Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gratuitous Christmas Shots

Mr. P braved the Arctic Blast 2008 to go put the chains on Big Bertha. We needed to get out and do some shopping, and this was required by ODOT and City of Portland. I have the best husband ever, we were getting serious cabin fever and needed to get out of the house. Freddies is right down the road so we headed there first.

This is the scene going down the major street towards Freddies, Kohl's and Lowe's. That is solid ice folks, it was just insane to be out in it but we were determined. Bertha rules.

So, bargain abound on Christmas decorations. I got 20 of these glass icicles for a dollar each. LOVE THEM! They just really make my tree sparkle. Oh how I love a bargain. My mom has something similar on her tree so I just shrieked when I saw them and they were on clearance. Score! Ok, so I made Shawn go back to Freddies so I could buy more. I bought 10 and decided that it wasn't enough, so we ran/plowed/slid back for 12 more. **grimace** What a nice husband I have..

" for the love of Dog Biscuits will someone Pul -LEAZE throw my ball?
Poor Shannie is just as bored as the kids. She is dying for someone to throw the ball, but it's a no no , now that the Christmas tree is up.
Sucks to be a Labrador in Arctic Blast 2008.

This is the mantle in the Family Room. Shawn forgot to get asked to cut down the Holly and Cedar, so its a tad bit BARE. This is still a work in progress. I love the two little mini trees.
Everyone has a stocking, even the furry kids. Notice the cats is HUNG , and the puppies are not... hmmmmmmmmm Who rules with an Iron Claw around here eh?

I have horses everywhere in the front room. This is just a few.... Mostly Asian inspired art and statues. The dried flowers/hydrangea and curly willow are from my wedding.

This is the chair and side table that is normally where the tree is now. It's a cozy little corner.
The table has angels on it and candles lit in the background, The chair was Shawn's Grandmas. I coveted it and was so glad when I got it when she passed. I got a lot of cool things as she was a major collector, but the chair is by far my favorite.The hallway is where the three bedrooms are, our bedroom is connected to the family room " wing"

Here I am at command central all cozy with my hot spiced wine, fuzzy blanket and getting ready to start blogging! Anyone who wants to come over and sip spiced wine and get cozy are so welcome! Well, good night blogger peeps, and stay safe, warm and enjoy the holidays!


Kristina P. said...

I love Kohls. And your tree looks awesome!

Jocelyn said...

I worked at Kohls last holiday season. What a nightmare!

My sister is the one of the managers at the Layton, Ut store.
Utah has a Kohls on every corner like Starbucks in Seattle!
My fvorite place is PArk City, we had so much fun there!

Heather said...

So Does Shawn home or does he think he's still in Alaska?? Did you buy my Christmas present?

Reddunappy said...

isnt the weather horrible? I live just across the river from you in Washougal.

Nice decorations!

I hope some of this snow melts, or we will be staying home for xmas instead of driving across town to my folks on xmas eve. Hubby is working swing and cant drive us. so far it doesnt look like it will get better untill next weekend.

stay warm!

sarinawilson23 said...

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Jocelyn said...

BBFF: Not yet there sister girl. But I will don't you worry. I still have to buy Toni's!

Ruddun, I think your mare is so goreous! WE love Appy's around here. Washougal huh? Stay safe and warm!

Flying Lily said...

I'll be right over - save the last of the wine! Your house is gorgeous and your husband is a superhero. I love those icicles!!!! What a great bargain. You can store them in gift wrap tubes so they don't break over the summer. Yes, there will be a summer...

Jocelyn said...

Flying Lilly,
My husband is defintley my super hero.
He is my Beacon in this Stormy Life called teenagers !

jennifer said...

I about froze my fanny off this evening and it is 43 degrees! We southerners are not cut out for that kind of weather!

I LOVE all of your photos!