and a stable blanket liner for the cold winter time. I only spent $50.00!
We had to stop at the ranch before I took her home so she could drop off her " purchases" and not have to take them home as evidence.
Isn't she cute? That's my cowgirl.
This is how the JP1 rolls, Diet Coke, and a hefty bag.
The Tack sale is like a huge tack/bling/clothes/anything horsie Garage sale. There are some vendors with new stuff but mostly it is used. This is the Clackamas County 4H fundraiser.
I got to see my friends, spend a morning with BBFF and spend my husbands cash.

It just doesn't get any better than that. We had a total blast, but tomorrow I am sleeping in!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspiration doesnt come easy for me

I am not the " creative" type in it's literal sense. I get random inspiration and I run with it.
Like BG's butterfly cupcakes. I probably hadn't done them unless the BG had said
"Jocelyn butterflies don't talk they are just bugs.." ( insert sassy three year old tone).
So, now we are onto our Guest Room. I love anything French Country and Asian decor.
I know weird. BUT you can totally mix them, and I am attempting to do so in our room.
Check this out.... Whoa... they even still have the plastic on the shades.
Had I done that, I wouldn't be shopping for new expensive shades as we speak. Note to self.
I love the bed in this room and the not matchy matchy of the art and decor on the walls.
Moving on...

This is more subdued French room with a classic iron bed, yellow on the walls , metal lamps, red accents and simple art on the walls. OH Check Check Check for what JP has already started in her room.
Getting closer....
Ahh.. Now we are talking... the same colors and yet different decorating style. This one is definitely Asian inspired. Scroll up and down to get the mixture of the two effect.
So I don't want a ginormous mirrored headboard as I certainly don't need to look at myself getting in and out of bed, clothes on or off, most definitely not SP in the same state of undress as he strolls out to make the morning coffee. However, the red Toile and yellow walls are making my heart skip a beat. Can you have too much Toile? I think not. Lord, I would give my left arm for some perfect lampshades.
Oh now can't you just see yourself in this room? When the Step kid moves out the Guest Room number two will slightly resemble this room. Cornice Boards and all.
We are almost done with the guest room, need to buy a few more picture frames , curtains and pillows.
It should be amazing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Trail ride to me.

Tomorrow the 12th is my 41st birthday. I'm so depressed and angry about it, it's just seems unreal.
SO what better cure than to go on a long trail ride with your barn frens.. This is MAD MARE FACE. Everyone was loping in the front field and she really wanted to join in. My endurance saddle is NOT made for that so we stayed behind. Poor Sis.. :(
This is the Sandy River Christmas tree farm. There were 8 of us girls today, the more the merrier !
I had to get a picture of the rest of the pack behind us!

You can see the ranch where Sis lives waaaaaaaaaay down there. The views were incredible. Boy howdy it was cold, I wore all polyester and was still freezing. Thank goodness I remembered my gloves !

The vistas were amazing, we could almost see clear to the beach!

I made Star be in front, in back, in the middle, she has to learn that she can be in any spot and must still behave. She was getting up into another horses junk, and I just knew she was going to get clocked right in the noggin, but she lucked out. We were out almost three hours and it seemed like maybe an hour, time flies when you are having such a good time.

This is the Barn Owners assistant Erica and the Filly Amore. They were doing some water training. Star went in but not until her mare frens went first. I really hate not having a brave horse. I do have to say my other mare Blu was MUCH more brave. Even though she was a naughty bucker at times, she did and went where I asked.

All of us standing around waiting for Erica to get wet. : ) It was so much fun and we all hope we can all get together soon and do it again before the weather gets too nasty and muddy outside.

Please come and join us next time if you live locally. It was a total blast !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Winner Winner Greek Chicken Dinner

I am trying to get us back on track for more healthy eating. We are going to use the Mediterranean diet guidelines. IF it isn't fresh, leafy green and chicken or fish, its a no go.
Shawn cut the chicken breast into strips like fajitas and I browned them in Rosemary I blended the devil out of in my SILVER BULLET grinder , fresh garlic and grapeseed oil.
Then I made a Greek type salsa with Lemon Cucumbers, Mint, parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice and red onion.

Then I made a Cous Cous warm side dish. To this I added tomatoes, lemon juice, red bell pepper and mint and parsley.
Cous Cous is easy peasy, cook it first, then add the fresh ingredients after its done. Voila!
I bought the tzatziki this time, I would have liked to make it fresh, but I was in a huge hurry last night. Got to love Trader Joe's. This picture came in sideways and I don't know why, but you can see the Cous Cous side dish and the salsa and tzatziki if you turn your head.
Then you buy the NON Pita bread, Nan bread or I bought the middle eastern bread. It's all the same basically. Flat bread is super yummy. You make them like Tacos, and boy howdy they are soo good. If you have ever had a GYRO sandwich, this is the same but with Chicken. I will skip the lettuce next time, it kept falling out.

Then the leftovers you can just eat the cous cous cold with the left over chicken on top, like a Tabouli salad that you pay big $$$ more in a restaurant.
Next dish? Fish and bean and corn salsa side. Hungry yet?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Growing up to be a big girl.

Star has been wearing the same snaffle Myler bit for years now. She hasn't needed anything stronger as we wern't doing WTC nicely and smoothly yet. We are also working on bitless for trail riding, but for schooling we needed to step up the game.
This is a Myler Curb snaffle, short shanks and copper rollers all the way across. Very mild if you are soft handed.

Last night we worked on bending, not biting my toes as shown here, but getting soft and flexible.
I had to ride without much contact last night as I didn't want her to get pissed off about the new bit and set a precedence for next time.
She did great and was very soft. I panicked when I took it off because there was some foam at the sides and I thought I had been pinching her mouth! GAH! I almost got sick.
So like any Mother I took my own shirt and wiped her mouth and much to my relief it was just foam build up not bare skin. Whew. She is becoming such a good girl and so grown up.
Friday night I will post video of our bitless fabulousness. She is doing so great and I'm excited to work on that this winter.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A quickie trip? Not really.....

My friend Cheryl asked me to be her wing man to go to her friends wedding in Spokane. Cheryl was the Best woman :) Cheryl and I never get to see each other so this was a great chance to catchup! 6.5 hours in the car!

In Spokane they have the coolest park in the middle of town and you have to take a foot bridge to the island where the wedding was. This is the view from the foot bridge. It is so beautiful. It was the site of the Worlds Fair in 1974.
We topped off the trip with a quick trip to Idaho to the Indian Casino. Don't ask if I won, because I did win then I lost it all.
Oh well, I can still make my bill this month!

It's good to be home! 13 hours in the car is a loooooong drive.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Doing something out of my comfort zone...

I got invited at the VERY last minute to go on a road trip to a wedding with a friend of mine. HOURS AWAY, wont be home until Sunday.

As anyone in my world knows, this doesn't happen.. EVER. I am a planner, scheduler, list maker, tight on the details kind of girl. Ask the BBFF and JP2, I am OCD about traveling and pretty much everything else.

running home tonight last minute packing a bag, picking out an outfit for a casual wedding, going out dancing outfits, grabbing cash , makeup, blow dryer etc, rearranging my weekend schedule, sends me into what is nothing short of a TIZZY.

I can only imagine what I might forget and have a melt down over. So, from now until 4:30 pm, I will be inking out what is known as the JP TO DO LIST.

Wish me Luck... :)

Pictures will cometh...