Sunday, October 12, 2008

What 40 looks like

Yep, this is the face of a 40 year old, Wife, Mother, Aunt, Friend, Coach, Daughter and Equestrian. I took this with my new PINK NIKON digital camera. Schaaa-Weet !

I am offically into my 40's as of today. No Trumpets, No angels, No clouds parting and voices singing. Just a normal day.. Like every other day. Rode my horse, got a gift from a friend, a CD from my son, and a lasagna in the oven from my sweetie. Fabulous and Quiet just the way I like it.



Sharon said...

It sounds like WOF was awesome! I have gone to WOF twice and just loved it, it is so amazing! You look younger than 40 Jocelyn. You look great! Sounds like you ended up having a good birthday.

Check your email, I just sent you one.

Hugs, Sharon

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Jocelyn! You are a gorgeous 40 year old.

Thank you for the encouraging words about my diet. I appreciate it SO MUCH!

Have a great week while not looking a day over 35!

jennifer said...

Shoot. Maybe even the low 30's?

*note to self* you may need to invest in a pink Nikon. Veritable fountain of youth photography!