Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's about to get as sweet as Unicorns and Cotton Candy here

Hank is growing up these days. We take him places all the time, he loves coming to work with me.
However his number one job is to keep me company. It's a career path he has taken very seriously as you can see in the following photos.

The picture above was at Shawn's Work BBQ on Sunday. He is not a fan of the children yet. They tend to mob him and get overly aggressive with the holding and petting. He does not like that one little bit.

Picture below is us coming home from work on Friday. We both had a big day at work.The floor I work on is Hank Fan Club central. So he was on his best company mascot behaviour all day.
Chihuahua's are bred to be companion animals. So we coined the phrase "companion-ing". It's what is on Hankie's resume as his skill set.

We were supposed to go shopping and run errands but someone needed a nap first and do some work on his " companion-ing" skills.

Blogger is pissing me off with this text alignment and photo alignment BS today. So the huge post about star will have to wait until I get home and use my other computer. Until then enjoy the cuteness :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

updates cometh I promise

It has been a busy busy summer, and frankly I haven't had the energy to update the blog.
Sorry Peeps.

On the bright side and dark side.

Star finally made it to Alaska

It was a nightmare and she is a little worse for the wear.

Next post will be the entire saga.

Hugs and Peppermint treats!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh and it only gets better ....

Ready for another lengthy post? Good, settle in then. Got that snuggie and slippers ready because here goes.

It's Memorial Day weekend so what does every other American couple do on a sunny day but go to their local Home Depot for some flowers. And to what do Shawn's wandering eye do appear? Dad's reels hanging in the garden area. Shawn says Hey Honey, aren't these your Dad's reels? I look up and immediately go Yep, those are them all right. So if I ever I get lonely for family I can run down to Home Depot and chill with the Garden Hose Reels I guess.
 Dad started this company back in 1984- ish , it was the whole reason we moved to SoCal in the first place.
I thought it was cool that all the way up here in Wasilla I see a bit of home.
 The whole reason for the HD trip was because Shawn brought these Calla Lillie's home for me from Costco. They are so beautiful and my favorite flower, so I needed to buy soil and other flowers to go in my containers. Pansies, Soil, Pots and voila! A container garden in about 30 minutes. Easy Peasy.
 The view of my backyard and the lake over the weekend. The weather was outstanding and just nearly perfect. Met the interesting neighbor and his less than interesting Pit Bull. Sorry but they scare me and I am not a fan of them running loose in my yard just because "everyone else does it". My dogs are NEVER allowed to run loose. EVER...Let's not get me started about the poop in my yard that I know is not my dogs poop. ugh so nasty...
Perfect for catching fish? Not really.. Shawn caught this bad boy about 12-14 inches. But nothing else all weekend.  We are buying a canoe so soon we will be going out farther than just the boat dock to cast. Shawn was very impressed that I knew how to cast a line even though I had not picked up a fishing pole in nearly 20 years. I told him, my Dad could put a pole in my hand and I would be happy for HOURS, sitting by myself just casting that line over and over again.
 We ended the entirely too perfect weekend with a campfire and Smores. It would have only been better if we had people over sharing it. The neighbors had a party with almost 100 people. We went over later after all the majority of them had left to chat, smoke cigars and drink. Yeah, life is rough out here.. So so hard...
 So that's the weekend round -up. Onto the diet for a second. Anything Amy's is yummy. These burritos are SUPER Yummy. Expensive but I'm not eating them everyday. Some days I just want to stick something in the microwave and call it good.
 These however were GAH-ross. Do not eat unless you like overly minty edible paste. Almost like the stuff we had in Kindergarten but I think worse. I wouldn't know as I wasn't a paste eater, but I am speculating anyway.
 So AK PonyGirl invited me to go on a trail ride while they marked trail for this weekends upcoming poker ride. I am not one to ever say no, so of course I went! She is a great trail horse, point and go. No drama just happily plugs along. I am beginning to favor the short ponies. It was so easy to throw a leg over her! I am used to Star where a mounting block/stump/step etc is required as she is tall and gets all kinds of pissed off if you mount from the ground.
We were out riding until almost 11 pm and it was just barely getting dark.  How wicked cool is that? When Star gets here we will be riding up in these mountains. Oh I cant wait!
So that's all I got so far, nothing terribly exciting and new to report here in the Last Frontier.
If you are planning to come visit, let us know as we would love to have you! 
JP~ Hugs and Love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whats in my lunch sack?

Breakfast: Ezekiel Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter and whole fruit Jelly.
Until I find low sugar organic Jelly, this will have to do.

