Sunday, February 28, 2010

How we do it at Aunt JP's house.

WARNING: This contains gratuitous sweet girl and a pony shots.

So, we got to babysit J and B Saturday night.
Let's review the evening shall we?

1. Paint Rainbow nails. Duh...
Just so you know God, it is totally not fair I wasn't blessed with girls.

2. Get Uncle Shawn and Aunt JP to bring you to the ranch to see the pony.
Star loves little kids, but sometimes little kids are intimidated by the big ol head of hers, so Daddi-o kept her in check while we groomed.
3. Riding lesson ( sort of) I was impressed by B's confidence and listening skills. She kicked, clucked, steered and knows how to say WHOA.
Star obeyed like a good girl and was listening to B and not to me.
Good Pony.

After almost an HOUR! I was exhausted, we called it quits.
Shawn put the helmet on Star and man did she glare at him, then we took it off and she was still glaring! Ear back, down her nose straight at Shawn! lol

4. Pizza! Yummy Yummy Pizza. Thank goodness they like the same that we like. They are so not picky, I love that. They are awesome eaters, no drama just inhaling and they even take their plates to the sink!

Then the rest of the night was Video games in the front room with Cousin Catlin.
We had to move them because we wanted the Big TV for the Olympics!
Boy was B pooped about 30 minutes after this, she came to the family room couch laid down and passed right out.

So that's how it rolls at our house. We are most excellent babysitters.
J stayed home from horseback riding to play video games with the big boys. He was in the same chair, same spot when we got home as we left him :)

Here is video of B and Star .. BEYOND CUTE it spews sugar and unicorns.

Friday, February 26, 2010

it was an emergency....

Once upon a time in a land far far away, right next to Portland.
There was an emergency of epic proportions.
Bloating, crabbiness and general if it has a wanker I hate it, tidal wave was about to make landfall.
So what was a girl to do?

She gets on the bat phone with a direct line to her Girl Scout Cookie Mom.

It went something like this:

JP1: P? It's J, I need whatever cookies you have left, STAT. It's dire situation over here.
P: I can deliver them in about an hour.
JP1: P you are a godsend , I love you. Only give them to SP, not the children this is VITAL.
P: I love you too..


JP1: Shawn its J, I need you to have 8 bucks for P in an hour.
SP1: Why? wait........ P is bringing more cookies?
JP1: Shut up and don't ask questions, give her the money take said cookies, just like a street meth deal. Easy Peasy.
SP1: What kind are they?
JP1: ***** crickets****** Touch one box and you will never see me naked ever again.
SP1: Oh shit what day is this?


Then last night like magic, two boxes of these little lovelies appeared on my nightstand.
Every Woman needs a Girl Scout Mom, they are very handy in an emergency.
I think P earned her Red Cross Badge !

FYI: Shawn wont ever see me naked again, he ate half a box before I got home.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Kharma I have it. Part 1

I am a courteous driver 95% of the time, I have my days like anyone else.
Yesterday on the freeway there was this primered Whiskey Tango, POS circa 1984 Camaro, who for no other reason than nastiness, boxed me in , sped up when I wanted to move over and then slowed way down, typical jerk off maneuvers.
I was so mad yet I refrained from road rage. When I looked over and saw this woman I thanked Jesus himself that it wasn't me . Talk about rode hard an put away wet.
Girlfriend was a step away from the Faces OF Meth billboards.

So on my way to work this morning guess who I see in all of her plaid shirt, ciggy smokin, bottle blonde glory?

Yes the Camaro B****, on the side of the freeway broken down.

God Bless America and their crappy 1980's cars.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

to Beagle or not to Beagle

I have been asked if I would take Sparky AKA I love me some JP1 dog home to stay.
I have ALWAYS wanted to train a specific therapy dog for Children s hospitals and Hospice.
Get certified to bring them to visit the terminally ill.
Could this dog not bring a smile to an ill child's face?
We shall see. SP likes Beagles alot as his Mom raised them, but we already have two, so we shall see...
Voted: Cutest face EVER...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I need it to be summer...

I love trail riding and am starting to condition Star for endurance.
I need it to be summer!~
This is the first trail ride we have been on since my birthday in October.

Happy Ears ! She is generally very happy to be out and about.
This is how JP rolls, windbreaker, sunglasses and helmet.
I hate this helmet, I am getting a new one soon. For now it works, but I want a lighter cooler one.

