Friday, October 24, 2008

Idle Hooves are the Devil's Workshop

Well, last night was definitely proof that less is more. Less riding means more attitude.
Star and I have been practicing for Showmanship alot lately, and I have had an issue where riding is " uncomfortable", so we have not been focusing on saddle time as much.

That scenario reared it's ugly little head last night. We lunged, warmed up, she was quite calm, got in saddle, then there was:
Ear Pinning
Crow Hopping
General Nastiness
In that exact order. Was was being a total BEE-. So I hop off to do Ground Control.
Not Lame - Check
Not Back Sore- Check
Saddle or Bit not pinching- Check
Thinking she won because I got off- CHECK!
Well, out come the driving lines and about 35 minutes of WTC transitions in small circles, bending shoulder in, side pass both ways down the wall..
Attitude Adjustment- CHECK CHECK CHECK
I do not prefer to fight with any horse in the saddle, but what I will do is make them work in other ways, then get back on and regroup. The day will end with saddle time, no matter what!
So, I got back on and boy was she stiff, head to the rafters, general mare-i-tude. So we did bending, lots of it, circles, lots of those, posting trot until she could go both directions at a cadence that was pretty. She wasn't even sweaty but we called it a night. I WIN....
Both of these mares will make me the most excellent rider, learning from them has sure been an amazing journey. Too bad our insurance doesnt pay for the Chiropractor anymore....


Flying Lily said...

Well done! I love how you worked her around to your point of view without picking a fight.

20 meter circle of life said...

Hope you had an awesome show.. SOOO sorry I missed it. I just flat could not get my behind out of bed..

Jocelyn said...

FL- thanks, I do not like to pick fights with someone who has four hooves and big teeth. :)I am so getting a gelding next time!

20m, no biggie you missed it, I tanked it, my nerves were shot and I blew the inspection. Oh well, there is always next time.
The Mini's skeeered the bjesus out of Star, she literally shook all over.