Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got yer back Mamma

On a typical evening the puppies look like this. All cozy, warm and docile. Last night was not typical at all. Players are: Shannon aka Lab aka Wussy run to my momma dog.
Kelly aka Blue Heeler /Terrier Mix aka Head of Ranch Security and Coon Bounty Hunter extraordinaire.
Seamus came by for an after dinner drink. The puppies don't even notice he is there.
But out on the deck there arose such a clatter I woke from my bed to see what was the matter, but what to my wondering eyes did appear? A furry hungry Raccoon trembling in fear.
This poor guy was eating the dog food I accidentally had left out. To give you perspective, this tree is right outside my slider. Not even two feet from door to trunk.
Kellie dog had lost her mind! She was doing that primal feral dingo act. Throwing herself against the slider. Nice.. So I shoo him away and then about 15 minutes later , it starts again.

He's back. Obviously my voice of reasoning through the door with said raccoon wasn't good enough. So I open the slider and say calmly, Listen you need to get goin, git, git ,git.
every time I would say " git" Kelly dog would bark like " YEAH WHAT SHE SAID NOW GIT"
She totally had my back on that one. While Wussy Dog was no where to be found. She isn't Yellow for no reason. It was then while I was within a foot of critter I notice his Velociraptor claws. WOW, those are bad A$$..
So the Critter eases himself oh so sloth like off the tree, not giving a Raccoons behind that Kelly dog was butting the back of my legs with her muzzle in attempt to " get me some coon".
She is known for her coon killing abilities. She is a master at it actually. But this one was only medium sized not the GIGANTOR Coon-zilla sized ones we normally have.
They live in a tree in our yard and we can count on them around 9-10ish to leave the premises to go par-tay they run across our flat roof like elephants, and return around 1 or 2 am when the Coon Clubs close. IN the summer you can set your watch to it.
So this is the big excitement over here at Wacky Court!

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Sharon said...

I know that racoons are pests,but I think they are so darn cute! Gotta love em!