Star says" I know the way home follow me Grace".
I totally got his homing device in my legs called " the barn and lunch is in my stall"
IF you will notice...ahem.... Star is in her bitless bridle. We only had one little moment of no brakes, and she is tossing her head too much when I ask for a whoa , so we may have to go back to the bit for a few more rides. I won't be having that.
I would say she was a 7 out of 10 with the bitless today. We worked through only 2 Hell No and Spins the entire time. That is a record.

This is one of the vistas to the right from the top of the farm we ride on.

This is the vista to the left and there is Mt Hood again! So beautiful.
The trail was quite slick with this red clay. It's like snot in some spots. Star did great and kept her footing, I let her pick where she wanted to walk for the most part.

We ended with going into the pond. We actually crossed a stream that feeds of the pond first in those trees and came around the backside.There is BBFF's mare Grace enjoying some water fun.

I told her I was taking a picture for BBFF so she pretended to be falling off !

This is proof we were in the pond too, if you look close in the muck , you can see a bit of Stars leg in the water. She is so funny, this was an epic battle of wills to get her into the pond last year, and now she goes right in! Stands around, splashes, drinks. etc.. Like she's done it a hundred times.
Those darn mares!

Thanks for coming along, I would have taken more pics but my hands were cold!
I really need it to be summer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine on my pony makes me happy

The weather is finally cooperating ! BBFF and I went out int the big pasture to ride today. This is the same pasture as the Longhorn bull and the skeery moo cows.
I had to suck it up big time ! That is Mt Hood peeking up with it's snowy head.
Grace on the other hand is COWY and love her some moo cow chasing. :) Who knew!
Sis and I...Not so much.. at all...ever.... no thanks......
Tomorrow we are heading out to the ridge behind BBFF's head.Summer can't get here fast enough.

Why I drive two hours one way to get my hair done.

I have super HARD to color grey hair. They are stiff and ugly.
I also have the added bonus of having natural curly hair !
My friend form High School does hair in the old hood, and found this product that is to die for to cover grey. I have had med brown with highlights for about 6 months and then grow out and grey I had like 4 different colors of hair. SO WT, bad bad bad..
I now have this MAH VA LUS Chocolate Raspberry color. *****swooon****
She works the color in so deep she gets every strand, it has to sit for like an hour but man it's worth every single penny.

2nd reason, is that we got to go see Beth and Jack. They are getting too big, too fast and we need to see them more before they are going to college.
Uncle Shawn bent back Jacks toe on accident and there was this huge POP. Poor Shawn thought he had popped his shoulder out. No, only a toe and then Jack was back to good after a few minutes of drama.

Beth is a scrapper, and loves her horses. Every time I come over she gets her horses out and tells me about them, she will be my special guest next Saturday : ) Shawn and I are babysitting all day.

Plus we went to dinner with an old friend of mine. We haven't had a day for fun in Eugene in a long long time, it was nice to have no schedule ! That is the BONUS of having your kids be 18 and left at home!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enchiladas anyone?

Last night I decided to try a new recipe and give it a JP twist.
You know I was going to !
So brown yourself some chicken, I used breasts because Shawn thought he bought dark meat.oops. I was going to mix both dark and white, but I will next time.
Pour a thin( I used what recipe said and it was TOO much) layer of Green Enchilada sauce on the bottom of a greased pyrex dish and layer with corn tortillas.

This is the JP twist. The recipe called for plain sour cream. WHAT? PLAIN? no way.
So I made some MEXI-PESTO with Lime juice, garlic and cilantro. Into the Magic Bullet for a few seconds and........

Viola Mexi-Pesto!

Mix it in with the Sour Cream and it should like light green and smell oh so fabulous.
You could actually use this as a dip for chips , don't ask me how I know, I just know.

OK, so I hand shredded the chicken after it cooled, layered it with Jack Cheese and then the sour cream mixture goes on top.

This is the first layer, it should look like this then Lather, Rinse Repeat.

So the last layer, and once again JP's ad libbing here. I dunked the top corn tortillas in the remaining enchilada sauce mixed with some roasted Chile's. :) Like a spicy bath for the tortillas, then layer them on top and pour on top whats left over.Can you smell it? It smells fantastic.
More cheese and Cilantro on top and into a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes.

