Saturday, December 27, 2008

I got Scrapped.

Well I guess it's finally my turn! California Cowgirl scrapped me. Which means I have to divulge some tidbits of crazy " lil scraps" information about myself. Hold onto your guns ladies! Here we go!

1. I love to cook. I always wanted to go to cooking school just to improve my personal skills. I am hooked on Food Network.

2. I wanted to be a Broadway Star, I can belt it out and shake the rafters. This I only do alone or in the car. Star thinks I am fabulous. She will actually turn her ear back to me when I sing.:)
I think Sound of Music songs are her personal favorites.

3. I am thinking about joining the Army Reserve right after my sons graduation. I want to do a tour in Afghanistan or Iraq as a surgical technician.

4. My first horse was a 1/2 arab 1/2 QH, I rode her through neighborhoods, traffic, bareback with a halter. She was amazing and so kind. I was so brave back then. No fear was my middle name. She could jump a 4 foot jump and clear it without trying. She was wicked awesome. I will have another one like her for endurance someday.

5. I love grooming/clipping and spa day for the pony. I just love seeing her clean and gorgeous. I am addicted to " horse products". If it smells heavenly I usually buy it! Bought a vac n blow as a gift to myself this year!

6. My horse dreams are simple, I want to do endurance rides and have a true partner no matter what we decide to do. Not to say that doing ranch horse/extreme cowboy race/Mountain Trail competition wouldn't be cool.

7. My Arab mare bucked me off and I now have a bionic neck. A wicked scar to prove it. I landed square on my forehead on a gravel road. Took me MONTHS to get back in the saddle. Vertigo first , then FEAR settled in. I never got that mojo back. Having Star be my steady eddie is helping.

8. I have had stage three Malignant Melanoma. I got a lymphectomy as an additional bonus. I was going through treatment and still going to work everyday. Going on 10 years clean, but you are truly never out of the woods with that type of cancer. It's just inactive for the rest of your life God Willing. I was given a fair prognosis, I was told I might not live past 40 if it ever came back. I turned 40 last October.

9. I tried to conquer my fear of bridges by going on to one last New Years Day. FAIL. I cried and had a breakdown right as we got 1/2 way across. I will post that story someday it's a dandy.

10. I am a secret WP Wanna-BE. I would LOVE to be the WP Princess Blinged out from hat to boot. Dripping in silver and rhinestones. A girl can dream! Too bad I married for love the 2nd time around.

Now that you all know totally useless info about me! Bored to tears? ha ha

So the gals that are going to get scrapped next are.... Drum Roll..........

Beauty is Grace-y
The Farm Blagh
Horse in my Bubblebath.
Viva Volte

Get on it ladies!


An American's Observations said...
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An American's Observations said...

I can affirm all of this. She is a great cook. I have personally worked with on the bridge issue. I have to believe all the horse stuff is true, because she dis-appears for hours and when she finally makes it back home, she smells like horse...hmmm. All the horse equipment/supplies laying around the house leads me to believe her horse addiction is real also.

Heather said...

OH Shiat...really...hmm I better get going on this one...

Jocelyn said...

I smell like horse? Well at least I don't smell like cheap Beer and High Karate Aftershave.
But if I ever shower and shave my legs before " going to the barn" you may have soemthing to worry about.

Reddunappy said...

Ok girlfriend, I posted my scrap, LOL sounds a little like crap LOL it was kinda fun first one I have been asked to do

Vaquerogirl said...

WOW! You are WAY more interesting than I am! Cool!
I know all about being thrown- let me tell ya- it's the hardest thing to overcome ( except the thing about bridges- what is that about?)You'll have to divulge that later!
I just knew you liked to cook...
And why Can't you be a WP Princess! I am over fifty and I started re-showing just three years ago! I love it and all of my bestest friends are showing now too! It's the most fun thing in the world-I hope you try it!

Kristina P. said...

I love the Food Network too! I like to cook and I wish I had more skill in it.

Jocelyn said...

VC, I am afraid of bridges. I just woke up with it one day !
I would love to be a WP Princess, but I am more of an adreniline junkie. Endurance is my calling.
My Paint mare was born to be a WP princess, so we'll have to give it a go !

Heather said...

Okay,,,my scrap has been posted...:-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmmmm, you're a complex cookie. Sort of like an onion with many layers...some may even cause a few tears to be shed, too.

And as cook, I bet you know all about that. I'm smiling HUGE imaging you singing to Star, too. I can't carry a tune, but my mare, Baby Doll, seems to like it when I sing Jungle Bells while out on the trail. It relaxes both of us. (Maybe I should have singing before my mare spooked on Christmas Eve...and then I wouldn't have fallen? gah!)

Joining the Army Reserve to do a tour in Afghanistan or Iraq as a surgical technician? Wow...I'm not sure what to even say about that. That's one spicy onion layer, eh?

I would love to do endurance rides, too. But as a new horse owner, I'm sure I've got a long way to go to prepare. When are you planning on entering an Endurance Competition?

7. Yikes, did you scrape up your face really bad on the gravel, too? What happened to your neck? I ruptured two discs in my neck over 13 years ago and had to go through disc replacement surgery. That was work related, though. I hope I don't have any fears when I get back on my mare after my leg heals from my fall, though.Got any advice for me? Whatever happened to your Arab mare?

Good for you staying cancer free for so long. Must be the way you're living that's made a difference. We're you like me? One of those baby oil in the sun girls growing up? I worry about Malignant Melanoma, sometimes, too.

So, why bridges? Horses are much scarier, ya know. I'd love to hear that bridge story one day, too.

Thanks for sharing your scraps. :)

New Mexico

Jocelyn said...

I had two black eyes and road rash.I had disc replacement with a new fangled titanium disc. My let side was going numb months later, so they did an MRI and found ot that my neck was very unstable. nice.
The ARAB? SOLD.. Her and I were not a match. I will have another one soon though. This time a gelding.
The Army reserve is because I want a life change at 40, and now I 40 it's time for a change.
The bridge story? Oh yes I will post it , it's a hoot.
It is a completely irrational fear, but it effects my life none the less.