Saturday, December 6, 2008

JP got schooled.

Well, I had my first lesson with Toni.
Let me be frank. Toni RULES and she is much more knowledgeable than me. I am grateful she is taking the time to show me and help me. But it is so different her now being teacher and me being student. I've waited a long time for her to finally be able to work with me. She is a former Marine if that gives you any insight :)
I am a visual person, so we will be video taping my lessons every so often, as I have to see it to understand it.

So needless to say Star and I both got schooled. I love lessons, I could do it twice a week if I could afford it. But that is not the case at the moment. I have lots to learn, and am looking forward to a new path of training for us. This will be much more dressage based and less WP based until Star is at the point where she has impulsion, flexing and suppleness at the poll.
I learned a couple new things today:
  • Move the reins with the horse otherwise you are bumping their mouth the whole time. OUCH!I didn't know that, and now I have more guilt.. This is huge for me. I will work on this everyday.
  • Star needs to learn to relax, she may seem relaxed but it is not a true relaxed and willing.Doing the same pre ride exercises everyday will help with that.
  • Star takes issue with the blue barrels until I make her help me move them into center of arena. Great idea Toni, now they are no big deal.
  • Her top line is going to take a long time to get it where I want it. ugh... It is better but not near what I would like. I am not very patient.
  • Star is a reincarnated NASCAR driver. I literally have to put my weight in the outside stirrup in the corners as she just turns and burns. I think we are going to Paint a big number 3 on her butt.! I wonder if we could get sponsors! I will email Dale Jr. tomorrow. Grandpa would be so stoked!

We are going to CLEAN UP at shows next year. She is really that good of a horse and her looks are just the cherry on top.

Well, then Logen and I went to dinner on a Mom and Son date then brought a Oreo Pie home from Marie Callenders I am beyond full. Good Night Blogger Peeps!

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jennifer said...

I saw the title and immediately thought Alabama's Quaterback JP... as in John Parker Wilson. I thought "Oh no! She is going to talk about how Tebow showed him how it is done."

I have a college football one track mind to match your horse loving one track mind.