Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Whiskers

Shawn went to go look at a Public Boarding Stable in Anchorage today. The price tag? Double what I pay now ! Whoa Trigger.... So I asked my sweetie, did you see any Ay-rhabs? He said no, but I saw one big guy I really like. Shawn is so funny. He loves ponies too, and is so supportive of my passion for them. He took these pictures not for me but just because he thought this cute fuzzy icicle muzzle would be a cool picture. Also it was..............

attached to this hunka hunka burnin love big guy. What a looker this guy is! So, now I know what kind of horse to buy Mr P. Big Black, tall and oh so hunky.
Who could say no to that face? Those Black liquid eyes and pointy ears? Not me for sure.. Shawn might have to compete with a guy like this :) Especially if it was an Arabian.... Shawn who?

Also Blogger peeps, I actually drove in the snow today. I had to go to the grocery store and there was no way around it. So Logen and I trekked off into the vast white abyss called Gresham, Lucky it was less than 2 miles, but I made it there and back in one piece!!!
IF you knew me, you would know in my normal life I would NEVER. But kiddo needed bread, milk, juice and lunch meat.. ! WOW it was a teeth clencher!


Sharon said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you! The problem for me this morning is I work in this little town and it's only 2 miles down there, so there is no calling in to work and saying "I can't get there". Rats! That horse is beautiful. ARe you guys thinking of moving to Anchorage?

Jocelyn said...

Shawn has a great oppurtunity to take a position there. HE is there right now helping out the National Guard. But the new position would be for the Air Force.

We are not sure.. IT is very expensive and not sure if either of us could really pursue our hobbies that we like so much.

WE are more " florida" types!