Monday, December 8, 2008

Where do Santa's ponies live?

They live at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage Alaska. Shawn is there for work and he made a little side trip to go check out the base stables. He has an opportunity to take a long term assignment here and of course Miss Star would need a place to live! Local private barns are over $600 a month for board. The equine " base housing" is $125. hmmmmm

Doesn't it look typical Military? It looks like a giant refrigerator for horses. It is self care only and we decided that Shawn would have to be Stars new owner as he would be the one to have to take care of her morning and night. He just laughed, not a positive " I would love too!" laugh either. It is heated but not warm in there, just screams Dairy Case doesn't it?

The stalls are 12 x 12 with a corner taken out for tack. There is no way this is nearly enough room for the orange box! ha ha Great idea but this HAD TO BE thought of by a man.

HEY CAMERA GUY! Could a pony get some Hot Chocolate and some cookies around here?
The concierge service around here blows and you look like a sucker for a cute fuzzy face.
Note the Dairy Case plastic strips on the stall doors. :)

None wear blankets and are all furry mammoths. Guess what? They are not going to die from no blanket, sleazy, and hot bran mash with a side of alfalfa. Go figure. I knew there were horses out there who actually lived like that.

What do the ponies get to look at for entertainment? The AFB's very own ski slopes !
Can you imagine the barn talk?
Trigger:Hey Cowboy, did you see those stooopid humans attaching boards to their hooves and sliding down that snow hill?
Cowboy: Oh yeah , then the really stoopid ones keep doing it over and over and over again.
Trigger: My Mum says riding is alot safer than the hoof boards. At least I don't pay to fall down a hill and call it fun.
Cowboy: and they say horses are stooopid. Puhhhlease...
So now you know where Santa's ponies live... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
But the cool part is that there are literally miles and miles of places to ride, you can ride your horse to the BX if you wanted to! Could you imagine riding Star to the store? How cool would that be. I would ride her everywhere they would let me. Maybe even to the drive thru Burger King! FYI: Every AFB has a Burger King. :) I guess there were people out riding their ponies in 32 degree weather!
Good Night all and Happy Horse Dreams!


Heather said...

Not in this lifetime....OMG...give me horses with blankets in 40 degree weather...or give me death.

Jocelyn said...

Shawn said the ponies were nothing but fur with legs.
Could you even imagine the DIVA in that cold weather? Shawn said he would be ok living there but I would be in the looney bin after a month.
I have S.A.D :)

wolfbitch said...

(This is Muzzy from, using my other login name which for some reason Yuku won't let me change)

Good God, I got the shivers just looking at that! Still, there's something deeply appealing about riding in the snow - I live in New England so winter snow riding is an essential. It's so quiet, and the horse is so warm (and fuzzy)... bliss.

Great blog, BTW - I'm still trying to catch up with reading all the older stuff!

Bobbie said...

I suppose the winter would take a bit to get used to....but when is it that it's light outside like ALL the time? Just could go riding at 1AM thru the drive through at BK before it closed! LOL.

Jocelyn said...

Muzzy and Bobbie thanks for coming over and reading!
What a pleasure having you here!
Come back often and comment much!
I am a comment queen!