Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My little world just got rocked

Hello Blooger Peeps,

Today I received news that a very good friend of mine is getting a divorce. IT has literally shook my little world upside down. I can't think about anything else except wrapping my arms around her and giving her a big hug and telling her everything will be all right. I'll pray for her and her spouse, their respective families as divorce effects in a ripple motion.
I was divorced years ago, my first husband was an abuser of the worst kind, compulsive liar and a thief. I left him with two little kids ages 3 and 4 , while my ex was away at a meeting. I saved money for months, my parents wired me cash, I packed two little boys in my very old car and we got out of there in 20 minutes and I never ONCE looked back. When I crossed the State Lines I felt a sense of freedom I had never felt before. I was free from abuse, verbal abuse, embarrassment of having such a terrible spouse that I couldn't been seen with in public as he would drink and somehow inevitably humiliate me. I still carry the scars inside and outside.
But my life is Fairy Tale now, I have a perfect husband and perfect life. I take nothing for granted. I am so blessed and blissfully happy. Sounds too good to be true. Well, it's true, and as long as I don't horsie bankrupt us it will remain that way.

I wish and pray the same for my friend. I want her to know the joy of a true partnership, amazing love, support from friends, and the grace and love from our Father who will see her through it all and she will be victorious. I never care to know what happened and why, I just don't. It is not my business anyway. People talk, and there will be theories, I have mine, but I am sure I am wrong. :)
All I pray for is her peace, grace and gettin ON WITH gettin ON! Sha-ZAM!
I will be her friend , her biggest cheerleader, her shoulder if she ever needs me.
I will kick whoever's ass who remotely points a finger in her direction, or a whisper or remark I find offensive. Yep, Smother Mother that's me.
Pardon me Father for the ass remark, but that's how I feel today.
I have been getting and sending calls out to our little world, to process the news. I think my facial tonight will have to wait, a bottle of wine sounds more appropriate in this case. Maybe some good girl talk with my little world peeps.
Hug your Horse today, it always makes me feel better.


Rue said...

I'm so sorry Jocelyn... for what you went through and for your friend. I'm glad you found the perfect life and I hope she does too.

If I could hug a horse I would ;)


jennifer said...

I'm sorry. Sounds like your friend is truly blessed to have you.

Sharon said...

Wow Jocelyn, I never knew that things were so hard for you with your first husband. I am so proud of you for having a plan and saving your money and getting out of there. I am so happy that God has blessed you with a good man! Wow are you lucky and blessed! I hope that your friend will be okay, she's lucky to have you there for her. I will say a prayer for her too.

God bless you,