Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You know you have a horse husband when...

1. He brings both digital cameras and the Video Camera to your horse show at 7:30 am for 1 class.

2. He knows pony slang like, sleazy, sport boots, beet pulp, tube wormer, lavander face wipes, pokey stick and gastro-guard.

3. He gives 2nd opinions on new horse prospects. " if they don't look like Blu, I am not interested" ugh...

4. Says things like, not refined enough, head and neck aren't right, I prefer older breeding stock Arabians, I like jug head Quarter Horses and Mules, but Ay-rhabs need to be " pretty" and have big " doe eyes", they need to look like Blu.

5. Gave me his old military hand me downs as barn clothing. I sometimes look like a shop at an Army Surplus Store.:)

6. Gave me the raddest warmest MUCK boots for Christmas one year. I love them.

7. Ran out and got me replacement dress gloves when the ones I ordered came in two sizes to small, the DAY BEFORE the show.

8. When I was being forced to leave my previous barn, he took an afternoon and ON HIS OWN without me asking, went and looked at a place for me. Gave it the thumbs down. :)

9. This is the guy who was raised as horses are for a utility purpose ( dad was a farrier) and live outside, to high maintenance show princess without one word of complaint or snide snickering.

10.Understands my need to make LISTS. :) This is HUGE.

11..Goes to her farrier appointments when I have to work, run to the vet for meds when I can't.

With NO COMPLAINING.........

He is Voted by me and Star as

Horse Husband of the Year 2008 !!


jennifer said...

He gets my vote too! Jocelyn he is SO supportive and I am glad that you recognize that and appreciate him. THAT is what strengthens a marriage!

Now if we could get my husband to be Blogger Husband of the Year...

Heather said...

You are super lucky...Joel is a great horsey husband he takes care of the kids and lets me leave the house even before they are sleeping! He will stop by the feed store so I can run in and get what I need...oh and he'll go to Coastal with me so he can look at the yard stuff...But he did turn into the Mucking King while I was PG with Emmie...but he hasn't been back to the barn since she was all in all I think we are both pretty lucky! Although I think you maybe a tad bit luckier! Shawn Wins!

Jocelyn said...

Whats funny about mucking is that he puts in the CLEAN shavings while I have to muck the yucky shavings..
He's the clean shavings, here some cookies and apples and love Dad, while I am the sweat, tears and poo Mom.
Don't forget your Bottle opener tomorrow. :)

Meg said...

Lucky, lucky girl....a GREAT horse and a GREAT husband...gah! Some women have all the luck...(walking away, shaking my head...sigh...)!

Just teasin, you are blessed though, and so am I for having your blog to read!