Monday, December 22, 2008

Seeking a snow leopard

Shawn decided that Seamus was channeling his inner snow leopard. Seamus thinks Daddy has lost his mind and will certainly pay for this major indiscretion later.
" I swear on my Catnip Mousie toy if you put me down I kill you"
So we bundle up, get the puppies all ready and snatch and grab the already wise-d up Kitty Kitty and head out back.
You have to be quick because the 20 claws of destruction come out and it's " on like Donkey Kong" once he starts wielding his mad shredder skillz.

I'm ready, down in the snow, kitty level, posed to take that perfect Snow Leopard photo. This will be one for the National Geographic record books. Watch out as Snow Leopards can be dangerous and unpredictable creatures. They blend in with the snow you know. Jim Fowler has nothing on the Payne's and our abominable Snow Cat.
He's tracking past us , not even noticing we are there. What's his next move? Snow Leopards are quick and agile predators. There is a hush in the woods, is it a show shoe bunny? A fawn?
Well, if I could read his mind right now it would be *___* you , and I'm going back in the house, you *_____* !! I'm not tracking*____* , I'm a cat you imbeciles.
So much for Mutual Of Omaha knocking on my door.

We are nothing but chock full of craziness here on Wacky Court.
The puppies had a great time outside, those pics tomorrow. Kellie dog has " outerwear" accessories. :) Stay warm and Fuzzy everyone!


Kristina P. said...

You are my kind of crazy!!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks! Our poor pets put up with alot around here. We dress them up, Make them dance for treats and on occasion, pose for pictures in the snow.

I think we are getting " The Shining" crazy...