Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Purty and places to go!

All glam'd up and where am I going? Husband is in Alaska....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Could be a scandal.. But no it's BETTER......
I am going to a Girls Only Night... But where and with whom?

The Tack and Feed Store! Tonight from 5 to 7 our locally owned and super favorite place was having a Girls Night. Everything 10% off, some 20% off and lots of raffles and prizes. 99.99% of all Equine enthusiasts are WOMEN! The stuff was literally flying off the shelves. I made a dent but not nearly as much as some. I saw women with bags and bags of stuff.
This is my friend Denise. We used to board together at the old stable. We have been friends for 4 years. We go everywhere together during show season. We are now separated, but I made a promise I would still go to drive her to shows ,be her groom and be her support system.
AKA Show Bee-otch.

This is Toni, my new instructor and my long time friend. She is a hoot and has the most gorgeous 17 hand all black Oldenburg named Logan. We had a " name that colt" contest and I won with Logan. I never got a prize, but her horse is named after my kid!

Here are the Wonder Twins JP and BBFF Heather. Talk about " making a dent" her dent is a huge gaping hole the size of Texas. Kidding.. Her mare and my mare are completely set there isn't anything they could possibly need. Except maybe matching Halters ? I'm jus' sayin..
See those Hot pink buckets in the background? Yep I got those too already, for Stars Beet pulp with a matching Hot Pink Scoop seen below! Yeah Yeah I know, but she is the only girl I have!

It was great fun, load of people, very crowded. They had plastic feet on the floor with numbers. A prize " musical chairs with feet" if you will. There was an older Asian woman who was obviously shuffling and stooped over with Osteoporosis. BUT WATCH OUT if you were next to her and she wanted to get to those feet on the floor. She was lightening quick !
Don't ever underestimate an elderly woman looking to snatch that 10 dollar Espresso Gift Certificate, she just might roll you for it. Next big shopping trip will be the NW Horse Expo in Albany in March. Time to take off my make up and roll into bed!


20 meter circle of life said...

sssooooo jealous!!! Glad to hear you were feeling well enough to shop. I myself did a little shopping this weekend and could find NOTHING that struck my fancy. I must be getting sick too.

Jocelyn said...

I probably should have stayed home and saved $$$, and nurses this cold and cough.
But I needed those Purple SportBoots and new girth!

It was so much fun! I love that store!

jennifer said...

This is the cutest Girls Night Out post that I have seen in a while! You horse girls are serious aren't you! Love it!