Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Music

Ok so I have my work radio tuned to the local station that is now on ALL CHRISTMAS ALL DAY. I love the spirit it puts me in.
BUT......... You knew there would be a but...............

I do not want to hear The Carpenters every other song. The only thing I can think of is her being anorexic, depressed and well. dead. It has an almost opposite effect on my Holiday Mood.

Clay Aiken singing O Holy Night? A song about the Coming of our Lord? That is not right on any level. He sings like someone just kicked him in groin. Blech...

I love the Josh Groban version of any song anytime, especially Christmas Songs.
The Beach Boys is on right now. Now that's what I am talkin 'bout!
George Strait and the Christmas Cookie song.. Love it too:)

What song puts you in the " holiday mood" the minute you hear it?
For Moi it's Silent Night and/or Santa Claus is comin to town.

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Kristina P. said...

Oh, Clay Aiken. I love O Holy Night, but I have to agree with you.