Monday, November 10, 2008

Oregon Mountain Trail and My Favorite 5 year old

This weekend we went to the Oregon Mountain Trail Championship in Eugene. We woke up very early crack o dawn: 15 am, and drove the two hours to get there. We picked up Shawn best friends daughter Beth, who thanks to Aunt J has a new found obsession with all things equine. This couldn't be from all the horse stuff I have bought her, or the Lime Green Cowgirl Boots and Matching T shirt Shawn bought her.. Nope that couldn't be it :) I only have boys, so having a little girl around is a huge treat for Shawn and I. We are nothing but suckers. :)
This is on view of the course. There is a lake, waterfall, fallen logs, rock climb, two bridges, several trenches etc.. Pretty much everything you might encounter out on the trail with your horse.
This is Beth petting her very first horse. This horse is an 18 year old 2x World Champion Reiner who is now retired and this girls new BFF and trail partner. Who knew Beth would be petting a World Champion! The owner was very kind and the horse was a saint. Shawn took his turn taking her to go pet mules later in the day, he forgot the camera. :(

This is the beginning of the course, they had to open/close a gate, then pull a log at a trot forward, then pull it backwards like a calf. So cool.

Oh look another picture of Beth! She is 5, she was adopted from Thailand only a year ago. She is so well behaved and so sweet, and was just a blast to have with us that day. Kudos to her parents, she is very respectful and well behaved and her English is clear as a bell. She had a thing for the ditches and bridges. They let us walk the course, well keeping up with a 5 year old is hard work. We did the course three times at an extended trot if you will.
Note the lime green Ariat Boots and Pony T-shirt, She dressed herself in what we bought her.
Everyone say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....

Here is the lake they had to go through. Beth opted to pass on that thank goodness.

This is the last bridge they have to cross before turning on a switchback and going through the previous trench under it and the finish line.

Who is this lady in Pink? That IS Jewell, ABU's Mommy and the blogger of 20 meter circle.
It was so cool to meet her in person. I think we are going to meet up again at the Spring Show in her neck of the woods.

Ok, so we end our day at Coastal Farm, the Pony Store. Beth spies this Hot pink with Rhinestones Saddle the minute we walk in. So then she proceeds to pick out the Hot Pink Halter, bridle and Spur Straps to match. I didn't help her, she did it all on her own. I know her parents are going to kill me for getting her excited about horses, but who am I to say no to a 5 year old?
It was such a fun day, that ended with Beth's Mom's Birthday party with pizza, cake and ice cream.

What a great way to take my mind off all that was happening in my own life these days.
I left Beth with one of my Arabian Magazines, she didn't let it out of her sight, must have turned the pages a million times and kept asking me " Aunt Jocelyn, did we see this horse today?", Which horse is your favorite? , Which one will I see next time? " It filled my heart with joy and I will make sure she gets as much equine exposure as possible, as every little girl deserves a horse to call her own.

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