Friday, November 21, 2008

BearCat in a Cow Suit.

Ok, I know I have been very bad lately about consistently riding Star. I made a vow that when we moved to the new barn I would be extremely consistent. Unless it's icy, snowy, sub zero.
So last night I worked her in the side reins for a bit. Decided to forgo the driving lines as warm up and she SEEMED relatively calm. Then my bbff comes to talk and we end up visiting for a bit while Star takes a little cat nap patiently waiting for us to shut it.

So we re-warm up and my cell phone rings in my pocket. Husband calling.... SO I have Blackberry in one hand and lunge line in other. The minute I start talking she stops, so now it's Blackberry, Lunge and WHIP. Multi tasking at it's finest. I know she is very cold backed so we always sit and do flex, one rein stop stretches and bending before we start our sessions.
She wouldn't even do that ! Ears pinned, looking fondly and longingly at the out gate, head spins back at to say I'm going to bite your toes off Mom if you smack me with that crop one more time.
I hate fighting with her, but she must do what I ask.. So tonight I just worked it out, crow hoppy, ears pinning, balking, WE MUST GO TO GATE NOW general nastiness. As usual I got her to cooperate on my terms and we called it a night. I love her mind, she is very easy to understand and read. Just like she is on the outside she is on the inside , it's black or white with her. There is no grey area.

At our new place there is no going outside from barn to GIANT indoor arena, all cement and under cover. So hopefully we can stay warmer, drier and cleaner this year.
It's going to be a looooooooooooong winter.


Flying Lily said...

They so clearly know when we are distracted. My horses completely take advantage when I take a phone call or get out the camera. It's amazing.

jennifer said...

Your patience sounds wonderful. I am afraid that I would not be any good at that.

And man, a crop? That could come in handy in parenting. Kidding Kidding! (sort of... errrrr on my middle child today - she is making me old).