Saturday, December 13, 2008

All Quiet on the Frozen Front

Tonight I made Curry.. yum yum yum.
I took Logen and his friend to my super favorite Asian Store. Logen had never been and neither had his friend. IT is on my way home from work, so I stop in then, that's why the kids had never been! Funny I thought as I go there all the time. The staff are so friendly and helpful, I just love the smells, and smiling faces and the food selection is to die for. Love it. I could live in an Asian Country and feel right at home. I am enamored with the culture and people.

Logens friend loves my curry.. yeah.. Another Convert :0

Tonight I went and rode Star, she was Cold backed as ever, but she warmed up. Only rode in round pen, just wanted to dink around just to make her get ridden and not have to work much. I am still not sure about that knee.
I had to bundle her up in all her blankets, sleazy etc... Don't want may girl to get chilly! As it is to be below freezing for the next few days. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
She is the only horse in the barn with that many layers on! Spoiled a skooch ! Most of the others don't even have a blanket on!
The BBFF has the flu, poor girl and so does her Baby.. So we are sending positive healing prayers her way. What a total drag... Being sick is one thing, but to have the baby puking too. I have so been there , my two kids and I all had CHICKEN POX at the same time. It was the worst.

Well, I still miss my sweetie, but it's only less than a week until he gets home, so I'm dealing.
The Winter/Holidays every year just puts me into a downward spiral that I just can't seem to shake until like March! Having him gone makes it worse. But, I have Logen to keep me company and his friend has been over almost everyday. Just the way I like it.

Good Night Blogger Peeps and tomorrow I am going to do the Goodwill Extravaganza!!! wooo hoo! So Stay Tuned...... I will also be shopping for my 100th post give away.....

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jennifer said...

I feel for your friend and her sick baby. It is TOUGH to take care of little ones when you are sick too. Been there done that don't want to do it again.

I like that you bundle your horse and keep her warm. How cold is it there?

And I miss my husband when he is out of town too. Which is good cause we are close.

Be blessed Jocelyn.