Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls and Love from my son

Logen gave me a break tonight about dinner because he knew I've been tired and stressed at work. I got home late so left over Pizza was on the menu. Logen is the " whats for dinner?" kid almost everyday, and super picky, tonight he just let me chill.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So, on Friday my day off, WELL earned from the workload I have had, Logen and I are making Cinnamon Rolls together. I am not a great baker, and Logen is good, I am an excellent cook and Logen needs some mad skills, so we trade off teaching each other. Then we are onto the lasagna rolls for dinner for Shawn when he gets home. WE are excited we will take photos of our very looooong time in the kitchen together. Flour will be everywhere I promise.
I want my boys to be able to make their OWN MEALS when they leave the house. Lucas is good but needs to learn the fine art of " less spice is more" technique. :)
Logen will eat anything Pasta and Cream Sauce, so I think he's good there.

So, pray for me tomorrow I'll need it, and then we'll celebrate with big fat yummy cinnamon rolls with oodels of glaze and fresh coffee..yum yum yum!!!
Oh and one more thing, AFTER my audit tomorrow I have a 2nd job interview at Norm Thompson @ 7pm.... will be a loooong day for the ol' JP'ster!

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