Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am frozen

Well the Portland area is having a blizzard. I have never been so cold. Even the puppies are lethargic. I have slept all day from an huge allergy attack I had all day. I am severely allergic to my dogs, and when they are in the house all I day I suffer terribly. Not much I can do except take pills and lay down. Its like having a severe cold come on in about 30 minutes and kick my butt. Iam just plain miserable. wahhhhhhhhhhhh

Went and got Mr P last night, and lucky for him too because Alaska Airlines canceled pretty much all of their flights today. He would have been SOL. Thank you Jesus for bringing him home safely.Amen. We haven't done much of anything today except sit and watch TV and nap. its actually been nice for once. Normally we would be out and about and running here and there.

We will have extra kiddos at our house tomorrow night so I need to bake cookies and get the extra bedding out. We used to have sleep overs alot, and we enjoy it when we have extras. Sleep overs wont be happening much longer as the kids are getting older now.One time we had over 10 at once. It was a hoot. Pizza for dinner, pancakes for breakfast, all in shifts ! Good times.

Stay safe and warm everyone... Hugs and warm cider to everyone.


Kristina P. said...

I like your new header pic.

Have you always been allergic to your dogs? How sad!

Jocelyn said...

I have been allergic to them for about three years now and it just gets worse. Its tolerable as they are outside during the work day time.
Glad you like my new header !
I love the Jude Law post :)