Monday, October 6, 2008

the cat is away

Shawn got sequestered to " beach duty" in Astoria this week.
So what will he be doing all day? Sitting in a vehicle drinking Lattes, eating snacks, watching DVD's on his laptop, on one end of the beach where the PJ's are doing live AMMO training.

So when the occasional beach comber walks by Mr. P has to kindly guide them away from the dead zone and go back to eating his snacks and beverages.

Yeah, tough job.....

So, that means more time for me to clean house before company comes on Friday..
yeah for me.................. blech!


An American's Observations said...

You just have no idea how mean tose beach combers can be!!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh yeah, and the little punkin's with their plastic pails and sand shovels can put the fear in a grown man at 10 paces !

I hear ya man, Face your Fear!