Monday, December 29, 2008

We got the call

At a resounding 2:45 am this morning. Shawn and I received a call from the Portland Police that my dear step child had stolen my car and was out joyriding and got pulled over. I say stolen because he doesn't have a drivers license and even if he did he would have never received permission to take MY CAR. Lucky for us they didn't tow it and take him to the pokey. They waited for us to come get him.

He needed to go visit his girlfriend about 12 miles from my house at 2 am. In North Portland which is the least safest place in teh city to be at that time of day.
Come to find out he had been taking Big Bertha on little joyrides around the hood as well lately while we were gone.
I am positive this is not the first time he had taken my car either. I proceeded to tell him I hope he enjoyed it because he will never see the drivers side of my car EVER AGAIN. What gets me is the sense of entitlement he has, and I didn't feel like he was very remorseful in his two line apology at 3:30 am.

But the kicker is, even if he had not gotten pulled over at 2:45 am, he would have got caught anyway. WHY? Last night at 10 pm the gas light was on in my car. This morning I have a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF a 1/4 tank!! DUH! I would have busted him as soon as I got in to go to work! Amateurs.

So now my little leapshin will be without a social life, drivers education class,computer and cell phone until the 2ND coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

To make my sweetie feel better I offered to make him his favorite dinner and buy him a movie he wants to watch. It's the least I could do...... So tonight Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with Batman Dark Knight.

It never ends here on Wacky Court.....


Kristina P. said...

Good times! I work with kids like that everyday. And my brother was one of them.

I hope it only gets better, Jocelyn!

Jocelyn said...

Oh yeah, Good Times.

HE is beyond in trouble, my son has done stupid things, but taking my car without a license I fear the Step brat will be in for a very loooooooong Winter.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought I had a rough weekend with my step kids. How did you not seriously mame him? You must have the self control of a saint!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! How old is the little criminal? I suppose it's the teenage male hormones that damaged his common sense last night, but jeez, couldn't the mothling have just waited until today to ask for a visit to his fiery flame?

At least you're mobile and one tough cookie. I bet something like that would happen to me while I was laid up on crutches. And the little hoodlum would just laugh at me. gah!

And what a nice stepmom you are. I'd make him fend for himself and boil up some Top Ramen instead.

And for movies, I'd make the little renegade sit through endless replays of Seemore's Car Safety Video! Hah!

Jocelyn, you deserve a break, so be good to yourself, ok?

New Mexico

Heather said...

SHUT UP! Mouth dropping to floor. Did you head spin around lightning shoot out of your eyes? I can only imagine the doom and distruction that would befall any of my children if they A. Were driving without a License. B. Stole my car period..with license or without. C. Were picked up by the police for ANY reason, let alone a trifecta. Mommy needs some good wine and some rope to hang em' high!

Jocelyn said...

He was so dumb after he put the gas in the car, he forgot to turn on the headlights and got pulled over for

What a dumbass!

Jocelyn said...

Sweetie is Shawn not the CAR THEIF.
Sweetie is getting meatloaf a movie.
CAR THEIF is lucky to eat.
CAR THIEF will be lucky to get Top Ramen and water for the next three months.

Reddunappy said...

KIds what do we do? Somehow they live through it, although there are times we would rather take them out LOL

20 meter circle of life said...

Rut Roo!! It sounds like there has been a big ol can of WHOOP A** opened up out in east county!! I am so sorry, you and hubs need a relaxing night!! So sorry.
Met your BBFF today via email, what a sweetie!!
OK tell me all about the torture you are going to inflict on that little scrap puberty!! and please tell me you have a super cool hoop-de so at least he arrested in style!!
Take care and bless the beasts and the children, except for the little poo head!!!

Sharon said...

It's tough being a parent sometimes. I am glad he got caught and his life of crime was revealed before anything really bad happend. I really hope he will learn from this.

Gentle hugs, Sharon

Jocelyn said...

UPDATE: Car Thief has been sequestered to a life of monumental self reflection and personal kharma analysis.

jennifer said...

Ah teenagers. Joy joy.

You were actually pretty decent about the meal and the movie.