Friday, December 19, 2008

O'Tannenbaum how unfluffed are thy branches

Well, blogger peeps. Here is the token Christmas Tree post.
Let me first say that my Anal Retentiveness about my ornaments/decorations comes by genetics. This is not something I can cure. So, I have totes for them all. Load of bubble wrap, and they each have a specific tote and placement in said tote to ensure no breakage. This started when Shawn and I had our first tree. We were not rich, and boy were ornaments expensive! Plus the cost of the tree and 3 kids to buy for ! YOUCH! So... I decided that year that I would take special care of them all so I would not have to replace them anytime soon. I have only broken a few glass balls in the last 7 years. ! Bubble Wrap and Plastic totes are my friend.

So when I take out the ornaments they are in the same packages or ones similar that they came in. I know ANAL? Oh it gets worse, but I am not showing you those pictures.

Don't you just love these little birds? So cute! my Mom has bought me a ton of ornaments. If she see something Blue/gold/silver bling-d, glitter-y,Avant Gard she buys it for me. I love her!
You should see her tree, it is 10 feet tall. Masterpiece of pink, gold and BLING.Once again gentics comes into play here. I just can't help myself.

These I got on clearance at Lowe's 5 years ago , for like 75 cents each. They are some of my favorites. Oh lookie... The same exact packaging I bought them in... huh weird...

The priceless little gems are Mini Snow Globe ornaments that Shawn bought me from Costco. They are to die for.. Still in all same packages and not one broken in 4 years? Check...

This is our Angel. Now this girl was a serious cause of distress in our home. We could NOT decide on a topper. What I liked and what Shawn liked are oh so different.. I wanted Cherub-esque and vintage-y chatskie looking. He wanted Angel Barbie. So this was the " I will settle for this one until I can afford the one I really wanted" Angel topper. Such is the marriage of compromise.
We do however agree on bubble lights, we are on the search for the perfect set of bubble lights for the tree. They are so expensive that we haven't done it yet... Maybe this year on sale?

So, I didn't do a very good job at fluffing out my tree ( see previous post on my Holiday Gloominess) and Logen likes to put all of the nice ones smack in the front. I don't move them as the kids notice if I move all the ornaments they say " YOU DO WHAT GRANDMAS DOES" . Oh yeah, she does do that.. I hate it when she does that.. We only have about 65% of the ornaments on as I ran out of hanger dealies and wasn't in the mood to go get more. My tree is normally spectacular and WOW factor when you walk in to the house. But this year was all I could muster.
What was cool was that I didn't have to ask my 17 year old to help, he just stopped playing his video game and came and helped. Memories like the corner of my mind... Misty Water colored memories .... Yep, I love those great memories.

Next post? My mantle and piano..................
Oh yeah ..... stay tuned.. I've got all weekend baby!


Heather said...

What, What! Your tree is fabulous! Miss you at the barn and thanks for the heads up today about the road to the horsie house. Not that I even thought about tredging out there...I MISS the ponies and I hope Shawn got home safe! Tell him HI from the Haney's!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks, but it is not the tree of usual.
Shawn got home safe at about 1 am. Whew.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

If the bubble wrap and plastic bins are anal, then I am in BIG trouble. My OCD may have officially reached fatal levels last year when I organized the Christmas cards we received by year and wrapped each with ribbon. Do you think I might ever read those cards again? Realistically, no. :)

I love snow globes and have them scattered around the house this time of year. My kids have managed to destroy only one thus far, but the holiday season isn't over quite yet.


Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know about bins and bubble wrap being anal.....what's a gal to do except protect those precious ornaments and the memories that go with them.

As for 3 Bay B Chicks wondering if she will ever read those old Christmas cards. I am older than you guys and I really did find myself going through mine not long ago (I think the weather was really ugly like now) and I found those old cards to be a wonderful trip down memory lane. The hand written messages were a treat...but the change in style over the years brought its own set of memories.

Jocelyn said...

3 bay B, I didnt show all the other pictures of my stuff !!

I love snow globes too ! Thank you so much for stopping by! I will visit you too this weekend!

Jocelyn said...

RR, This is just a small photo snippet of my OCD about my ornaments. I would love to look through old cards, but I always toss them!
Thanks again for stopping by!