Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How do I love thee?

Mamma? Do you still luvs me? Cuz, you spend an awful amount of time with Stinky, I mean Star, and I was jus' wondering, can we go on a trail ride or sumfin?

This is me standing on the bench looking over INTO her stall, because she was having her regular scheduled temper tantrum while I was tacking up Star. She will just whinny and pace until I come and talk to her.. Spoiled is an understatement. Arabians are known for being a one person horse and I am her person..... times 10. I will take her on some outings this week. Maybe we'll find some hills to climb and ditches to jump. She loves that.

This is the tack up area and directly to the right of this picture is the BACK of Blu's stall. See the burgundy walls? I painted those, my friend Denise has this amazing knack for getting me to help with her "projects" and then I end up doing most of it. We were just joking about this the other day. I told her if she had a rank mustang in a trailer who needed its leg wraps put on, she would come and ask ME to do it, and she agreed.

This horse I love with every fiber of my being. She has a quiet strong sense about her. She looks for eye contact with me, she anticipates what I want before I ask, and she only asks for love and food in return. She has a calming effect on me that is unmatched by even the best bottle of wine.

I think she is smiling.... Saying Thanks Mamma for bringing me back to Teacher Deb's. I loves it here.
We were practicing showmanship after a long hard ride, and boy she was more than happy to just walk around on a lead rope for our cool down.
Being around and having horses is the only thing Ive ever wanted to do with my life. When people would ask me when I was little. Jocelyn, what do you wnat to be when you grow up?
Horse rancher, I would say, I would have horses for a living. WHat a cool dream as a little girl.
Now I WORK to PAY for my horse dream.. I need to win Powerball!!


Sharon said...

That's cute that the horse is a one person horse and you're it. I had never heard that before. Both horses are beautiful. What is the first one's name? I'm glad that you get to follow your dream part way, even though you have to pay for it. I remember when you were little you would walk over to J&J Ranch and spend time with a horse. I had no idea that you had such a passion for them!

Have a great weekend!

:0) Sharon

jennifer said...

Love the way this post started!!!