Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow

This is a picture of my backyard and my gazebo. This was taken about an hour ago, and there is about another inch of snow out there already! You cannot see the wood on my deck now.
WE spend time out in the gazebo in the summer in the evenings, I love it. There is a table and chairs, Shawn smokes his cigars out there and hangs out. What's funny is that when we go out to the gazebo, Shannon our lab and our cat come out to be with us. We can never be alone!

Here is my front yard and cul -de-sac. This is the hardest part of getting to work,the roads are clear but not here, it's like an ice rink. Very scary. Big Bertha is parked at the base right now while Shawn is gone because parking is a premium in the cul de sac. OF COURSE!

I have a curse , whenever Shawn is gone during the Winter, I suffer some sort of calamity.
I kid you not.
  • Last year the Hot water heater went out. I couldn't get to work even with Bertha. My boss is a total jerk if I can't make it to work because of snow and ice. I get a long lecture and guilt, to where I would rather brave the weather and put my life in peril than have to listen to one second of his BS.
  • My Suburban got stuck in a friends driveway another time he was gone. I had to drive the Chevelle to Lake Oswego in the ice.
  • First few months after we moved in together,I got stuck at home with my step-son with no way to get to work, as all roads were closed, one year while he was in HAWAII in December.His ex wife wanted ME to bring Catlin TO HER in Downtown Portland. I don't think so wench. I was scraping ice off my windshield and Shawn calls me from Hawaii. I wanted to kill him and his ex wife.

These are all in different years. I have many more stories of the things that happen when Shawn leaves, but you get the idea of what I go through. Good Times!


Heather said...

OMG I love your back yard..I am totally jealous...I bet it's lovely in the summer!

Sharon said...

Your yard is so beautiful Jocelyn! I love those big trees and the gazebo! That's too bad that so many crazy things happen while Shawn is gone. Kathi and I started noticing that weird things happened when we were together spending the night at each other's homes like snow stores so we get stuck there, Princess Diana died when I was at her house, fish tanks breaking, bean bags breaking etc.

I hope you survive this storm! We have four inches this morning! It's fun!

Hugs, Sharon