Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's cold and lonely here

My sweetie is gone. Normally I don't get that lonely, but since it is the holidays and I often get very depressed during this time of year, it makes it worse. He won't get home soon enough.

Lucky for me I have the BBFF and Star to keep me company at the barn this weekend.
I can't wait until more folks move in with their horses so I can make more new friends. No worries BBFF you will still be numero uno.

I am on the fence about what to do with Star. I would love to show, but money is going to be tight next year. On a surprising note, the Blue Tarp of Death became the Blue Tarp of no big deal last night. I just randomly took her to it , she walked on it over it and that's was it. No drama. Last time? Huge mare-motional drama. Mares are funny that way folks....
She also actually put her front footsies in a ................ mud puddle....... Yes you heard right, the Poo Princess herself doesn't not like to walk in/near/through water. Heaven forbid it's a mud puddle. I am as patient as Job when it comes to getting her to do something she decides she'd rather not. Like I tell her often " Mamma's got all day Sister"
So she actually got her footsies in said mud puddle after about 15 minutes of sweet talk and
" Star stop being a retard and get your feet in this ***ing mud puddle, you are not going to fall in you dumba$$". OR something sweet like that. Ugh mares......... They will make you work for every ounce of respect and trust.

That's why the BBFF calls me the Mean Mamma :) I'm not mean I am insistant that she behave.

So, it's time to get to bed because the quicker my days go by the quicker my sweetie comes home.


Heather said...

It is cold here...and you are the mean mommy, but now I might be thinking you are the best mommy ever after watching the way some people treat their said horses...never in my life..ugh..but you know what I'm talking about.

Jocelyn said...

Well thanks. Coming from you that is a HUGE compliment.

I'm still in shock about the other night.