Shawn doesn't like anything spicy, but I only used one can on the top layer and I think it's just enough.

When its done, it should have yummy gooey layers like this !
So it was a tad to soupy for my taste, maybe I didn't let it sit long enough or I used too much cheese and sour cream. Not sure. It was divine regardless!

I made a huge pan of it, and already got the thumbs up from the kiddo.
This is a great pot luck dish as well. There are several variations on this theme that you could really layer any meat, and sauce and any noodle or tortilla and POOF dinner in a Pyrex.
Do try this, it really is soooooo good and makes your house smell fantastic!
My son said just the smell was making his stomach growl!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Once again it all started with ....

this guy right here. About 2:30 am Friday night Head OF Security was going BatSH** crazy.
Which always means " COON ON DA PREMISES"
Shawn rolled out of bed to investigate and left HOS inside the kennel, which made her even more pissed. Every neighboring dog was barking for HOURS after all that.
The next morning Shawn caught him and realized he was very sick and needed medical attention or Euthanasia. Shawn took him to " the bad place" Animal Control and what his fate was we don't know.
So, then I realized that my dogs have been not going outside to potty the last few cold nights they have been going on my WHITE BERBER CARPET. SP and I can't deal with pet smell, so we went and rented the Rug Doctor and JP cleaned carpets for the better part of 7 hours, with a long nap in between. This is moving heavy furniture, cleaning, dusting, tv cables, etc... A huge P.I.T.A.

So for Valentines Day, we went to a cool old restaurant. Little did I realize that every single old person and their old person posse also likes this place. I swear we were the youngest couple there. So to make me feel more hip and cool, we went to Powells bookstore and then to MIO Gelato. It was almost a crisis when I looked in and saw they were almost out of pistachio!
Don't get the pear.. yuck.
So now it's Monday and I got invited over a blogger pal's house to learn how to make homemade soap! I have sensitive skin and my skin loves gentle soap.
She has this dog..... this adorable, in love with me Beagle dog.
He attached himself to my feet and was caught giving me the " can iz go home wif you" eyes.
If her son didn't love him so much this dog would be in my lap right now.
Goat on a Boat. I asked Marilyn if the boat was in case there was a 40 day flood.
She yes, you never know when the goats may have to make a speedy exit.
It was so much fun at her house, and I will be back as I have some craft supplies that I promised to give to her son Wyatt that I never use.
So my weekend was packed full, in between all this I have tried to watch as much of the Winter Olympics as I can. I love the Olympics and just get sucked in and before you know it hours and hours have gone by and I have done nothing. Lucky its only every 4 years ! Not sure what my excuse that during the other 3 years and 50 weeks is.

Have a great week Blogger Peeps!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogger Peeps UNITE

Tonight was so special !

Not because I drank this :) Because I finally got to meet and talk to TWO of my blogger pals!

Gttyup from Life at the Rough String and

Pam from There's a horse in my bubblebath!

As you may recall I ran into Pam at Coastal a week or so ago.

So she came along as well ! It was an absolute blast.

Gttyup emailed me two weeks ago and said she was going to be in town and wanted to know if JP1 and 2 would meet her for dinner! OF Course we said we would love to!

Pam is on the left and Karen is on the right. Such pretty ladies!

This is all four of us , the poor waitress had to take pictures with all four of our cameras.
I gave her a good tip for that!

It was so great to get to know these great women and put faces and voices to bloggers!

I am already hatching a plan to go visit Gttyup and her main man this summer to go trail riding and sight seeing. Shawn and I love Central/Eastern Oregon and now we have a reason to go " a visitin' . I am going to hook up the trailer, put the mare in and I'm headin East! I'll bring the coffee and homemade scones!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I couldnt take it one more day!

I've been stuck in the house sick for 4 days. I needed to go get some pony loves.
So we groomed, practiced showmanship for like an hour and back to grooming.
I needed to get her legs shaved down before the show in a month, so when it grows out it will be slick. Same with her face and jaw line. Show ponies are WORK !
I was ready to go home when BBFF and 2 other boarders arrived. So Star got tacked up anyway!
I am sure she was like WTF? I thought we were done!

