Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have prevailed

Well, JP just survived her first State Financial Audit.
For those of you who can't imagine what that is like, imagine two people coming in and looking at every corner of your home for dust, dirt, cobwebs, all important documents, if they find 1 thing wrong its a huge fine.
My audits are now officially OVER, I made some mistakes, because unlike the Holy Father I am not perfect. Yet, I have to remedy them, prove to the State of Oregon I have remedied them in good order and in a timely fashion and I get all my credits back. yipeeee.
The auditors were very nice and extremely helpful. I wont say that I know every thing about Financial Compliance I do however know A LOT, but I found out somethings that I DIDN'T know. Let me tell you, my mistakes wont ever happen again, my compliance will be TIP TOP SHINY CLEAN from this day forward. I never want to go through that again.
So, tonight is cheap wine and cuddle with my sweetie night because he came home early from the beach another yipeeeeeeeeeeeee for me !

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