Lunch and two snacks:

Almonds- Raw
Carrot sticks
Hard Boiled eggs.

This I will divide up into little mini meals through out the day. Then will most likely drink a protein shake tonight before I go riding with friends. I will not have time to eat dinner tonight.

The usual dinner is meat and veggies, but Mr Shawn is a Carb Metabolism guy and needs more than I do , so we have included some pasta and cornbread for him. I just need to learn to say no, but I grew up on cornbread and it's soooooooo tasty!

So, do yourself a favor and go get the Bobs Red Mill ( Oregon Brand) Gluten Free Brownie Mix and add the extra Chocolate Chips in the mix. You will LOVE THEM. They are the best brownies we've ever made from a mix. I had ZERO heartburn and ZERO bloating with them and the lactose free Ice Cream.

Work out plan for this week:

Tonight: I am going riding on an actual horse for a couple hours- My abductors will be screaming tomorrow I am sure.
Thursday: Expresso Bike- 12 miles AKA The Vindicator
Friday: Nothin :-)
Saturday: Swim- 800 meters
Sunday: Swim-800 meters

It's raining here today, which sucks because I was just bragging it doesnt rain in Alaska to my Oregon Peeps.
oops ...

Pics of the ride tomorrow !

Friday, May 27, 2011

So let's start with this..........

This is the proof in the pudding.
I know the deal is when you see yourself everyday, you don't see any major changes. Especially if you are someone like myself who sees my figure as fat, bloated and ugly every single day.  So I often avoid the camera at all costs.However.. I needed to show my Blogger Pals that I am talking the talk and walking the walk here. 
After my initial Stage 3 cancer diagnosis in 1998 I wondered what my fate would be as a young single mother, new job, living with my parents. I felt trapped, hopeless and a failure.  I never thought in a million years I would be living this new life. While it has its ups and downs, trials and tears, good times and sometimes really bad , I wouldn't trade it for anything.

JP~ out

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So whats in my lunch bag?

Like any good well bred Oregonian you carry your lunch in a Powell's Books Cloth Bag !
I pack my own food everyday. Although there are some days I'd rather eat a breakfast burrito , Diet Coke and call it good. I am not perfect ! Those breakfast burritos are the DEVIL. .....drool.....


Low Fat Turkey Lunch Meat from Costco
Red Bell Pepper
Carrot Sticks
Green Apples

I split all this up into three mini meals throughout the day. Sometimes I do it at home, but mostly I just do it at work.

I am trying to give up the Diet Coke/Pepsi but man is that trying to kill me these days.
Those folks who say drink Green Tea, are lame. Green Tea is good if your sick , but not if you are crashing at 2 pm and need cold caffeinated pick me up. Sorry but its true.

Last night we went out to eat and I had Halibut Fish and Chips. The fries were yucky so I only ate a few and the fish was awesome. After eating like this for awhile your taste buds become very aware of what tastes good and what doesn't.
Root Beer Floats(next time will use Diet A and W) with lactose free ice cream= GOOD
Over Salty not fresh fries/House made Cole Slaw = GROSS

It really is that simple, I buy organic as much as possible and only eat carbs in fruit, oatmeal and Sprouted grain bread. It's not for everyone and it can be expensive and a pain, but I am telling you its worth it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I changed everything about me

Let me start off by saying this:
I have always been some sort of active, but never been a full on athlete.
When I lost alot of weight a couple of years ago, I didn't exercise much nor did work on the finding the causes of what was making me depressed besides being fat.
So, like most diets the weight came rolling back in. weird.....

I have a problem with associating food with guilt and combine that with a set of " I have a large A$$" goggles I seem to see out of , it was a recipe for disaster at some point in my life. Every time I would eat I would obsess about how it was making me fatter and uglier, how crazy is that? I still struggle with it even though what I am eating is 100% healthy, if I feel the slightest "full" the guilt and remorse creeps back in.

I never see myself as pretty, thin, or anything befitting that description. My weight has always been the topic of family discussion with my Mom, Dad and sisters, as we all struggle.

So let's add the additional strain of moving to Alaska and what do you get?  A fat, depressed, no horse to ride, cranky sloth. No joke.

So I took the steps to change how I FEEL and that would change how I LOOK.
I hired a trainer to help me train for a triathlon, God Bless Carla Goldberg
I researched diets.. alot... for hours.

Then I came across Isabel De Los Rios and the Flat Belly Solution.

It is the easiest two steps I have ever done in my life.
The weight has melted off and my body has changed dramatically. I feel amazing.

