Monday, September 29, 2008

Rachel Ray has NOTHING on me!

I was not blessed with a creative bone in my body, but I was blessed with one skill.
Cooking.. It is a God Given Gift, and I love to share it. So here goes.
Ok . This is how my evenings I cook happen. I only cook Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. The other days I am either at the barn, or appointments.

First and foremost my rice cooker. My Oba ( Okinawan for Mother) , who was my sisters MIL at the time bought me my first one, it died and this is its replacement.
We use it sparingly as rice is nothing but carbs.

Next is the Salmon Patties from Costco. I have canned salmon/breadcrumbs on hand, and would more than likely make these from scratch. But not tonight I am tired from a hard day at work. My job is extremely difficult and emotionally draining, so pardon me die hards if I take a few shortcuts in the kitchen from time to time. But I am NOT sandra lee.. gag......

Cook some veggies with Dill, and VIOLA! Dinner in about 20 minutes.

But wait there's more! What's this? Homemade Blackberry compote with semi-homemade Shortcakes.

Bisquick was my Mothers BFF and it's mine too. Who knew a cute Yellow Box can hold the magic mixture within its walls? Pancakes, fried Chicken, shortcakes, and the list is endless. You will always find the magic yellow box in my pantry. I always add the Pampered Chef cinnamon plus to my shortcakes. Gives them a bit of punch instead of plain ol biscuits taste.

Next the blackberries chillin out and draining in the sink. I wonder what they are thinking?

"Hey man... Did you see the Yellow Box on the counter? I also heard that there is sugar and cornstarch out. This cant be good, I hope she doesn't over stir and break us up."

Poof by Blogger magic, we have warm , thick yummy compote. Just like that ! It's not as cool as Emiril or Alton, but I do make a mean compote folks.. I will not reveal my secret ingredient for a TV show worthy fruity goodness.

So here is the finished result, shortcake on the left, berries on the bottom and ice cream on the top. I know you are all droooooooooooooooling right now,
My family loves dessert, it doesn't last but minutes in our house. I don't like to bake cookies, so I try to do other things instead. I have adult ADD, so baking cookies, up and down every 11 minutes, is not fun for me. If I had double ovens I might do it more. I feel Oatmeal Scotchies on the horizon.

And the final cherry on top, my husband perfectly brewed coffee. He is the resident coffee maker and he sets the coffee maker for me every morning so when I get out bed its ready and waiting.
Nobody makes coffee as good as he does. We buy coffee from Sisters Coffee Company and brew it on weekends. Our Favorite is Cowboy Coffee. It is from Sisters, OR, and by far the best beans ever, and we are self admitted coffee snobs!!

Well, I hope I satisfied the gals who were asking to see more of my real life, and not my barn life. I often cook enough for others, so if Deb is reading this, Curry is coming your way Thursday sister!
Hugs and love, Jocelyn


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh! You are a great cook! Can I come over and share it with you??? Man, everything looks great. I remember Michelle always used to use a rice cooker, I should try one some time. I cook mine on the stove. The dessert looks fabulous. I use short cuts all the time too. I actually think Sandra Lee is cute and has good ideas. The CEO/inventor whatever you call the lady who started Pampered Chef has the same theory, if you bake it or cook it yourself at home, it is home made even if it is Pillsbury dough! LOL!

Have a great day girl!

:0) Sharon

Kathi said...

Jocelyn, You can come cook dinner for me anytime! Yum yum. It all looks so good. I've never made a compote. I love Bisquick too. I'm going to try those salmon patties.

Have a great day. Kathi