Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A trip to see the ponies.

The barn is snowed in and I mean SNOWED IN, the owners can not get out and no one can get in. Well, they were out of shavings and Beet Pulp. Tonight was going to be the only clear night for the next few days and with the Holidays coming, tonight was it. So I called BBFF and told her to get ready, I was coming to get her.

So, we get to the entrance of the driveway to the barn, Shawn had to put on the chains, So BBF took a quick smoke break while I did the wifely chore of holding the flashlight ;)
I'm handy like that. We didn't make it very far. BUmmer, so we had to get out and OMG! WALK !!!

This was the entrance to the barn. You can't see the top of the hill, but it is a VERY long ways up there and a sharp left after that. As you can see No one had been able to get in and they haven't come out.

So BBFF took a picture of me with my cute purse. Why? Cuz I can thats why.

Star could have cared less if I was there, and that I traversed through hill and dell in two feet of snow to bring her food and bedding. All the horses were acting a tad on the skitzo side. The weather is making them have cabin fever too. She has two blankets and we took off her sleazy because I am worried her mane will fall out again. Her new pet name is UNGRATEFUL BEE-OTCH ! She didn't even nicker or whinny at me, just hay hay hay, munch munch munch, yum yum yum, pretend I don't see you, pretend I don't see you, pretend I don't see you.
Needless to say, she is on the pony short list for Christmas. Santa go ahead and skip her this year and give Gracie hers too.

Another Union sanctioned smoke break. Wow, can you guess what Della does for a living?
Go ahead give it a whirl. First person to guess right gets a prize.

Those are the tail lights of the 4 wheeler, Heather got a ride back to the Pickup at the bottom and Shawn and I walked. It was a gorgeous evening, and the quiet was wicked cool.

This is the parking lot where I would normally park my little Honda car. Covered in two feet of snow. It will be a long time before I can bring the Honda back out here.

More and more and more snow. That's me breathing hard, I am so out of shape.

This is me and the BBFF at the BOTTOM of the driveway/hill getting ready to leave and go get Chinese. Unbeknown to me, I was wearing my hat wrong. I have been doing it for days that way! No one told me! Then I finally see BBFF and she is making fun of me and I have no idea why. Until I realize what she is talking about and well, thank goodness I didn't see anyone I knew.
So the ponies have shavings, Beet Pulp and Alfalfa Cubes,supplement baggies, they should be good until New Years when the snow is supposed to be melted and gone.

This will be the one and only time I ever go out to the barn in this weather. What a surprise the depth of the snow. Unless she is out of actual HAY, she's SOL.....


sarinawilson23 said...

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The Wife said...

Wow, that's some snow!

Merry Christmas!

Kristina P. said...

I just wanted to pop in an wish you a very merry Christmas!

gtyyup said...

Hey there...thanks for coming by my blog and following too!

I recognize that photo at the top of your blog...Mt Hood Equestrian Center...well that's what it used to be called...probably not now. I was on the Cascade Cowgirls drill team for 7 years and we practiced there...that was way back...7-8 years ago.

Look forward to getting to know you!

Oh, yea...amazing snow. I'm from Hillsboro and was living in the Boring/Sandy area before moving to Eastern Oregon...you must have record snow levels!! Stay warm!