Friday, December 5, 2008

Time for a meeting

This is my new cowgirl saddle. Note the saddle seat cover? Keeps my bee-hind warm and cozy and helps me stick in my seat better. I am going to show in this saddle, until I can afford the shi-shi silver one. I am just going to buy those saddle pad bling dealies and no one will be the wiser. :) This saddle is so comfortable, but I need to take it to the saddle shop and have the fenders shortened.

This is me and my BBFF, who says you can't be glamorous at the barn , in winter in your Carhart stocking cap? I live in stocking caps until at least February! I do not like bulk, but I like to be warm. Cotton kills, so tonight and like most nights I wear at least three layers of polyester/silk clothing. I wear a layer under my pants too. I look like Michelin man ! The great thing about being married to a guy who's specialty is survival, I have tons of clothing/gloves/hats/socks handed down to me. So I typically wear the following:

Silk long sleeve undershirt, then Polyester zip up shirt, then polyester jacket or pullover, or Down VEST. I have at least three Down Vests. Silk bottoms, riding breeches or polyester yoga pants under my jeans. I rarely wear a bulky jacket.
Then gloves and a hat. Little bulk but I am very very warm.

This is Star in her Come to ***** meeting. Stephanie is a fellow boarder and was giving Miss Star a "learnin" on how to act like a nice horse. I don't make her work her mind much on the ground, unless we are working on showmanship. Miss Star needs more "learnin" on how to use her mind , legs and body it will keep her mind busy and thus a happy horse. Idol Hooves are the Devils Workshop! Star was not a very willing student tonight. :( She wasn't naughty, just wondering Who is this chick with the ******* pokey stick and chasing me with it. Doesn't she know who I am? I'm going to let her know what she can do with that pokey stick as soon as she stops poking me with it. Bitch...

This is the look I usually get when I put a foot in the stirrup. Tonight she is saying, I WANNA RUN, and I WANNA RUN LOTS. So get your big girl panties on Mum and stop your whining about how cold it is. Sheesh I live in a BARN! DUH!

This is her big kind eye. She has a very soft eye and she is a smart as they come. We call her a Border Collie with hooves. She learns it one time and it sticks. She most definitely does not have equine A.D.D. Thank goodness, I can't imagine both of us having it. ugh what a nightmare.

Oh what's this? Standing? Just a top view of Stars mad " standing" skills. She is a Rock star at planting those feet and chillin. I rarely have to worry she is going to be jiggy or antsy. She is actually quite lazy if she feels like it.
So what are we standing around watching exactly?

This would be our BBFF's . Gracie is having her own " learnin' meeting" with Stephanie, whilst her Mumm sits and watches her baby get schooled. Notice Stars ears above? Both turned towards me? I was laughing because Gracie kept making these funny whinny/squeal/HUMPHHH !noises. I've never heard those kind of noises out of my horse before. I think I snorted while laughing...

Well, it was fun tonight, we got a lot accomplished. I have a pre- lesson tomorrow with my friend Toni, she is going to asess Star and I's super fabulous abilities or lack thereof and work out a game plan for our lessons in the future. Can't wait. We have been friends a long long time and this will be the first time she will act as my instructor. It's going to be great. Her horses are amazing and very quiet. Will post pics of that tomorrow! wooo hooo!!

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Sharon said...

I'm glad that Miss Star is get'n some manners! LOL! She sure sounds like she has "tude". I don't know how you brave the cold mornings, it has been extra cold here in Oregon lately. Sounds like you had a great time though!