I have given up Dairy, Processed Food,meal replacement bars(unless I'm out on the bike) 99% of sugar, Gluten and Soy.

I am not lying when I say, the dark circles under my eyes are gone , my belly is getting flatter and my skin looks amazing. My PMS symptoms were about as half as bad as usual the last two months since I started.
Oh and the muffin top and third ass are almost gone as well.

When you husband says " Baby, your ass is shrinking" it's the best 4 words you will ever hear I swear...

Hugs and Love Blogger Peeps!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Member of the Family

Look Away if you cant stand cute, because it's gonna get all kinds of adorable up in here!
 This is Baby Hank aka Hank Bouncer. He is our newest addition. He still lives with Aunt Darlene in Bend, because he is not old enough to be neutered and travel. When Shawn goes to Oregon in June, he will come home on the plane with him. He is a rescue of sorts and is what they call " Blue" Chihuahua.
Darlene already has plenty of "wows" as they are called, and Ive always secretly wanted one. Shawn swore on the Holy Catholic Bible I would never get one. Until this face came across Facebook, and well..  Shawn caved and I danced a happy dance!
Seriously could you resist a face such as this? I am checking into his first Bomber Jacket ASAP.
Saturday Trainer Carla and I did 11 miles on the mountain bikes. It's official I think it sucks. However, this was on the trail in the Mat-SU State Park, that was near the dump. Blogger Peeps this is NOTHING but trash bags and Grocery Sacks. It was unreal. I implore you to use reusable sacks and lessen your impact on Mother Earth. Just that one tiny change would make a huge difference.
9pm Alaska time Shawn wants to go for a stroll. My beehind is KILLING me from the day before but walking wont hurt right?? right..... This is him down by the lakes edge on the opposite side of us. Isn't it amazing?
Empty Nest has brought some new challenges to our relationship, mostly on my part I will admit. However, we are managing to come out on top and appreciate each other more and more everyday.
He literally is the best husband a girl could ask for. So whats better than a smooch at sunset ?

Not much I tell you, except maybe a cute little dog and my pony coming to Alaska soon!
Always look forward to the sunset my Blogger Peeps. Life is amazing, enjoy it and be present in every moment!
Hugs and Much Love,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vegas Baby and a few other mishaps

Last weekend was the infamous Carol BFF in Vegas girls trip.
It was mediocre fun at best. Long story, but my life was already going to crap when I left, and it didn't get much better once I got to Vegas. C'est La Vie I guess.
I am better now, but I have a long road ahead. 

 This is Carol my BFF from days gone by. We met in our early single 20's, she is still single and still tries to act 20. So yeah, that was tough to keep up with, I have no desire to be a 42 trying to be 22 year old woman. I like who and where I am right now. Not saying I don't want to be a hot mama, but I don't want to look like I'm begging for my youth back, which I am NOT.

This is a broke widowed military vet who was lured to Vegas by a woman on line who turned out to be a fraud and was down to his last 4 bucks.
He was 18 years Active Duty ARMY and 12 Years National Guard. I sat with him for over an hour in the 90 degree heat, prayed together and I gave him a few bucks to eat and ride the bus. I will never turn down someone in need especially a Veteran.
 Well since I gave up candy and these are my super favorites, I bought a t shirt instead. If I can't eat them I might as well wear them. Man, do I love me a RPBC fix.. ahhhhhh so sad. I ate too much sugar and Vegas and my body went into almost diabetic shock, man it wasn't pretty.
I am trying to get back on track for the triathlon training, I have had some feet/numbness issues that are alarming and my next option is a Neurologist. Yeah Me. Growing old is a big ol BEE-OTCH I tell ya.
The diet is going splendid and let me tell you my skin and digestive system have never been happier.
Stay tuned I will post all about it tomorrow afternoon I promise.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I fell off the planet ? Sure did and boy am I tired.

I know I know.. Total disappearing act these days. Its for a good reason though!
What Have I been doing?
Alot of this.......
and wearing these
 and riding this... I mean alot, all the time.. constantly.
 I am training for  triathlons in June, July and August. I have never been so tired !
Ive had to completely change my eating habits, my life style and attitude towards hard physical exertion which is ALL mental. So that's where I am for now, stay tuned for how I changed my diet and the weight melted off like butter......

Monday, March 28, 2011

Alaska and more of her redeeming qualities.