We warmed up in the arena for a bit and then out to the front pasture. The back pastures were sloppy and too slick. Say Cheese BBFF!
Star was in the mood to go outside today, she put her pimp strut/lookey loo on for the first few minutes and then calmed down a bit. Not as calm as Grace AKA Pokey Joe, but well within my tolerances.
After we untacked BBFF and I took the ponies to graze on the yummy new spring grass.
NOM NOM NOM... It's green pony crack.
It was nice to be outside riding with friends again, summer can't get here quick enough!

Friday, February 5, 2010

You are not Dad.. But you'll do

This is " the Perp" aka Tristan.
You see his BFF Daddy is not home.
This causes Tristan's routine to be well..... off kilter. As you can see he isn't happy about it.
Shawn gets up at 5am, turns on sink and opens up kitchen door as Tristan wont jump over dog gate. I am not getting up at 5 am for the cat.. Sorry Puss, you're gonna stay thirsty until 7:30, or drink out of the toilet your choice.

This is how close to your face he likes to be. See my nose and glasses? Yes, he's that close.He will sleep there if you don't move him.
This is what him and Shawn do every night, it's their bonding time.
See the brown sheet over the comforter? Yeah, cat hair on my pretty new comforter would be BAD for kitty.

So now I'm stuck with manically needy kitty until Daddy gets home.
This cat is birth control I tell ya. C*** Blocker Big Time.:)
Just like having little kids! Except I can BOOT this kid outside :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It all started with the darn cat....

Last night was the usual routine before bed time.
But lets add, a raging cold coming on and I can't breathe.

1. Let dogs out one last time while changing into PJ's and last minute stuff.
2. Let dogs in and the cat is hollering it's bed time.
3. Crawl into bed all cozy and flip on Leno.
4. Large cat decides to cuddle with in my 1/2 inch personal sleep bubble.
5. Large cat decides to give self bath so hard I can hear it and its jiggling the bed. This is right in my nose/eye zone. This is a personal peeve when I'm drifting to sleepy land.
6. I thump cat and say stop it! He doesn't. I toss him to end of bed, he comes RIGHT back and starts his bathing again.
7. Repeat of #6 numerous times until I yell TRISTAN! KNOCK THAT SH** OFF!.
8. My yelling woke up the Head of Ranch Security aka the Blue Heeler and she comes rushing in to see what the yelling is about.
9. Kitty hates Security and bails, Security chases known perp and thus wakens 2nd Security Officer Blonde.
10. Officer Blonde now thinks perp is outside and must be hunted down. I find my slippers in the dark but glasses are no where to be found. Little Toe meets Dog Food Bin. OUCH.
11. Let Security out it's now 2 am, screw that if they want back in, they know where the kennel is.
12. The Perp is now back on my bed on my pillow , security detail is barking and my toe is throbbing.
13. Get spare glasses and head down hall to Benedryl Central Closet. Pop two and head back to bed.
14. It is now almost 3 am. The Perp finally goes to bottom of the bed.
15. 6 am, the perp now needs a drinkie out of the sink( only likes running water ya know ) and the kitchen door opened so he can go have breakfast as his morning concierge is not home.
16. Fumble to bathroom, go potty and realize I have 4 eyes staring at me. Seamus brought in breakfast he had eaten the head and left me the rest. GAG. Seamus is meowing at my slippers to make a big deal out of his grand gesture. Typical Male.
17. Take a shower, go to work, cough on bossman and told to go home.
18. Hiding under covers until Spring.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mare Frens

Mondays are my day off, since before Christmas I have been spending them running errands, housework etc. Today I decideed to go " a visitin".
First stop Trainer Deb's.
I got to meet this hunka hunka Burnin love. Marley.
He is shaved but he is normally Black. My Fav!

Got to meet Debs pet chicken. So cute, she gets her to jump up and eat food from her hand.

Deb's friend riding ZuZu, Dr Azmar made a surprise visit to do a teeth floating on a resident pony.

Poor Ginger the pony. I guess she was naughty towards the end and earned herself a double shot of sleepy sleep.
You know what they say about ponies. The shorter they are the closer they are to HELL. :)
I groomed Ginger whilst she was waking up.

Next stop? Over to another friends barn. When Livingstone closed we all scattered everywhere, so if I want to see them, it's either at shows, or you have to go visit.
I haven't been to Denise's in forever.
as a Bonus Miss Patti was out to ride as well !
Patti is on the left and Denise is on the right.

It was so fun just hanging out with friends all day!
I love Monday's off! I don't know what I've been thinking all these years working 5 days a week!