My step son came for a few days , so we got to play tour guide. So first stop was Alyeska Resort. While the boys went on the tram I sat in the bar.
This drinkie was called the Muscle Relaxer.. Yep, it does what it says.Mommy likey very much!!
Then off to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Park. Alaska version of Oregon's Wildlife Safari, but without all the cool stuff like Lions and Giraffes. Seen one buffalo seen them all. You, Mr. Bison should be on my plate in between buns and ketchup.
Saw some elk, cheeky devils and quite aloof, Look at me and awe but that's close enough or I'll scream.
Can't you totally see it in her face?? 
Caribou.. Seen Sarah Palin cap one, you seen them all too. However, this little beauty would look fab as a hide on my sofa.
OH EM GEE. Can you stand the utter cuteness of this porcupine? My normal saying of " I just wanna kiss him" Does not apply here.
Now here's a handsome face only a Mother could love.
He must have smelled the leftover pony treats in my coat pocket. Strict rules of no petting and no feeding.
Kidding me right? Does this 1800 pound animal look or act like hes never been given a yummy in his whole life?
Yeah no.... But I am a rule follower, he didn't get those treats. But we are totally bffs now.
This is not a Pot Belly Pig, this is a baby Musk OX. I could hardly tell the difference at 10 paces
A big brown bear.. Who had some sort of femur type bone in his mouth, We speculated it was the last bear feeder or a guest who had horse treats in her pocket. This is as close as I got just to make sure.
Once again OH EM GEE " I just wanna kiss her" Doesn't apply to these super cute Kodiak Cubs. Do you see her claws? However she is just over the top adorable.
Last stop , a little town called Whittier. Isn't it gorgeous? Not much to it as its a summer time fishing MECCA. We will definitely be back here come salmon run time.

 Thanks for coming along on our little adventure! Alaska does have her qualities that's for sure!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where have I been?? Grab a Kleenex.

I know I deserve a flogging for leaving the blog unattended for so long.
I apologize.
No excuse really.

This is a picture of my two boys, Lucas and Logen.
They are on top of my former Mother in Law Sylvia. This picture derives so many emotions for me, its almost too much.
You see, Sylvia is being ravaged by the cruel disease of Alzheimer's. She is in the latter stages and its heartbreaking. She would have been so proud to watch the boys grow up to see who they have become and will be. She was such fun and loved these boys with every fiber of her being.

Can you stand the cuteness? I always dressed them so cute. I sure miss that and I miss being their Momma at this age.
This is what all the crying has been about lately. My youngest child is now a US Marine.
We went to San Diego for his graduation last weekend and it was overwhelming and awesome at the same time.
I couldn't be prouder and yet I still feel empty.

Its a new leash on life I have been given and yet I wasn't ready to give up the old one.
Logen wasn't the easiest child to raise. Shall we say " Mommas boy" ?
So I go through baby pictures , cry and reminisce of how fast time flies and what I may have missed along the journey.
So as my youngest leaves the proverbial nest I ponder , what Gods plans are for me and my future. He has figured out his and now Mom has to make a new life for herself! Amazing what happens when the babies leave the nest isn't it? Cruel and joyous seem appropriate really.
So, I am going to grab another Kleenex and go through another pile of pictures and then maybe plan a life for myself in between.
Hugs and Love to all my Blogger Peeps.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Updates from La La Land

Once again, sorry everyone.
I hate to leave people hanging.

I did quit my job. It was a nightmare and it was either HER or ME.

I chose ME this time. All the years past I have taken he abuse that is synonymous with the mortgage industry just to have a very nice paycheck.

I am not going to do that anymore! There are other ways to make a living and I just need some time to get this whole self employed deal worked out.

So just like Star I am looking towards the sun and my new future.

Hugs to all my blogger peeps!
J ~ out

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Denali for New Years

Sorry to the family it took so long to get this posted. It has been a horrible couple of weeks at work . I finally had to quit. They left me with little choice. However I have a few leads and an interview on Monday.

For New Years Day we drove the 175 miles to Denali National Park. WHy? Just because and to say we did.
Now doesn't this look inviting? However its closed from October to May, this place is a ghost town.

This is a huge facility, kind of creepy seeing it all boarded up and no one around.
So we drove around, it was like trespassing, but hey they left the gate open!

This is an abandoned hotel on the way up the Denali Highway.
Kind of sad really, that was someones dream at one time.

One of the few patches of sunshine we saw that day.

A little more sunshine.. Come on you can do it!

the little town right before you actually enter the park. Also look abandoned!

The only bear we saw.

There it is, so now we can officially say " been there done that"!

Comet, Cupid and Blitzen enjoying some time off after the busy Christmas season.

Well that was the big excitement for our New Years Festivities. We are boring boring boring I know! IT was a good time and the scenery was unbelievable!